CEM’s Ronald Dart died


Dixon Cartwright of The Journal just sent me the following related to CEM’s Ronald Dart:

Hi, Bob.

Ronald L. Dart died this morning, Jan. 23, 2016. Official cause of death was a “prolonged battle with cutaneous T cell lymphoma,” announced CEM office manager Linda Benton. She said he “died peacefully in his sleep.” Mr. Dart had never fully recovered from an injury to his head caused by a fall in 2010.

Ron Dart has had a lot of health issues in the past several years.

Prayers for his wife Allie are requested. Here is another email I received:

Saturday Jan. 23-16

From Allie Dart: Ronald L. Dart died peacefully in his sleep early this Sabbath morning, January 23rd, from a prolonged battle with cutaneous T-cell lymphoma. His remarkable gift of clarity and love and understanding of the Bible were devoted to teaching others. Christian Educational Ministries, founded by Ron Dart in 1995, will continue to promote his timeless insights into God’s Word through the Born to Win program, his books, essays and audio messages. He was a gifted speaker and teacher who leaves a legacy of knowledge and understanding of the precious Word of God.
Cards maybe sent to ..
Mrs. Allie Dart
% Christian Educational Ministries
P.O. Box 560
Whitehouse, TX
75791   USA

Ronald Dart was once with WCG, then left with the Garner Ted Armstrong, and later left him and went out on his own (see Teachings of Christian Educational Ministries).

He used to have a fairly large radio presence with his “Born to Win” broadcast.

When I was part of the Global Church of God, I actually contacted his group in order to get some Bible lessons to partially use with our children.  He also used to follow some of what I wrote and posted on the internet.

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