AC Explains COGWA’s Use of ‘UCG’ Camps


The Abigail Cartwright (AC) site posted the following today:

Winter Family Weekend and Camps

We have been asked why the Church of God, a Worldwide Association has use of some of the facilities previously used by the United Church of God for the Winter Family Weekend and some of the camp facilities.

Before last year’s Winter Family Weekend began, the event coordinator, Mark Winner, notified the leadership of the United Church of God that he planned to leave that organization but agreed to stay until he had completed his responsibilities with the WFW. Mr. Winner resigned from UCG at the end of the WFW.

Following the 2010 WFW, a representative of the Galt House spoke with Mr. Winner and asked about plans for 2011. Mr. Winner told the person that he was no longer an employee of UCG and that someone else from that organization might be contacting them. But the representative preferred to offer the facility to Mr. Winner as an agent for the Church of God, a Worldwide Association.

According to the APEX Accepted Practices for the Convention Industry Council, all options and renewals must be clearly stipulated in the contract. If no renewal option or right of first refusal clause is included in an existing contract, the contract concludes when business has been completed on the final day of the event. After the conclusion of the contracted event, the property is free to negotiate and enter a new contract with any interested party that the property believes would be in its best interest.

Since there was no renewal option in the contract and since no UCG representative had contacted the Galt House expressing interest in using the facility the following year, the representative was free to offer and did choose to offer the facility to Mr. Winner and COGWA. Mr. Winner accepted the offer. This acceptance of the Galt House’s offer was in keeping with industry standards.

As for Pinecrest, in mid-January Greg Sargent notified the manager that he was no longer with UCG. The manager immediately wanted to know where the former national camp coordinator was and where other full-time staff were—most would be with COGWA. Although he understood that someone else from UCG would probably be contacting him about using the camp this summer, he made the decision to work with COGWA, the people he knew. Mr. Sargent told the manager that he did not want to interfere with the camp’s right to continue to do business with UCG. Just this week, the manager rethought his position and stated he felt he should be neutral and allow the two groups to decide who should use the camp. COGWA camp coordinator Ken Treybig discussed it with Mr. Sargent and promptly notified the manager, as well as UCG, that COGWA would not be using Pinecrest this year.

In the case of Winter Camp, Gary Black met with the Sky Lodge Camp manager at the end of camp to pay the bill. At this meeting he informed the manager he would be leaving UCG and that someone from UCG would likely be in contact with them about booking the camp. Three weeks later he called to ask if anyone from UCG had contacted the camp. On Jan. 25 the manager returned the call to say that someone from UCG had contacted them and was interested in using the camp. However, he said he and his staff had met to discuss their options and the staff consensus was they wanted to continue to deal with Mr. Black. He said that he believed our camp program would continue to be successful and that was important to them from a business perspective.

The managers of Pinecrest and Winter Camp made their own decisions without any coercion or pressure from COGWA. These camps were notified of the change in organizations and that we would not interfere if UCG wanted to use them again. However, their managers decided they wanted to do business with the men who are now part of COGWA. When the Pinecrest manager indicated he had rethought his position, we promptly released him from his prior statement.

Camp Carter and Camp Heritage were booked only after UCG notified Mr. Treybig that it would not be using these camps.

This information does not seem to be at COGWA’s official website.  Someday, perhaps whoever runs the AC website will make a public explanation of it and when he/she/they decided to become a COGWA site (and any prior relationship with UCG).

I suspect some issues related to Feast of Tabernacles’ sites might also arise between the groups.  If not this year, then likely in 2012.

This crisis has been a real struggle for those in or once part of UCG as parties on both sides seem to be offended by the actions of those on the other side. This split is also seems to be causing financial tensions for the two primary groups affected. It is also causing confusion.

If you are or were part of UCG and are confused about what to do, please pray, fast, and study the Bible about this.

Ask yourself what are the true priorities that the Bible indicates that the church most faithful to the words of Jesus would do and act appropriately.

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