CGG Adding On

Last week, CGG reported:

A construction crew has been hard at work all this week in stifling temperatures and humidity, erecting the structural steel for the office addition. Temperatures reached 104°F on Thursday {8/9/07}, an all-time record for the Charlotte area, but the men worked steadily all day, completing the perimeter steel and hanging a large part of the insulation and aluminum skin. Once the addition is completely enclosed, securing the building, the interior work can begin in earnest. Please pray that the construction crews for the various trades can be scheduled efficiently to allow the addition to be finished before the Feast of Tabernacles. Thanks!

Many COGs have been adding on to their facilities.  CGG, like LCG, is based out of Charlotte, NC.

To learn more on CGG doctrines, you may wish to read the article Church of the Great God.  

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