ICG’s Mark Armstrong on Media Deception


In his newsletter this evening, ICG’s Mark Armstrong has the following:

But right now there is an election pending, and it’s no secret which way the mainstream media want it to go…you might consider the broader implications of mass deception, and the huge role that is playing in the outcome of the most important events in the world. To those who get only a smattering of information, and that from the major papers, media websites and nightly news, the “Arab spring” was a “positive development”; the “occupy protests” were a valid reflection of American’s concerns and frustrations; the economy is on the upswing, and the $16,000,000,000,000.00 debt is not that big a deal; Europe’s debt crisis is under control; and global warming is the greatest threat to mankind.

Talk about deception! Is there no end to it?

In fact the Muslim Middle East is a hotbed of well-armed hatred that threatens every civilized society on earth, not to mention the existence of Israel. Former allies, such as Egypt, are now virulent enemies of everything we stand for, notwithstanding the comments of BOTH presidential candidates.

Despite political spin trying to convince us that the “numbers are improving”, we in the United States face colossal crises in the months ahead due to the inability of our politicians to cease purchasing support with printed money.

There are many forms of deception and improper bias.  And yes, many people do not realize the dangers that the world in general and the USA in particular face–and this include most of the media.  USA debt, for one example, will cause more serious problems than most even imagine according to prophecies such as those found in Habakkuk 2.

But there is good news, and individually people can accept it and repent.  And Jesus will return.

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