James Malm Gets Something Right


Despite the fact that James Malm tried to persuade me in 2007 that the Great Tribulation would begin in 2008, challenged me on that in 2008, and claimed that the 1335 days would possibly start on October 19, 2009, in his post yesterday, he got something right:

The abomination was NOT set up on the 19th of Oct and the trend of events seems to point to continued slow progress toward the Time Appointed.  God is working to His time table; NOT OURS…

The more time passes the less likely it becomes that the elderly Benedict XVI will become the final false prophet.

On those points quoted above, James Malm got a couple of things right.

However, if he would have properly understood the points in the Bible that I brought to his attention on more than one occasion, he would have realized that IT WAS IMPOSSIBLE FOR THE 1335 DAYS TO START ON OCTOBER 19, 2009.

Furthermore, James Malm still has not apologized for erroneously labeling me a false prophet or for providing a misleading slant on my 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect book.

I have repeatedly pointed out how his, Ronald Weinland’s  (someone who claims to be one of the two witnesses), and others predictions COULD NOT COME TO PASS awhen they overlooked critical scriptures and world events.  Thus far, on those matters, I have not made any errors.


Because as I have written many times, unless God clearly has spoken to them (and I do not believe that He has to any in this century, yet), people who make predictions need to be sure that the Bible supports those predictions. Hopefully, in the future James Malm, Ronald Weinland, and others will follow that advice.

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