Ronald Weinland’s Evangelist Johnny Harrell Was Once in UCG

Pantheon of Rome: A Symbol of Unity Among Religious Error


I have received a couple of emails asking about Johnny Harrell one of the two “evangelists” ordained by Ronald Weinland.

Basically people have been concerned because there was a man with the same name who was involved in some type of militia group back in the 1970s.

However, this is not the same person.  Nor had that ever been reported at the website.

This afternoon I received an email from one who wrote to Johnny Harrell at CGPFK who stated the following about himself:

Yes, I came from worldwide, and a short stay in united.

So although I do not believe that Ronald Weinland is one of the two witnesses, his top American aid is a different Johnny Harrell (and both of them were once part of UCG).

Later, I received an email from someone else who wrote CGPFK.  This email stated that CGPFK responded with:

This has only come to our attention concerning what someone with affiliation to Ambassador Watch wrote about Johnny Harrell, who was recently ordained as an evangelist in the Church of God – PKG. We are indeed looking into the material recently posted by this individual who is fully in error, and what he has written is fully slanderous in nature. There has certainly been no effort on their part to find anything factual about Mr. Harrell, but only a flimsy attempt to twist and distort an association with first and last names in an effort to slander the Church and Johnny Harrell, who is an evangelist in the Church.

There is absolutely no association between these two people and they are clearly different people (which wouldn’t be too hard to verify if someone put the slightest effort into their fact gathering). Johnny Harrell has been in the construction business for 30 years with his own company in the construction of homes in the Macon, GA area. He has no political background at all and was a member of the Worldwide Church of God for many years before that church organization moved away from the teachings it had embraced for decades. Mr. Harrell then associated himself with the current Church of God organization that splintered from the WCG in 1995.

So, thus two of the leaders of CGPFK came from WCG and then the United Church of God (which is the 1995 organization indicated above).  When Johnny Harrell came to be part of CGPFK was not made clear in either of the emails.

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