UCG Reports Bad Quarter

Part of the Ruins of Laodicea (Taken May 2008)


The July edition of UCG’s United News arrived last night.  Its front page reported two sets of news indicating that UCG had a bad quarter for the period of April-June 2008.

Financially, UCG’s treasurer reported:

As reported earlier, the months of February (9.39 percent increase), March (8.78 percent increase) and April (6.8 percent increase) were all trending higher than the 2 percent increase in income that we were experiencing year to date. The last two months, however, have not been as encouraging. In the month of May regular mail income was down 4.9 percent compared to last year; and for the month of June (through June 25) income is down 2.8 percent compared to last year.

While just a month and a half ago, I was confident that we would close the fiscal year with income $23,500,000 or higher, we will most likely end the year slightly less than that—somewhere between $23,400,000 and $23,500,000. Even with the sluggish last two months of the year, we still expect to end the year with close to a 2 percent increase in income over last year, and we can be thankful for that.

The economy in the USA has been a bit rough this year and it would not surprise me if all COGs are impacted by it at some point.  However, as UCG and LCG seem to be the most open on reporting their finances publicly of the larger COGs, it is hard to precisely determine how the others are doing (although David Pack’s RCG and Ronald Weinland’s CGPFK seem to be having less internet impact, see Declines of the False Apostle and False Prophet).

Regarding responses to its Beyond Today telecast, UCG showed a chart that I will not attempt to replicate here.  However, that chart shows a drop in responses “via phone or Web site per quarter” from about 3200 to about 2400 for the entire April-June 2008 quarter.

While I do not believe that LCG is immune to having a bad quarter, its results do contrast UCG’s for the past six months.  LCG reported, for example, that its income is up 6.5% as it reported:

As we begin the second half of the calendar year of 2008, our income is running over 6.5% year-to-date. This is slightly below budget, but is holding up reasonably well considering the gloomy economic forecasts and the cascade of bad world news in the various media outlets.  This support shows that God’s people are focused and dedicated to supporting the Work.

A very positive trend is the increasing number of donors, defined as those who have contributed once, and co-workers, defined as those who have contributed multiple times, who are contributing to the support of spreading the Good News. For example, in the USA, as of June 2008 our donors numbered 3,503 and our co-workers numbered 3,766 for a total 7,269 non-member contributors.  It is only recently that the total number of donors and co-workers in the USA have totaled more than our worldwide membership of about 7,000. This represents a 12% increase in donors and a 13% increase in co-workers in the USA. We are very thankful for this fine growth.

Regarding reaching those outside the church, LCG’s Tomorrow’s World telecast, LCG’s RC Meredith reported:

Wayne Pyle recently reported to me that over the last several months we are now receiving more than 3,500 responses to the telecast each week here in the United States—plus hundreds more overseas! So we are very grateful for the impact we are beginning to have. Much more needs to be done—as I think we all realize.

Thus, per week LCG continues to reach more people than UCG does in a quarter.

“He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches” (Revelation 2:7,11,17,29;3:6,13,22).

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