UCG’s Dennis Luker to not remain as its president


Dennis Luker of the United Church of God (UCG) sent out the following:

February 27, 2013
Dear Fellow Ministers and All Brethren,

I am writing this personal letter to you to make you aware of an important decision that I have made in my life. My three-year term as president is nearing its end…

The decision that I have come to, with advice and counsel from my wife and others is that I should not seek nor accept a second presidential term. Here is why. While it is not well-known outside of my family and some people here in Cincinnati, my health has taken a serious downturn in the last few months because of complications from an enlarged prostate gland. This is common among older men and for years I have privately struggled with this, doing my best   to maintain my health with proper nutrition, exercise and medical advice.
Most important of all, I have been anointed and put my faith and trust in God for healing. My healing and my life are in God’s Hands and I want His Will, not mine.

Serving as the president is a 24/7 job. At this time I do not have the energy or strength to fulfill the responsibilities of president of UCGIA for another three-year term—which would begin on July 1 of this year. I have discussed all this with the Council of Elders and they have accepted my decision to decline from seeking a second term as president…

What are my plans from here? God willing, I do plan to complete my term, which ends on June 30. Afterwards, LeeAnn and I will return to our home in Seattle, Washington, and spend more time with our family. Our son lives in Portland, Oregon. Our daughter is in the Seattle area where we also have five grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. So, we will be returning “home” to our family whom we have greatly missed.
If I am unable to complete my term, per the Church’s bylaws the chairman of the Council will serve as interim president until a new president is selected.

I will not be returning to pastor a church (I will be 76 years old), but I will continue to serve as an elder in every way possible.

Sincerely, in Christ’s service,
Dennis Luker

UCG has had several presidents since it began.

The first one, David Hulme left when he failed to get re-elected and founded  COGaIC.

Two other former UCG presidents, Les McCullough and Clyde Kilough, left and became associated with a then new groups called COGWA.  Peter Hawkins, former CEO of UCG in the United Kingdom, also went with COGWA.

The fact that Dennis Luker is basically retiring because of age and health would appear to be much easier on UCG.

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