UCG’s Victor Kubik on the Ukrainian situation

Ukraine with Crimea in Red


UCG’s President Victor Kubik sent out the following today:

Over the past few weeks the invasion of Crimea by Russia as well as the protests, violence and killing on the mall in Kiev has filled me with a grievous sadness. I have walked over that mall numerous times on visits to Kiev. This crisis strikes close to home.

I came to the United States in 1949 through my World War II refugee parents. My mother was from eastern Ukraine, my father from the west. I have no extended family in the United States. They are all in Ukraine…

I speak Ukrainian fluently…

Almost everyone I’ve talked to is holding up courageously and hoping for the best. This part of the world has known tribulation over and over again, and you can tell that the people have deep roots for coping.

They report that the conflict is psychological and is based on biased negative reporting intended to stir up and frighten the people. They see through the intimidation.

Ukrainians have different views about what’s happening as they are seeking elections to sort out the leadership and go on. The Russians report that the Ukrainian government has been taken over by terrorists and bandits. Russia is trying to provoke an incident to give reason to invade and bring “order,” an order which usually means that they plan to stay.

What’s next for Ukraine? Some are talking about a divided Ukraine with the East either being absorbed by Russia, becoming a separate state or part of a confederation of states. Western Ukraine is clearly aligned with Europe and wants nothing to do with Russia. In eastern Ukraine pro-Russian rallies are being staged. Similar ones are taking place in Donetsk, Donbas, and other eastern and southeastern areas.

My friend told me that anything through the media is “not the full story.” I told him what was reported here and he confirmed that generally it is correct, but not the full story. He was thankful for U.S. and Canadian sentiments of support and hopefully coming to closer ties with Europe in order to bring stability, but for now they are very worried and concerned.

In western Ukraine… the mood is more relaxed. People seem to be going about their regular business with no alarm in the air…

Deposed Ukrainian president Viktor Yankevich is looked upon as a corrupt and immoral person who has squandered budgeted resources and looks on the people as “little sticks” who just work for the government. Putin is regarded as an irrational and arrogant person seeking only to continue his mission of conquest.

The Sabbath-keeping churches held special prayer for God’s protection for the people and their families. They look in faith for God to deliver them as He has multiple times before 1991, when they were under the Soviet Union. The warning winds of tribulation are beginning to blow against them, and they turn earnestly to God.

I have also spoken to my cousin in eastern Ukraine who is holding his own.

What can we do about any of this? Nothing. What is God going to do? Everything.

Our daily prayer should include the element of “thy Kingdom come” that Christ listed almost at the top of model prayer: “Our Father in heaven, hallowed be Your name. Your kingdom come (Matthew 6:9-10). The time of the Kingdom of God that will remove all world governments will come, and the absurd irrational rule of despots will cease permanently.

I have spoken to Victor Kubik in the past, and knew he had visited the area and had a lot of contacts there.  Those in the western portion of Ukraine probably feel that they will have more freedom and economic prosperity if they can align with the European Union–and for a time, if that happens, they very well may–but that will end (Jeremiah 51:11-32).

The situation in Ukraine remains tense and difficult.  The Bible shows that war is in the prophesied future for some or all of Ukraine/Crimea (watch the new video Ukraine in Prophecy?).

As I have written before, those in Ukraine need our prayers and the kingdom of God.

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