CEM: God is Not a Republican


At the CEM site, Lenny Cachio wrote the following:

God Is Not a Republican

And He’s not a Democrat either. From what I know of the Man, he has better things to do than to align himself with various factions vying for political power…

But then I ask myself, if Jesus were a citizen of the United States today would he join the Republican Party? How about the Democrats, or the Libertarians, or Constitutionalists? I think not…

Jesus refused membership with any faction because his purpose transcends politics. His purpose is to establish a better kingdom that is not of this world’s order (Greek: cosmos, John 18:36).

With all the political drama related to “health” care in the USA the past couple of days, it may be a good time to remind people that Jesus was not a partisan figure the way we now have them.  His message transcended worldly politics and was not about compromises with the world.

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