Georgia governor against assuring religious liberty and freedom of conscience

The US Bill of Rights


In another sign of the times, the Governor of Georgia says he plans to veto a bill allowing religious freedom:

March 28, 2016

Atlanta (CNN) Under increasing pressure from major corporations that do business in Georgia, Gov. Nathan Deal announced Monday he will veto a bill that critics say would have curtailed the rights of Georgia’s LGBT community.

House Bill 757would have given faith-based organizations in Georgia the option to deny services and jobs to gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. Supporters said the measure was meant to protect religious freedom, while opponents have described it as “anti-LGBT” and “appalling.”

Speaking to reporters Monday morning, Deal, a Republican, said he didn’t think the bill was necessary.

“I do not think we have to discriminate against anyone to protect the faith-based community in Georgia, of which I and my family have been a part of for all of our lives,” he said.

He said he was not reacting to pressure from the faith-based community or responding to the business community, which warned Georgia could lose jobs if he signed the bill.

His decision, he said, was “about the character of our state and the character of our people. Georgia is a welcoming state. It is full of loving, kind and generous people. … I intend to do my part to keep it that way. For that reason I will veto House Bill 757.”

The move comes as controversy swirls over a swiftly passed law in North Carolina that members of the LGBT community view as anti-gay. A lawsuit was filed Monday against the state’s governor, among others, calling for a judge to rule the law unconstitutional. A number of businesses that have interests in North Carolina also have denounced the law.

The Governor’s actions are appalling, because sadly, there is a need for this type of law now.

There should not be a need as here is the first amendment to the US Constitution as part of its so-called Bill of Rights:

  • Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Despite that amendment, there is a need.

The Governor of Georgia’s stance is appalling because the LGBT community does not believe it the first amendment. They do not believe people should have freedom of speech to condemn the LGBT agenda, they do not believe that people have the moral right to not accept the LGBT agenda, and they believe that they can compel people to violate their religious conscience.

And it is getting worse and worse all across the USA. Let me state that when it comes to keeping the Sabbath, paying for abortion, speaking out on moral issues, the courts in the USA have been making rules that have prohibited the free exercise of religion. This will worsen and the time will come when there is a famine of the word (watch also Famine of the Word?).

Citizens of the USA are not truly free and are losing more and more basic rights and freedoms that they once had.

The reality is the USA does not truly abide by its Constitution any more.

Those who speak out against the LGBT agenda will more and more be accused of ‘hate speech,’ intolerance, and other things that will one day result in more censorship. A few months ago, we did a YouTube video titled Is the US Congress eliminating the 1st Amendment? We are starting to see this happen more and more–both officially and unofficially.

Last year,  YouTube once temporarily suspended a CCOG video sermon.

Speaking of YouTube, notice something that someone sent me earlier this month:

It is emerging that Christian videos about the persecution of Christians as well as other themes that are not ‘politically correct’ are being heavily censored and pulled down from major video and social media sites.

The Chased movie crew and several other Christian filmmakers have agreed that YouTube takes part in shadowbanning, or a method of banning spammers or content they deem unsuitable for the site.

Josh Troester, the Springfield, Missouri-based director and producer of “Chased,” told The Blaze that he read the video-sharing site’s Community Guidelines and “determined that there must have been a mistake, as our movie did not violate any of their Community Guidelines”.

“The process allows for one appeal if you believe there has been a mistake. I appealed through their process stating that the movie was written to paint a picture of what persecution would look like in our own backyard, Troester said.

After a few hours, he got this email from YouTube: “After further review of the content, we’ve determined that your video does violate our Community Guidelines and have upheld our original decision.”

“YouTube’s decision to censor this movie from its public site is confusing, disheartening, and in our opinion, inconsistent considering there are clearly multiple (potentially thousands of) pieces of content on their site that could easily be considered in violation of their Community Guidelines,” Troester said.

Other Christian movies have over the past years found themselves on the receiving end of such strange and ambiguous vetting processes.

The Bible tells of a coming famine of the word, and the pressures from the LGBT groups, government entities, and even private companies will be factors in causing this.  More internet restrictions and censorship are coming!

Those like the Governor of Georgia who want to pretend that Christian values of morality are not under legal attack are delusional.  We are seeing this and sadly are prophesied to see more of it until the end comes.

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