Judah is not a lost tribe and Jews were not originally black



While most people seem to understand that many of the descendants of Judah are in the nation currently called Israel, various ones these days deny that. But those that deny it are wrong. They often seem to have an anti-Semitic and/or a racial agenda.

For some clues tying Judah in with the Jews, notice something that one-time WCG member Bert Otten sent me:

Ten Prophetic Clues Concerning

Judah – Jews

This is an unusual article in this series about the tribes. Up till now I have dealt with three of the Lost Ten Tribes…

The tribe of Judah is not a lost tribe. The Jews have a verifiable history, all the way to the Jews of 2000 years ago, to the times of Jesus. The Jews at the time of Jesus were for a great deal descendants of the former inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah (930-586 BC). The inhabitants of the Kingdom of Judah were made up of the whole tribe of Judah and large parts of Benjamin and Levi. Although Jewry (Judaism) has known many proselytes, there has always been a core of the House of Judah in Jewry for the past 2500 years. The core passes on characteristics and genes to the periphery. By looking at the prophetic clues of Judah, and finding these amongst Jews – like I do with the lost tribes – this methodical approach is also justified for finding the lost tribes. In this article I want to show that even if there were no direct historical proof for the link Judah – Jews, there would still be a proof by revelation.

1st Clue: Judah – praise

And [Leah] conceived again, and bare a son: and she said, Now will I PRAISE [odeh] the LORD: therefore she called his name Judah [Yehudah]; and left bearing (Gen 29:35, KJV, unless mentioned).

… A Psalm of DAVID. I will PRAISE thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works (Ps 9:1).

A Psalm of SOLOMON … BLESSED be the LORD God, the God of Israel, who only doeth wondrous things; And BLESSED be His glorious name for ever; and let the whole earth be filled with His glory. Amen, and Amen (Ps 72:1a, 18-19, JPS).

This praising of God by the descendants of Judah can be found back in the Bible. King David was of the tribe of Judah and wrote more than half of the 150 psalms. The psalms are probably the greatest ode, honour, glory and praise of God in the Bible. The book of Psalms is one of the most frequent translated parts of the Old Testament, thereby distributing the praises of the Jews to their God all over the world. King Solomon, also of the tribe of Judah, wrote 1005 psalms (1 Ki 4:32). Two of Solomon’s psalms are in the Bible (Ps 72, 127).

One of the most popular psalms is Psalm 23 of David. Think of all the variations in music and lyrics that have been made based on this psalm.

Others of the tribe of Judah have written parts of the Bible, thus praising God.

In modern-day Jewry this praising of God is still expressed in countless prayers (praises!) and blessings, which have been written down in books of prayer, which are recited on special and common days. There is not a day or activity, or the Jews have written a prayer for…

2nd Clue: Judah and money

And JUDAH said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother, and conceal his blood? Come, and let us SELL him …, and let not our hand be upon him; for he is our brother … And his brethren were content (Gen 37:26-27).

When JUDAH saw her [Tamar], he thought her to be an HARLOT [paid sex]; because she had covered her face … And he said, I will send thee a kid from the flock … (Gen 38:15-17).

And Achan [of the tribe of Judah] answered Joshua, and said, Indeed I have sinned against the LORD God of Israel … When I saw among the spoils a goodly … garment, and 200 shekels of SILVER, and a wedge of GOLD of 50 shekels weight, then I coveted them, and took them; and, behold, they are hid in the earth in the midst of my tent, and the SILVER under it (Joshua 7:20-21).

So was ended all the work that king Solomon made for the house of the LORD. And Solomon brought in the things which David his father had dedicated; even the SILVER, and the GOLD, and the vessels, did he put among the treasures of the house of the LORD (1 Kings 7:51).

Now the weight of GOLD that came to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold (1Ki 10:14).

Money. The lust after money, the love for money, financial skills and philanthropy.

Everyone wants to earn money and each people have their rich and their poor, so why focus on money. Because it is a parallel that keeps popping up between Judah and Jews. Whether it is by inner qualities, by fate, or by prohibitions within Christianity, Jews have a certain connection with money. It was Judah´s idea to sell Joseph; in the NT Judas (Greek for Judah) sold Jesus; Achan of the tribe of Judah took God´s silver and gold at Jericho´s fall. The Bible also mentions positive use of gold and silver by children of Judah, by David and Solomon. Solomon of the House of Judah probably was the richest Jew ever.

Under Solomon the nation was prosperous and there was gold in abundance. However, it was not just a happy financial story. Money led to the secession of the Ten Northern Tribes. Solomon’s taxes on the ten tribes had been a heavy yoke (Jeroboam) that Rehoboam, Solomon’s son, refused to lighten. It cost him 10 of the 12 tribes.

It is well-known that the policies of the medieval Church and of Christian society pushed the Jews into usury and banking…Judah has a way with money. Even the Jerusalem Post published a list of the 50 wealthiest Jews in 2010…{10 listed were worth USD$11 billion or more}…

3rd Clue: Judah – messiah, messianism

The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against the LORD, and against his ANOINTED [messiah] … (Ps 2:2) … Great deliverance giveth he to his king; and sheweth mercy to his ANOINTED [messiah], to David, and to his seed for evermore (Ps 18:50). Now know I that the LORD saveth his ANOINTED [messiah]; he will hear him from his holy heaven with the saving strength of his right hand (Ps 20:6) …

And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse [of the tribe of JUDAH], and a Branch shall grow out of his roots (Isaiah 11:1).

Mashiach – Messiah – Anointed

Priests (Ex 30:22-25) and kings were anointed in Judah and Israel. Anointed translates as mashiach in Hebrew (messiah). A teaching developed in Judaism about a coming messiah, a coming liberator…

Soon the real (Jewish) Messiah will come, a return for Christians and a first coming for many Jews: then the whole world will be liberated from Satan and his demons.

4th Clue: Judah – writers (scribes)

… and Shebna the scribe … (2 Kings 18:18) … Shaphan the scribe … (2 Kings 22:8) … And Shemaiah … the scribe … (1 Chron 24:6) … Jeiel the scribe … (2 Chron 26:11) … Shimshai the scribe … (Ezra 4:8) … Elishama the scribe … (Jer 36:12) … Baruch the scribe … (Jer 36:26) … Jonathan the scribe … (Jer 37:15) .

Bible – Apocrypha – Talmud

The Jews wrote many books of the Bible. Not always do we know the tribe of the Biblical writer, but it is certain that most Bible authors were of the Kingdom of Judah and even of the tribe of Judah.

Of the writing prophets Isaiah, Amos, Habakkuk, Joel, Micah, Obadiah, Zechariah en Zephaniah were of the tribe of Judah. David and Solomon were of course of the tribe of Judah as well. David wrote half of the psalms and Solomon wrote Song of Songs, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes and Psalm 72 and 127.

Of most of the NT writers we do not know the tribe either, but James and Jude were just like their half-brother Jesus of the tribe of Judah. Jesus did not write himself, but the evangelists wrote his stories down. The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son belong to the most important stories of world literature.

Apart from the books of the Bible, the Jews also wrote Apocryphal books, pseudo-epigraphic writings and the Talmud (2711 pages)…

5th Clue: Judah – laws, judges, lawyers

The LAW of the LORD is perfect, converting the soul: the TESTIMONY of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple. The STATUTES of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart: the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes. The FEAR of the LORD is clean, enduring for ever: the JUDGMENTS of the LORD are true and righteous altogether. More to be desired are they than gold, yea, than much fine gold: sweeter also than honey and the honeycomb. Moreover by them is thy servant [David, of Judah] warned: and in keeping of them there is great reward (Ps 19:7-11).

And Hilkiah the high priest said unto Shaphan the scribe, I have found the BOOK OF THE LAW in the house of the LORD. And Hilkiah gave the book to Shaphan, and he read it … And it came to pass, when the king [Josiah of Judah] had heard the words of the BOOK OF THE LAW, that he rent his clothes (2 Kings 22:8, 11).

For whosoever shall keep the whole LAW, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all. For he that said, Do not commit adultery, said also, Do not kill. Now if thou commit no adultery, yet if thou kill, thou art become a transgressor of the law (James 2:10-11), (James of Judah).

Above some verses about descendants of the tribe of Judah with regards to God’s law. King David was jubilant about God’s laws and decrees. His son Solomon concluded at the end of Ecclesiastes, The end of the matter, all having been heard: fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole man (Eccl 12:13). Their descendant Josiah rent his garments when the found book of the law was read.

Jesus (of Judah, of David, Mt 1, Lk 1), said the following concerning the law in the Sermon on the Mount: For verily I say unto you, Till heaven and earth pass, one jot or one tittle shall in no wise pass from the law, till all be fulfilled. Whosoever therefore shall break one of these least commandments, and shall teach men so, he shall be called the least in the kingdom of heaven: but whosoever shall do and teach them, the same shall be called great in the kingdom of heaven (Mt 5:18-19).

His half-brother James defended the law and called us to keep all of God’s Ten Commandments,. He wrote, and yet offend in one point, he is guilty of all (James 2:10-11).

Torah – Tanakh – Talmud

Religious Jews spend their whole life studying Talmud. The Talmud comprises the Mishna (ca. 200 AD) and the Gemara (ca. 500-1000 AD). A Talmud page consists of the Mishna discussing a part of the Pentateuch of Moses, around that the Gemara discussing the Mishna is printed and around it all are the medieval commentators like Maimonides and Rashi. Judah, Jews, are fond of the law. The discussions between our Lord Jesus and the Pharisees and scribes are a good example of this.


Their love for law and their knowledge of law make that Jews are very suitable for professions like judges, lawyers and barristers…

Of the nine judges of the United States Supreme Court three are Jewish, that is 33,3%, although the Jews in the USA are not even 2% of the total population.

6th Clue: Judah – hypocrisy

And Judah said unto his brethren, What profit is it if we slay our brother … Come, and let us sell him … and let not our hand be upon him; FOR HE IS OUR BROTHER AND OUR FLESH. And his brethren were content (Gen 37:26-27).

And it came to pass about three months after, that it was told Judah, saying, Tamar thy daughter in law hath played the harlot; and also, behold, she is with child by whoredom. And Judah said, Bring her forth, and LET HER BE BURNT (Gen 38:24).

And David’s anger was greatly kindled against the man; and he said to Nathan, As the LORD liveth, the man that hath done this thing SHALL SURELY DIE (2 Sam 12:5).

Saying, I [Judas] have sinned in that I have betrayed the innocent blood. And they [priests and elders] said, What is that to us? see thou to that (Mt 27:4).

Descendants of Judah show a certain hypocrisy from time to time, which can be traced from the patriarch Judah to this day…. On the one hand the Bible is used to defend certain actions, while on the other hand many Biblical commandments are ignored…

7th Clue: Judah and music

And it came to pass, when the evil spirit from God was upon Saul, that DAVID took an HARP, and played with his hand: so Saul was refreshed, and was well, and the evil spirit departed from him (1Sam 16:23).

A PSALM of David … (Ps 3:1; 4:1; etc. 54 times).

And DAVID and all Israel PLAYED before God with all their might, and with SINGING, and with HARPS, and with PSALTERIES, and with TIMBRELS, and with CYMBALS, and with TRUMPETS (1Chron 13:8).

… and [SOLOMON’S] songs were a thousand and five (1 Kings 4:32).

Judah’s descendants, the Jews, are endowed with musical skills. David brought relief to king Saul with his harp (1 Sam 16:23). King David had the ark brought back to Jerusalem with singing, music and dancing (1 Chron 13:8; 15:16). David invented musical instruments (Amos 6:5). Solomon dedicated the temple with big choirs and with the musical instruments made by David (2 Chron 7:6). King Jehoshaphat of Judah defeated his enemies with a choir (2 Chron 20) and Nehemiah dedicated the repaired wall of Jerusalem with two choirs (Neh 12:31-43).

Judah’s descendants were and still are into music. Things coming to my mind: there is Mendelsohn, Jewish song-writers in Hollywood, musicals like Fiddler on the Roof, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, Peter Green of Fleetwood Mac, the chazzan, klezmer music, etc…

8th Clue: Judah and government

… thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies; thy father’s children shall bow down before thee. Judah is a LION’S whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a LION, and as an old LION; who shall rouse him up? The SCEPTER shall not depart from Judah, nor a lawgiver from between his feet, until Shiloh come … (Gen 49:8-10).

[Jewish Rulers of Judah]: … Solomon … Rehoboam … Abia … Asa … Jehoshaphat … Joram … Ahaziah … Joash … Amaziah … Azariah … Jotham … Ahaz … Hezekiah … Manasseh … Amon … Josiah … Jehoiakim … Zedekiah … Jeconiah … Salathiel Zerubbabel … (1 Chron 3:10-19).

And, behold, thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and bring forth a son, and shalt call his name JESUS. He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the Highest: and the Lord God shall give unto him the THRONE of his father DAVID: And he shall REIGN over the house of Jacob for ever; and of his KINGDOM there shall be no end (Lk 1:31-33).

Judah was the leader of the eleven brothers, not Reuben. At the selling of Joseph and at both trips to Egypt, Judah was in charge. At the Exodus the tribes were grouped around the tabernacle in such a manner, that Judah always led the way, to be followed by Issachar and Zebulun. There were only two positive spies, Joshua (of Ephraim) and Kaleb (of the tribe of Judah). Kaleb’s nephew, Othniel, became judge in Israel. Jacob’s blessing for Judah (Gen 49) includes the promise of the coming messiah. After God rejected Saul (Benjamite), God gave the kingdom to David (of Judah). David and Solomon ruled the twelve tribes. Their descendants (|Rehoboam – Zedekiah) reigned over the two tribes…

Over the past centuries Jews have had important government positions in many countries…

9th Clue: Judah – a suffering people

And Er, Judah’s firstborn, was wicked in the sight of the LORD; and the LORD slew him … And the thing which [Onan] did displeased the LORD: wherefore he slew him also … And in process of time the daughter of Shuah Judah’s wife died … and [Judah] came in unto her [Tamar], and she conceived by him (Gen 38:7, 10, 12, 18).

… A Psalm of David. My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me? why art thou so far from helping me … O my God, I cry in the daytime, but thou hearest not; and in the night season, and am not silent … But I am a worm, and no man; a reproach of men … Be not far from me; for trouble is near; for there is none to help …. I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint: my heart is like wax; it is melted in the midst of my bowels. My strength is dried up like a potsherd; and my tongue cleaveth to my jaws; and thou hast brought me into the dust of death (Ps 22:1-15).

He is despised and rejected of men; a man of sorrows, and acquainted with grief: and we hid as it were our faces from him; he was despised, and we esteemed him not … He was oppressed, and he was afflicted, yet he opened not his mouth: he is brought as a lamb to the slaughter, and as a sheep before her shearers is dumb, so he openeth not his mouth …Yet it pleased the LORD to bruise him … (Isaiah 53).

At his first coming into the world Jesus came as the suffering servant. At his second coming Jesus will come as a fighting warrior (Rev 19), and He will rule as King of kings. So we see a suffering messiah and a fighting messiah. This phenomenon can also be seen with Judah, with the Jewish people.

Patriarch Judah

Much of the suffering of the patriarch Judah was self-inflicted, but he suffered nonetheless. After Joseph’s sale, things went bad for 22 years for Judah; 22 is the number of suffering…

Much has been written about the suffering of the Jewish people. At the time of the Persians (5th c. BC) Haman tried to wipe out the Jewish people (Purim – Esther). The Seleucid King of the North made a vicious attack on the religion of the Jews (2nd c. BC) (Hanukkah-Maccabees). The Jewish revolts (self-inflicted) against the Roman Empire of 66-73 AD, 115-117 AD and 132-135 AD led to much suffering. During the Middle Ages the Jews suffered badly in Christian Europe and the Jews under Islam did not fare much better over the past millennium. In eastern Europe pogroms were occurring in modern times and the suffering of the Jews culminated in Hitler’s Holocaust with about 6 million dead.

10th Clue: Judah – warriors

Judah, … thy hand shall be in the neck of thine enemies … Judah is a LION’s whelp: from the prey, my son, thou art gone up: he stooped down, he couched as a LION … (Gen 49:8-9).

And Caleb [spy of Judah] drove thence the three sons of Anak, Sheshai, and Ahiman, and Talmai, the children of Anak (Josh 15:14).

Then answered one of the servants, and said, Behold, I have seen a son [DAVID] of Jesse the Bethlehemite … a MIGHTY VALIANT MAN, and a MAN OF WAR … (1Sam 16:18).

And David said, Whosoever smiteth the Jebusites first shall be CHIEF and CAPTAIN. So Joab [David’s kin] the son of Zeruiah went first up, and was CHIEF (1 Chron 11:6).

And [king] Asa had an army of men that bare TARGETS and SPEARS, out of Judah 300,000 … (2 Chron 14:8).

And out of his [Jesus’] mouth goeth a sharp SWORD, that with it he should smite the nations … (Rev 19:15).

In history Judah appears alternatively as a lion or as a lamb. The tribe possesses both characteristics. On the one hand they are able to fight hard and on the other hand they are able to take a lot of suffering and persist in a seemingly lamb-like role for a long time. Jesus the Messiah is also Lion and Lamb. Lamb during His first Coming and Lion during His Second Coming (Rev 5:5)…

In the Palestine Mandate the Jews started to arm and defend themselves. During WW II the Jews fought the German SS bravely for a month in the Warsaw ghetto. The Jewish State of Israel has fought many wars and won. The change from lamb to lion casts prophetic light on the coming Messiah, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah.

Joseph – Judah

Most Jews are antagonistic about the Israelite identity of the peoples of north-western Europe. Many believers of this Israelite identity are quite antagonistic towards the Jews. This enmity, this jealousy, between Ephraim and Judah has been predicted. It will be ended by the Messiah:

The envy also of Ephraim shall depart, and the adversaries of Judah shall be cut off: Ephraim shall not envy Judah, and Judah shall not vex Ephraim (Isaiah 11:13).

While I believe that history demonstrates that the tribe of Judah dominates the nation known as Israel, Bert Otten has added a variety of observations that many have not considered. Perhaps I should add that he listed many wealthy Jews, Jewish musicians, and Jewish leaders that I did not include above because of the length of his article. But basically, they serve to back up his assertions.

I do not believe that most of those in the nation of Israel who consider themselves to be Jews did not descend from Jacob/Israel like certain antisemitic writers claim. Judah is NOT a lost tribe.

Furthermore, it can be clearly proven that the ancient Jews were not black. Because some make that claim, I also located some photos of 1st century A.D. coins–the century Jesus was executed in. After General Titus conquered Jerusalem in 70 A.D., Emperor Vespasian issued coins–the back side of which shows conquered Jews:

Titus on left, Jewish man on bottom right (CNG coins)

Vespasian on left, captured Jewish soldiers on right, 71 A.D. (CNG coins)

Notice the the Jews were not African (which is clear from the hair of the man on the first coin as well as the hair of the man to the left of the second coin). The second coin inscription in Latin Ivdea means Judea. These coins are clear evidence that the Jews of the first century–like Jesus–were not black Africans.

If most Jews of Jesus’ time were black, the coins would have been expected to portray that–but they do not. These are absolute proof.

For more information, read Were the Ancient Tribes of Israel Black? Was Jesus Black? and/or watch Were Ancient Hebrews Black? What About Jesus?

As far as the descendants of Ephraim go, they are considered to be the ‘covenant people’ (watch the video British are the Covenant People).

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