Secular Concerns About Christmas


Various sources outside the COG have recently raised some concerns about Christmas that those who profess Christ should consider:

…what little connection exists between the birth of Christ and this consumerist thing we call “Christmas” continues to erode.

Perhaps that’s a good thing. Maybe we should all just ’fess up and admit that there’s no real relationship anymore between the two, and let it go…The semi-pagan origins of the mid-winter celebration that evolved into Christmas are well-documented. By letting the pagans have it back, Christians could rededicate themselves, at some other time of the year, to considering what Advent is all about…

Christmas was actually grafted on to pre-existing pagan winter festivals.

The Day of Christ’s Birth? Really?

I don’t mean to burst anyone’s bubble, but there is no scriptural or historical basis for December 25th actually being the day that Jesus was born. The earliest recorded celebrations of a nativity come from Christians in Egypt who celebrated around the 20th of May….

Q: Is it true that the Pilgrims didn’t celebrate Christmas?

A: Many of the Pilgrims who began colonies in New England held to the Puritan custom of shunning pagan customs as well as some Church of England celebrations, including Christmas.

Christmas is not a biblical holiday, but a compromise with pagan festive and religious practices.  It was not observed by early Christians, and even the Church of Rome did not observe it on December 25th until some time in the fourth century.

This is something that those who claim that Christmas really honors Christ may wish to think about.

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