UCG: Halloween Harmless?

Halloween in Ireland

A Halloween scene in Dublin, Ireland.


Today, many millions around the world will be celebrating Halloween.  In a related email last night, UCG reported the following:

Can people make Halloween harmless?

When it comes to Halloween—or any other holiday for that matter—you should ask yourself, “Did God make man in His image, or did God intend man to remake God in man’s image?” Now that’s a sobering thought.

The religious excuse for perpetuating Halloween might be that, as we’ve seen, church leaders long ago called it a “holy evening” for all the Catholic saints who had no day assigned to them. But face it: People who celebrate this evening today couldn’t care less about such religious notions. All they think about is instant gratification, to follow the pack with everyone else and to have some fun.

The Encyclopedia of Religion goes on to say: “Modern Halloween activities have centered on mischief making and masquerading in costumes, often resembling otherworldly characters. Folk customs, now treated as games [such as bobbing for apples], have continued from the various divination practices of the ancient celebrants of this occasion. Supernatural figures [such as the ghost, the witch, the vampire, the devil] play a key role in supplying an aura of the mysterious to the evening, whether or not they originally had an association with the festival.

“Children are particularly susceptible to the imagery of Halloween, as can be seen in their fascination with the demonic likeness of a carved and illuminated pumpkin, known as the jack-o’-lantern. In recent times, children have taken up the practice of dressing in Halloween costumes and visiting homes in search of edible and monetary treats, lightly threatening to play a trick on the owner if a treat is not produced” (p. 177).

Halloween is one of many human traditions that cloud biblical teachings and keep people in the dark from God’s truth that can set us free (John 8:32). It is not a harmless holiday for you or for your children. God warns us to avoid it and to follow His ways, because He hates for us to dabble in the spirit world of Satan and his demons! Instead, as God tells us in Isaiah 66:2, “On this one will I look: on him who is poor and of a contrite spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

The fact is that Halloween is NOT harmless.  It leads people away from God’s plan as revealed in the Holy Days and blends paganism with a semblance of religion.  It obscures the real hope of salvation.

Jesus did not keep it or endorse anything like it.

It should not be kept by real Christians.

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