Barack Obama to push TPP; Singapore’s Lee Hsien Loong says USA’s ‘reputation’ is ‘on the line’

Actual TPP countries in green, interested TPP countries in turquoise or light green (Wikipedia composite map)


Barack Obama says he will send a Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) bill to the US Congress:

August 15, 2016

The Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade deal, dismissed as inadequate by Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, would help American companies, UPS Chairman and CEO David Abney told CNBC on Monday.

The agreement could increase U.S. exports by 20 percent, while cutting tariffs and red tape, Abney said in a “Squawk Box” interview. “It [also] opens up markets to U.S. companies, especially those small and mid-sized businesses companies.”

President Barack Obama on Friday said the White House will be sending Congress the bill to implement the free trade deal with 11 nations including Japan, Singapore, and Australia.

“The [Obama] administration is pushing this,” said Abney. “They, in fact, gave the 30-day notice of intent to act just last week. So now we believe there’s a real good opportunity between now and the end of the year [to pass TPP].”

Some in Asia consider that TPP is essential, not only for trade, but also for international stability and the USA’s influence in Asia. Notice the following related to Singapore’s Prime Minister:

August 15, 2016

It’s a measure of the lunacy of this election that neither candidate is robustly defending the TPP, and the task of making the case for it has been offshored, so to speak, to Singaporean Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong:

I think in terms of America’s engagement of the region, you have put a reputation on the line. It is the big thing which America is doing in the Asia Pacific with the Obama administration, consistently over many, many years of hard work and pushing. And your partners, your friends who have come to the table, who have negotiated, each one of them has overcome some domestic political objection, some sensitivity, some political cost to come to the table and make this deal.

And if, at the end, waiting at the altar, the bride doesn’t arrive, I think there are people who are going to be very hurt, not just emotionally but really damaged for a long time to come. Mr. Abe, for example, several of his predecessors thought seriously about and decided not to participate in the TPP. They came very close. They prepared the ground, they walked away. But Mr. Abe came through and decided to commit. Why? Because he wants to help. He wants his country to benefit and to open up its markets, and this is one way to do it.

It hurts your relationship with Japan, your security agreements with Japan. And the Japanese living in an uncertain world, depending on an American nuclear umbrella, will have to say: on trade, the Americans could not follow through; if it’s life and death, whom do I have to depend upon? It’s an absolutely serious calculation, which will not be said openly, but I have no doubt will be thought.

This is the one thing Obama really got right — but now we have not one, but two candidates running against free trade.

The Bible tells of a time when Asian powers will form a militarily confederation (cf. Jeremiah 50:9, 41-42) just prior to the gathering at Armageddon (Revelation 16:12-16).

Wavering by the USA on TPP or other matters will encourage Japan, among other nations in Asia, to further ramp up their militaries. Consider also something that Fidel V. Ramos, a former president of the Philippines wanted, when he wrote:

…the urgent task for Asian statesmen over the next 5-10 years will be to replace the region’s Pax Americana, which has guaranteed regional stability for decades, with a more comprehensive Pax Asia-Pacifica that is built on inclusiveness and burden-sharing. (Ramos FV. Building Pax Asia-Pacifica. July 14, 2011.

The fact that Fidel Ramos hopes for/expects it within the 5 -10 years after 2011 is also of interest as it is now 5 year out. While ‘Pax-Americana has not been replaced, this ‘replacement’ could be is consistent with some of my own prophetic understanding of these matters (though Fidel Ramos’ timing may be premature on this). Any Pax Asia-Pacifica that replaces “Pax-Americana” would suggest that many nations in Asia expect to have some type of confederation or other agreement with the major powers in Asia, like China.

As far as TPP goes, we will see if it gets passed. Some feel that it may be passed after the November 2016 election:

August 14, 2016

There’s one hot-button issue in this campaign that exemplifies what people see as wrong with the system: The Trans-Pacific Partnership.

Negotiated in secret under the advisement of multinational corporations, the TPP gives handouts to the multinational corporate class at the expense of the middle class. It pits workers here against those abroad, boosting profits of multinational corporations while our workers see downward pressure on wages. It allows fossil fuel corporations to sue governments in private tribunals to overturn policies that protect our families and our environment. It gives the pharmaceutical industry monopoly protections while consumers endure skyrocketing prices for medicine.

Despite these concerns, it is an open secret that an overwhelming number of Republicans and a few of their Democratic counterparts are quietly seeking to push TPP through during the lame-duck session of Congress.

With a lame duck vote, members of Congress who lost their November elections would still be able to throw their weight behind the extraordinarily unpopular deal. Newly elected members would not have a voice. And re-elected legislators would feel free to take a controversial vote that would please their corporate benefactors, confident that voter anger over their decision will subside in the two years before their next election.

A lame-duck consideration of the unpopular TPP would be undemocratic, and would wildly exacerbate frustrations about a rigged system.

Here is something about the magnitude of TPP:

August 14, 2016

The TPP is a trade pact signed last October by 12 countries led by the US including Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, Australia and New Zealand. The Asian members are Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and Brunei.

The economies of TPP signatories encompass 40% of global trade or US$295 trillion a year, with a combined GDP of $28.3 trillion representing 38% of the global total.

As far as trade deals go, in general, they are supposed to benefit both parties involved as trade itself is generally voluntary.

Yet as I warned about trade talks in the past, ultimately, some of the deals will not be good for the United States of America nor its Anglo-allies like Canada, Australia, or New Zealand who are parties to TPP, nor the UK which is not (though because of Brexit, it might want to be).

Trade disputes are likely to be one of the events that will help trigger the coming Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21).

Europe is watching these TPP negotiations, while it works on large and small trade deals itself. There is a deal called TTIP which European leaders seem to believe will help propel European leadership in the 21st century. The current political movement in the the presidential race against TPP (as well as Brexit) are concerns in Europe. Notice the following headline:

As I have written for years, I believe that the time will come when trade disputes will prove disastrous for the USA.

We will see if TPP makes it and what the ramifications of the elections in the USA will have on trade. Ultimately, there will be a major trade dispute that the Europeans will likely point to as part of their justification to eliminate the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39).

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