BBC Asks: Is the United States an Empire in Decline?

“I will break the pride of your power” (Leviticus 26:19)


The BBC had a interesting article:

Is the United States an empire in decline?
BBC – Sept 20, 2012 excerpts…Polls suggest that when asked whether the country is “in decline”, 60-70% of Americans will say Yes…

The terms of this debate need refining. For example, does it refer to an absolute loss of power by the US or a relative increase in the proportion of the world cake consumed by others?

At its heart, the argument is largely about whether China has become the more dynamic and successful country and will outhaul the US within our lifetimes.

Let’s look at some specifics to try to address the issue:

  1. The USA used to be the largest creditor nation in the world and now it is the biggest debtor nation in the history of humanity.
  2. The USA continues to decide that it needs to inflate the number of US dollars in the money supply in order to give the appearance that it is productive (QE3 and Gold Prices Surge).
  3. The Bible tells of a time when creditors will rise up and plunder the highly indebted that has taken steps like the USA has (Habakkuk 2:3,5,6-8).
  4. While the USA does have the strongest military in the world, in relative terms other nations are beginning to catch up.
  5. The Bible tells of a time that those with the “strongest fortresses” will be taken over (Daniel 11:39).
  6. In subjects ranging from abortion to deception to homosexuality to public pornography the USA is declining, yet these are being encouraged by the USA government (Obama Administration Argues that Government Should Be Able Override Religion, Supreme Court Protects ‘Right to Lie’,  Not a Surprise, Today, Barack Obama Endorses ‘Same-Sex Marriage’, and Barack Obama Calls Beyoncé a Perfect ‘Role Model’ for His Daughters).
  7. The Bible warns that having leaders that cause it to err morally is dangerous and will lead to destruction (Isaiah 3:12; 916).

So, yes, the United States is an empire in decline.  It is also losing some of its technological edge in global positioning technology to the Europe’s Galileo upcoming system (EU’s Galileo to be Partially Operational by Late 2014) and collider technology also to the Europeans (CERN Announces Major Find: Another Step Forward for Europe).

The economy, debt situation, and moral situation in the USA is serious. None of them can continue indefinitely and will end in ways that most Americans really do not believe is possible.

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