BIN: ‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’ says Israeli Politician

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Various ones in the Jewish and Protestant communities have stated or at least wondered if US President Donald Trump is a 21st century version of ancient Cyrus the Great.

Breaking Israel News (BIN) is reporting about another one who is making the Donald Trump-Cyrus connection:

‘Trump’s Peace Deal is Akin to Decree of King Cyrus Paving Path For Third Temple’ says Israeli Politician

January 29, 2020

While people on both the Arab and the Israeli side are still considering the possible implications of President Trump’ ‘Deal of the Century’ revealed on Tuesday, one insightful Israeli declared it to be “the declaration of Cyrus in our time.”

Politics, Israel, and Torah are all important to Dr. Rafael Minnes. A former member of the Zehut Political Party, he joined with a group of like-minded Israelis to form the New Liberal Party after Zehut’s leader, Moshe Feiglin, chose a position in Netanyahu’s government rather than run against Likud in the elections. Dr. Minnes served in the IDF Intelligence Corps and the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security service also known as the Shabak. He is a professor of physics as well.

Dr. Minnes hears echoes of Persian King Cyrus’’ decree that paved the way for the Jews to build the Second Temple almost 2,000 years ago.

“The Trump statement is the declaration of Cyrus of our days,” he wrote on his Facebook page, raising more than a few eyebrows. This provocative statement from such a well-educated source demanded further investigation.


“The first thing that is similar between Trump’s Deal of the Century and King Cyrus’ proclamation is that both of them are non-Jewish political figures who are coming in the name of the God of Israel in order to advance the divine plan incumbent upon the Jewish nation,” Dr. Minnes explained to Breaking Israel News. “This may be the reason why Trump’s deal is uncomfortable for Israelis and Israeli politicians who are certainly not used to this in their political forum. There are very few Israeli politicians who act or speak this way, certainly not secular politicians and not even the religious politicians.”

In his Facebook post, Dr. Minnes went into detail.

“I have always called to apply Israeli sovereignty on all the land of Israel, including all Judea and Samari,” Dr. Minnes wrote. “And this has always encountered fierce opposition. We can’t expect the President of the United States to propose an offer that no Israeli government, in fact, no party in the Knesset, has ever proposed.”

“In fact, in his actions until now in the last meeting, the president of the United States has been revealed to be a greater advocate of this than the prime minister of Israel. Trump offered to apply sovereignty to all Judah and Samaria, which Bibi did not even consider.”

Dr. Minnes noted a very important detail of Trump’s deal.

“Trump’s deal does not require us to recognize Arab sovereignty in Judea and Samaria. Such recognition will only be required if the leaders of the Arabs accept all the conditions of the deal. And with the conditions that Trump established, there’s no way they’ll accept the terms.”

“To be honest, I have no doubt that Trump actually opposes a Palestinian State, surely more than Bibi. It is clear to me that the purpose of this deal is to strengthen Israeli sovereignty and to bring to the end the revolting idea of a Palestinian state. On this issue, I trust Trump more than Bibi or Naftali Bennett.”

Dr. Minnes told Breaking Israel News that just as the declaration of Cyrus was accepted by only a portion of Israel but was a catalyst for the Jews to build the Second Temple, Israel today should take Trump’s deal as the ticket that opens up a greater future for Israel.

The Jewish group calling itself the Sanhedrin issued a special commemorative coin (shown at the beginning of this post) to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary which features Donald Trump next to Cyrus.

The Sanhedrin released another coin related to that earlier as well (see also Sanhedrin Mints Silver Half Shekel With Images of Trump and Cyrus: Is the ‘third temple’ necessary for a successful Trump presidency?):

The Sanhedrin hopes that the sale of the coins will help it raise money for a temple as well as items related to having to operate a temple.

Because certain Jews and Evangelicals believe Donald Trump is a Cyrus, does that make him one?

No, though Donald Trump seems to like people thinking so.

Interestingly, in March of 2017, Donald Trump did attribute a quote to Cyrus the Great (see Donald ‘Trump of God,’ Cyrus, or Apocalyptic?) which, at least in my view, showed that he was trying to make the Cyrus connection he would have been aware that others have claimed him to be a type of.

But what of the Palestinian reaction to the “deal of the century” as Donald Trump has referred to his peace plan by? Notice the following:

29 January 2020

Palestinians have dismissed US President Donald Trump’s new Middle East peace plan as a “conspiracy”.

The plan envisages a Palestinian state and the recognition of Israeli sovereignty over West Bank settlements.

Mr Trump said Jerusalem would remain Israel’s “undivided” capital, but the Palestinian capital would “include areas of East Jerusalem”.

Reacting to Tuesday’s announcement, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Jerusalem was “not for sale”.

“All our rights are not for sale and are not for bargain,” he added.

Thousands of Palestinian protesters held a “day of rage” in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, while the Israeli military deployed reinforcements in the occupied West Bank. …

Speaking on Tuesday, he said it was “impossible for any Palestinian, Arab, Muslim or Christian child to accept” a Palestinian state without Jerusalem as its capital.

“We say a thousand times, no, no, no,” he said. “We rejected this deal from the start and our stance was correct.”

The militant Palestinian Islamist group Hamas, which controls the Gaza Strip, also rejected the deal which it said aimed “to liquidate the Palestinian national project”.

The Palestinian leader made a similar statement about not being “for sale” last July (see BBC: ‘Abbas: Palestinians to halt agreements with Israel” after Palestinian apartments demolished).

Now let’s see something from the German press:

29 January 2020

The Israeli–Palestinian conflict has been raging for decades. Neither wars, terror attacks, uprisings, international treaties, peace agreements nor repeated promises to honor UN resolutions have changed a thing. There is deep mistrust between both parties, and practically no willingness to strike any kind of historic compromise to achieve peace.

In light of this gloomy status-quo, the announcement by a US president to present a fresh peace plan to get things moving again should have been cause for cautious optimism.

A one-sided deal

But it’s not. President Donald Trump is not exactly known for visionary peace plans. And so, unsurprisingly, his suggestions to resolve the Israeli–Palestinian conflict offer no new ideas or solutions. On the contrary, what Trump has hailed as the “deal of the century” is actually a misnomer. It is not a deal in the actual sense of the word, it does not reflect a compromise between two equal partners. Instead, it is an attempt to impose Trump’s ideas on the Palestinians. …

This approach is immoral and degrading because it unfairly favors the more powerful Israeli side. But the approach is also highly dangerous as it effectively leaves Israel free reign to annex further Palestinian territory.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be pleased with Trump’s plan — it’s been a while since any Israeli leader received such broad backing from Washington. This could lend him momentum in the election campaign, and might distract from the corruption charges he faces.

Massive criticism is expected from Arab and Muslim leaders, even though not all of it will be genuine. Extremist elements, meanwhile, will happily instrumentalize this plan to carry out terrorist attacks and perpetrate violence. None of this will do anything to bring peace to the Middle East.

A temporary peace deal is prophesied to come to the region according to Daniel 9:26-27.

According to those scriptures, it will have European involvement.

While the US may well be involved, the ‘Cyrus’ prophecies say nothing about ‘Cyrus’ being involved in making such a deal.

But various Protestants and some others have attempted to claim that Donald Trump is a modern day Cyrus and/or the “trump of God” (see Donald ‘Trump of God,’ Cyrus, or Apocalyptic?).

As far as Jerusalem, Cyrus and Donald Trump go, we also have a video:


On December 6, 2017, US President Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise related to the recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. This brought anger, protests, and rockets from some Palestinians. It also brought condemnation from European allies–it has been claimed to be disruptive and even catastrophic. The Palestinian President (Mahmoud Abbas) said that this pronouncement eliminated the USA as being a fair mediator for a peace deal. Others have claimed that Donald Trump is an end time Cyrus and his pronouncement will lead to a Third Temple in Jerusalem. Is there ever going to be a peace deal? If so, will Europeans be part of it? Is Donald Trump a ‘Cyrus.’ Do the Jews require a Third Temple for sacrifices? Dr. Thiel answers those questions and more.

Here is a link to our video: Jerusalem, Donald Trump, and Prophecy.

That being said, expect to see conflict in the Middle East, apparently involving Iran and Syria (per Isaiah 22).

Peace deals most often happen after conflict. And I expect a regional conflict based upon biblical prophecies.

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