Donald Trump heading to UK and ‘Trump administration wants UK to leave EU’

Official portrait of US President Donald Trump


Voice of America and NBC reported the following:

June 1, 2019

U.S. President Donald Trump and Britain’s Theresa May will want a strife-free, three-day state visit to London for the American leader starting Monday, their aides say.

To reduce the possibility of mishaps, with protesters getting too close to the American leader, the traditional ride in a horse-drawn carriage down the tree-lined Mall to Buckingham Palace for visiting heads of state has been axed — although Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, also dropped the jaunt because of “security concerns.” …

But aside from protests, there will be other risks on this presidential trip that British officials are keen to contain as they press the U.S. leader for more details on a possible post-Brexit trade deal, and as they seek to ease strains in what British politicians especially like to dub the “special relationship” between Britain and the U.S. …

Trump once complained May was too “politically correct,” triggering a transatlantic spat, and his aides have confided in the past that her “school mistress” manner makes the U.S. leader bristle. The two leaders have clashed publicly over several of Trump’s tweets, and in 2018 the U.S. President declined to have a one-on-one meeting with her at the G7 summit.

The U.S. leader’s free-wheeling style contrasts with May’s cautious, risk-averse and detail-oriented approach. …

Looking beyond May

Not that the U.S. president is spoiling for a fight on this trip, say U.S. officials, or eager to wage an ideological skirmish, as he did nearly a year ago at a NATO summit, where he shook up Europeans as he berated them over greater alliance burden-sharing.

But Trump appears now to be looking beyond the Brexit-fouled May, who will leave office shortly after his trip. He’s unlikely to hold back on offering a norm-breaking running commentary about the British Conservative leadership race or repeating his lavish praise Saturday of key British Brexiters Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage. Johnson is running to succeed Theresa May, and Farage, leader of the Brexit Party, is soon to run for a seat in the House of Commons.

Although there’s nothing listed in the official schedule, Trump has raised the possibility of meeting both men privately this week, possibly at a dinner at the U.S. envoy’s residence in central London, in what diplomats say would be a breach of convention. In an interview with Britain’s Sun newspaper Trump shied away from formally endorsing Johnson but made clear he was his favorite, saying Johnson is a “very good guy” and would be an “excellent” prime minister.

Intelligence ties bind

Britain is a key member of the so-called Five Eyes alliance, the U.S.-led Anglophone intelligence pact also linking Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Norman Roule, who was in the CIA’s Directorate of Operations for 34 years, and served as a division chief and chief of station, says “the U.S. intelligence relationship with the British is the closest on the planet.”

And for the British it is the foundation stone of the “special relationship.” When relations have soured between individual U.S. presidents and British prime ministers, the transatlantic partnership has endured thanks largely to the tight intelligence-military partnership between London and Washington.

“The U.K.-U.S. relationship is far less about the dynamics between two leaders, and far more about daily interactions between thousands of officials and military personnel who work closely together in person or electronically,” according to a former top British defense official in a commentary for the Royal United Services Institute, Britain’s influential international defense and security think tank.

June 1, 2019

LONDON — Britain and the U.S. may have a special relationship but President Donald Trump’s state visit will be a diplomatic balancing act for the U.K., where Trump is deeply unpopular.

Even before his arrival on British shores, the president caused a stir by wading into the contest to replace Theresa May as prime minister and criticising Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex.

Trump’s trip comes as the U.K. is facing its most significant crisis since the Second World War.

It is currently in the midst of a long and messy divorce from the European Union, the economic and political bloc it has belonged to for more than 40 years.

That divorce has now brought down a second prime minister in less than three years. …

Trump is widely disliked in the U.K. He has a positive opinion rating of only 21 percent, according to YouGov, compared to 72 percent for former President Barack Obama.

But he told The Sun Friday that “I don’t imagine any U.S. president was ever closer to your great land.”

“Now I think I am really — I hope — I am really loved in the U.K.,” he added. “I certainly love the U.K.”  …

With no Brexit deal in sight, and future trade ties with Europe now up in the air, a trade deal with the U.S. has become increasingly important.

“The cleaner the Brexit, the easier it is for the U.S. to strike a free trade deal with the U.K.,” said Leslie Vinjamuri, the head of the U.S. and Americas program at the Chatham House think tank.

“That plays into the hands of those who are pushing for a hard Brexit,” from the E.U. with no agreement setting out a framework for future relations.

The BBC reported:

Trump administration wants UK to leave EU, says adviser John Bolton

The Trump administration wants the UK to follow the 2016 referendum result and leave the European Union, National Security Advisor John Bolton said.

Speaking to the UK’s Daily Telegraph, Mr Bolton said Brexit was an opportunity for the UK to become a “strong and independent country”.

His remarks came ahead of a UK visit by President Trump, who has previously stated his support for Brexit.

Mr Trump was critical of Prime Minister Theresa May’s negotiations with the EU. …

What did John Bolton say? …

“As a separate nation again, Britain’s impact on the world has the prospect of being even greater… I think it will help us in Nato in particular to have another strong and independent country that will help Nato to be more effective, and that has to be a plus.”

He added: “The US preference is for Britain to follow the course of what the people asked for and leave the EU. It’s a lesson for everyone in the triumph of democracy.”

Mr Bolton said the first step towards a closer relationship was for the next prime minister to finish the Brexit process and negotiate a new trade deal with the US. …

What has Trump said about Brexit?

The US president, who has previously said Mrs May had not listened to his advice on how to negotiate a deal with the EU, said the agreement reached by the prime minister sounded “like a great deal for the EU”.

He had also raised fears that, under Mrs May’s Brexit deal, the US and the UK would not be able to negotiate a free trade agreement.

Mr Trump has said he might meet Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage and Conservative MP Boris Johnson – one of the 11 contenders to replace Mrs May as Conservative leader – during his trip to the UK. 05/31/19

As far as Donald Trump and Brexit goes, he was one of the most well known, non-British, supporters of Brexit prior to the Brexit vote.

Consider also something that I warned about in 2008:

In the spirit of accommodation and personal interest, many of the “standards” of the European Union will be adopted by the USA, Canada and Mexico, as well as by nearly all of the countries of the world. … Trade wars and/or serious trade disputes will most likely arise.

The Brits will ultimately decide that they are more supportive of the Americans and Canadians. They will be so much more supportive that they will end up in a trading agreement with them (with the Australians and New Zealanders probably also becoming part of that agreement).  (Thiel B. A Combined EU & North American Trade Block Coming?, March 3, 2008)

We are seeing the Brits decide that they need to be more closely aligned with the USA on trade now.

Donald Trump is looking to make a trade deal as well and wants the UK to make a deal with the USA.

The EU does not like Brexit. The EU does not like Donald Trump.

This will not end well for the UK (cf. Isaiah 17:3a; Daniel 8:24-25) or the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39).

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