German Troops In France

Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany Since November 2005


Changes in the European military are taking place:

Germany to Station Troops in France for First Time Since WWII

Spiegel – Feb 4, 2009
The leaders of Germany and France urged greater European and trans-Atlantic unity on global security on Wednesday and underscored their call by announcing that German troops will be stationed in France as part of the joint Franco-German Brigade, a rapid reaction force. “Anyone who knows our common history will be aware of the historical significance of this new step in the Franco-German friendship,” German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Nicholas Sarkozy said in a joint opinion piece published on Wednesday in Germany’s Süddeutsche Zeitung and France’s Le Monde.

SPIEGEL reported last month that a German army battalion of 500 troops would be stationed in the town of Colmar in France’s Alsace region. French media have reported Strasbourg, Metz or Bitche as possible locations.

It will be the first stationing of German troops in France since World War II. The Franco-German brigade was set up in 1989 and has around 5,000 troops that, until now, have been stationed at seven locations in Germany. It has served in Afghanistan and in the Balkans.

“Europeans Must Speak with One Voice”

Merkel and Sarkozy said international coordination on security policy was essential to tackle the Middle East conflict, the dispute over Iran’s nuclear program, terrorist attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan as well as the international financial and economic crises…

They said it was essential that Europe and the US deepen their cooperation given the new risks they face in the 21st century.

“That means joint analysis, decision-taking and implementation. Unilateral steps would contradict the spirit of this partnership. But it also means that we Europeans must speak even more with one voice, which requires a strong measure of discipline from the member states,” the leaders wrote.

“And we must further bundle and increase our capabilities, both civilian and military. The synergy between both is the trademark of European security policy,” they added.,1518,605453,00.html

Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

Nicolas Sarkozy has actually and specifically called for a stronger European military in the past (see France Wants Greater EU Military), and apparently allowing German troops to be stationed in France will help this come to pass.

Europe is flexing not only its military power, but also its economic power as US President Obama has taken note of the importance of Europe this week, as the following shows:

President Obama to water down ‘Buy American’ plan after EU trade war threat

The Times – Feb 4, 2009

The European Union warned the US yesterday against plunging the world into depression by adopting a planned “Buy American” policy, intensifying fears of a trade war.

The EU threatened to retaliate if the US Congress went ahead with sweeping measures in its $800 billion (£554 billion) stimulus plan to restrict spending to American goods and services…

Last night Mr Obama gave a strong signal that he would remove the most provocative passages from the Bill.

“I agree that we can’t send a protectionist message,” he said in an interview with Fox TV. “I want to see what kind of language we can work on this issue. I think it would be a mistake, though, at a time when worldwide trade is declining, for us to start sending a message that somehow we’re just looking after ourselves and not concerned with world trade.”…

The EU warnings came in letters to US political leaders in Congress, Timothy Geithner, the Treasury Secretary, and Hillary Clinton, the Secretary of State. Mr Bruton urged them to respect the decision taken by the G20, the world’s leading economic nations, in Washington last November to resist protectionism as a defence against the crisis. They are expected to meet again in London in April.

“Failing this risks entering into a spiral of protectionist measures around the globe that can only hurt our economies further,” he wrote.

“Open markets remain the essential precondition for a rapid recovery from the crisis, and history has shown us where measures taken contrary to this principle can lead us.”

Under the “Buy American” clause passed by the US House of Representatives, American iron and steel must be used in construction projects that form part of the recovery plan. The US Senate wants to extend the scope of the clause before the Bill goes to the White House for approval.

The European Commission’s powerful trade department, a bastion of open markets formerly headed by Lord Mandelson, said yesterday that the “Buy American” clause was “the worst possible signal” that could be sent to world trade.

A spokesman said: “We are particularly concerned about the signal that these measures could send to the world at a time when all countries are facing difficulties. Where America leads, many others tend to follow.”

The Commission believes that the US move would violate international trade rules policed by the Geneva-based World Trade Organisation (WTO). The Commission also made clear that it was keeping an equally vigilant eye on protectionist moves within Europe as France prepared to insist that its motor manufacturers buy their parts only from French companies.

I have long been writing that the USA would listen to the EU on a variety on economic matters (e.g. A Combined EU & North American Trade Block Coming?).  And once Barack Obama was elected, I also wrote that I felt that he would have to have policies that would help enable the rise of the European Beast power, also known as the King of the North (see Prophecies of Barack Obama?).

We live in interesting times when the French want German troops and the USA is not allowed to spend taxpayer funds with only American companies.  As Jesus taught, watch.

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