Gulf Oil Spills Continue With Partial Containment Current Plan

Horizon Oil Spill


BP’s current plan is not try to stop most of the oil being leaked:

‘Top cap’ on BP oil spill not tight enough as crude keeps spewing

By Patrik Jonsson, Staff writer / June 4, 2010

The plume of oil continuing to flow Friday morning at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico signals that BP has not yet fully succeeded in sealing the source of the BP oil spill and siphoning the captured oil to a tanker on the surface – at least not yet.

BP engineers, with government scientists looking over their shoulders, on Wednesday cut a crumpled riser pipe left over from the sinking of the Deepwater Horizon rig on April 22. Subsea “disaster bots” failed to make a clean cut with a diamond-tipped saw on Thursday, jamming it instead into the pipe. After extracting the fine-cut saw, engineers opted for a pair of giant shears to lop the pipe. As bots later filmed the lowering of the “top cap” – a sort of giant garden hose seal – over the lower marine riser package at the top of the well, oil continued to spew from the scene.

More than 100 miles of marshland and beaches are already tarred, and a fishing area the size of Florida is closed in the Gulf…

It’s by most accounts the worst environmental disaster in US history.

Now a 90% containment is a good step, but there are a couple of problems.  First, for weeks BP indicated that the loss was about 5,000 barrels of oil per day.  But many experts feel it is more like 10,000-20,000 per day.  So, if 90% is capped, this means that between 1,000-2,000 barrels per day will still be leaked into the Gulf of Mexico.

The second issue is that this spill has gone on for a long time. It began as an  oil well blowout on April 20, 2010.   BP has made many promises, but oil is destroying the environment.

The third issue, which is the most directly relevant one at COGwriter, is that because of this spill, the USA will have additional long term economic problems.

As mentioned before, President Obama has suspended certain oil drilling in Alaska and California Governor Schwarzenegger dropped his plans to support more drilling of the California Coast (which used to be a major industry near where I live) means that the economic impact of this oil spill will basically insure that less oil drilling will be done in the USA.  Here are some of the ramifications of that:

  • The USA will not become energy independent.
  • The USA will not be able to significantly eliminate its trade deficits.
  • The USA will have less tax revenues.
  • Some States of the USA will have more financial problems.
  • Southern California will have more financial problems.
  • The USA will not be able to pay off its national debt.
  • The USA will likely increase its debt.
  • The USA will more quickly get to the prophesied “appointed time” of “the end” where its creditors will rise up against it and the USA will be no more.

The spill has lasted long enough and done enough damage to make the above a reality.

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