ICG on the Current Middle East Situation

In last night’s update, ICG’s Mark Armstrong reported:

I can hardly write this Update without making reference to the most recent rant by Iran’s president Ahmadinejad. In a wildly contradictory statement, he said that his nation loves all nations and all peoples, but that Israel “cannot continue to live.” I’m surprised the warped ayatollahs can even stomach his rambling tirades. And there was something published this week about our administration studying strategies for taking out Iran’s nuclear facilities. Somehow, it seems likely that such plans have been under discussion for some time now.
 On the Israel/Gaza front, rockets fired from Gaza hit an Israeli boot camp injuring sixty nine recruits, some seriously, a few critically. According to the report carried by the Debkafile, Israeli jets retaliated with pinpoint strikes on missile sites. The report ended by saying Palestinians celebrated their strike on Israel by firing celebratory shots in their mosques! Talk about lunatic!
 You may have seen some of the reports about Israeli jets making passes over Syrian territory this week. Israeli analysts are convinced that North Korea has sold nuclear technology and materials to Syria, and that it represents a potentially serious threat.

Comments by COGwriter:

Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, and right now we see more and more events lining up for the fulfillment.

While all the small details are not revealed in scripture, we do know that a King of the South (most likely an Arab/Moslem leader) will arise and do battle with the King of the North (Daniel 11:40). 

We also believe that since God seems to have a 6,000 year plan for humankind to rule itself, that the events in Daniel 11 and Matthew 24 will most likely be fulfilled in a relatively few years.

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