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The pro-Vatican newservice, Zenit reported:

The Vatican: A Japanese Perspective

Interview With Ambassador Kagefumi Ueno

Zenit – August 23, 2007

VATICAN CITY – Japan and the Vatican have a lot of reasons to intensify relations in the coming years, especially regarding cooperation in Africa, says the new Japanese ambassador to the Holy See.

Ambassador Kagefumi Ueno, who began his mission at the Vatican in November, adds that “there is a lot of scope for teamwork and coordination between Japanese aid agencies and some important Catholic players in Africa.”…

The Pope is, in this context, a kind of “guardian” over the international situation. The international community expects him to talk about peace and justice…

The policy dialogue between Japan and the Holy See is expected to intensify.

On a practical and operational level, there is a lot of scope for teamwork and coordination between Japanese aid agencies and some important Catholic players in Africa, such as Caritas International and the Community of Sant’Egidio, among others, in coming years…

Thus, there are some basic and fundamental philosophical differences between the two cosmologies, which, though vaguely, accounts for a relatively low proportion of Christians in Japan.

However, we should not overlook another side of the coin — that many Japanese accept 70%-80% of the teachings of Catholicism.

For instance, they accept almost all of the Ten Commandments. There are a lot of common denominators between the two cosmologies.

I would say Christianity has had many positive effects on Japanese society.  source: http://www.zenit.org/article-20316?l=english

Roman Catholicism has changed many of the doctrines and practices of true Christianity.  The Bible warns all peoples, including the Japanese to NOT accept a future version of Catholicism which prophecy shows will affect the whole world.

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