Muslim Brotherhood to Go for Egypt’s Presidency

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The Muslim Brotherhood has somewhat changed its position and now expects to run a candidate to become president of Egypt:

April 1, 2012

Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood…said on Saturday that it would nominate its deputy leader, Khairat al-Shater — a business tycoon and the group’s main financier — to run for the country’s top job.

The announcement sent shockwaves through political circles, just two months before the first presidential election since a popular uprising toppled Hosni Mubarak last year. The election begins on May 23…

But the Brotherhood’s sudden U-turn and the decision to nominate Shater sparked heated arguments within the organisation, even before the public announcement.

Shater’s nomination comes at a critical time, with the drafting of the constitution boycotted by liberals and leftists who accuse Islamists of monopolising the process.

The above is not a surprise.  Whether or not is a miscalculation remains to be seen. Wikipedia just put up the following:

Khairat El-Shater…On 31 March 2012, the Freedom and Justice Party named him their candidate for the presidential election in May…El-Shater formally resigned from the Brotherhood in order to run for President, to avoid violating the Brotherhood’s pledge not to field a candidate. The announcement of Shater’s presidential candidacy is a historical first for the 83-year-old group, which originally pledged that none of their members would run for president to calm secular and western governments’ fears of a complete Islamist takeover by the group. Earlier this year, Khairat El-Shater had denied any intentions for entering the presidential race on Al-Jazeerah…(, viewed 04/01/12)

Westerners should pay attention to what  the Muslim Brotherhood has long stated that it wants:

…the goals which the [Muslim Brotherhood] Society was established for, that is, establishing the State of Islam, headed by the Islamic Caliphate, in order to establish Allah religion on Allah’s land…(Source: The Muslim Brotherhood – in its own words Translation of “Jihad is the way” by Mustafa Mashhur Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, 1996-2002 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik. viewed 04/30/11)

What is the Muslim Brotherhood?…
“The Islamic nation,” its charter states, “must be fully prepared to fight the tyrants and the enemies of Allah as a prelude to establishing an Islamic state”—ideally a re-established caliphate, stretching from Spain across the Middle East and Central Asia to Indonesia, to be governed according to Islamic sharia law. (Understanding the Muslim Brotherhood. February 14, 2011. © The Muslim Brotherhood. viewed 11/21/2011)

And while it is not likely to end up with Spain, a confederation from Morocco to Afghanistan could be feasible (plus or minus).

The Bible tells the rise of a leader of a confederation that seems to be based south of Jerusalem (Daniel 11:40).  Likely one composed of nations in North Africa, the Middle East, and perhaps the Near East.

The late evangelist Raymond McNair wrote the following:

Daniel 11 also mentions some of the Mideast peoples who will be involved in that struggle among the nations at the close of this age. The belligerents will include the “King of the North,” the leader of the European Union (or its final outgrowth, called the “Beast”). The “King of the South” (an Islamic leader—apparently from Egypt {or} some other Muslim state) is also referred to. The following lands/peoples are specifically mentioned: Egypt, the Holy Land (Israel/Palestine), the Ethiopians (modern Cushites, south of Egypt), Libya, Edom, Moab and Ammon. Many descendants of the ancient peoples known as Edomites or Idumeans now live in the West Bank, Jordan, Iraq, Turkey, Syria, Arabia, Yemen, the Persian Gulf states, etc. (McNair R. Solving the Arab-Israeli Impasse! Copyright Raymond F. McNair 2005, Church of God—21st Century).

The Living Church of God has reported:

The northern Sudan, anciently referred to as Cush, was once part of the Egyptian empire—a region where the future King of the South may headquarter (News and Prophecy. World Ahead Weekly Update, May 24, 2007).

Egypt probably will be the King of the South…historically they have been…The King of the South is probably Egypt or possibly Saudi Arabia (Meredith RC. Where are we now in Bible prophecy? Sermon, Charlotte, NC, April 30, 2011)

Right now…various Islamist groups—often foolishly called “moderate” by the mainstream media—are coming to power in Egypt, Tunisia and other African and Middle Eastern nations after the uprisings of the “Arab Spring.” The prophesied “King of the South” will soon emerge as these nations seek a “Mahdi”—a powerful religio/poltical leader who will bring them together under Islam. This “King of the South” predicted in Daniel 11:40 will no doubt be headquartered in Egypt or Saudi Arabia, not in Iran as some confused people foolishly predict. (Meredith RC. TW Subscriber letter, November 10, 2011)

It may be of interest to note that the following:

6 The burden against the beasts of the South. Through a land of trouble and anguish, From which came the lioness and lion, The viper and fiery flying serpent, They will carry their riches on the backs of young donkeys, And their treasures on the humps of camels, To a people who shall not profit; (Isaiah 30:6, NKJV)

7 Egypt is all show, no substance. My name for her is Toothless Dragon. (Isaiah 30:7, THE MESSAGE: The Bible in Contemporary Language)

Isaiah 30:6-7 seems to tie the “beasts of the South” with “the Egyptians”, which is further support that the Egyptians will most likely have significant involvement with the king of the South.

Could this be Khairat al-Shater?  Currently at age 61, Khairat al-Shater possibly could become the final King of the South.  Though it is too early be sure at this stage, and a more recognized religious and/or military leader may be better suited for the role.


To bring enough Arab nations together, I have felt that some type of “strongman” needed to rise up. One who Arabs would tend to respect–who might use or not use the title Imam Mahdi or Grand Mufti (Caliph, perhaps with a version one of those religious titles). The time may be now for him to start to rise up and the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamist groups may play an important role, and the USA may provide some financial assistance to the process.

Events for the rise of the final King of the South are stirring. Watch (Mark 13:37).

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