National Security Advisor speaks out against Israeli Prime Minister’s upcoming speech

Susan Rice


Sandra Rice is speaking out against Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to accept an offer to speak to the US Congress:

February 25, 2015

President Barack Obama’s national security advisor has sharply criticized Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s decision to speak before Congress about the U.S.-led talks with Iran over its nuclear program.

Netanyahu has accepted an invitation by House Speaker John Boehner to address a joint meeting of Congress on March 3, two weeks before Israeli parliamentary elections.  In an interview Tuesday with U.S. television journalist Charlie Rose, Susan Rice said the decision has “injected a degree of partisanship” to bilateral ties between the United States and Israel.

Rice said Netanyahu’s decision is not only unfortunate, “it is destructive of the fabric of the relationship.”

February 25, 2015

National Security Adviser Susan Rice’s comments are the White House’s strongest criticism of the visit.

Benjamin Netanyahu was invited by House Speaker John Boehner in what is seen as a rebuke to Mr Obama’s Iran policy.

Mr Netanyahu responded to Ms Rice with a robust defence of his actions.

“I respect the White House and the president of the United States but on such a fateful matter, that can determine whether or not we survive, I must do everything to prevent such a great danger for Israel,” he said in a speech. …

The White House is negotiating with Iran on its nuclear programme and has rejected calls for additional sanctions on the regime.

Mr Netanyahu – who supports more sanctions – is expected to discuss Iran, as well as Islamic militant groups, in his address.

It is disconcerting that officials in the Obama Administration are so publicly opposed to a speech to be given by an ally who was invited to speak to the US Congress.  Perhaps they are concerned that some will believe what he has to say?

The reality is that the situation with Iran has happened basically as I wrote it may back in 2013.  Iran has gotten access to its assets back, while being able to delay their reimplementation, as it works to develop its nuclear program.

What the Obama Administration does not seem to wish to acknowledge is that all the pressure on Iran has not stopped its ambitions and goals.  Furthermore, as Iran has a staunch ally in Syria and a more distant one in North Korea.  Therefore, Iran can work in or through those countries to develop its nuclear weaponry.  So, even if the USA gets full inspection rights in Iran at some point, that does not mean that Iran cannot get its own nuclear weapons.

Since the interim agreement to free its assets in 2013, Iran has made various military tests and even now has its own drone.  It has has even referred to its drone project “America’s nightmare” (see Iran deploys ‘suicide drone’: a threat to USA and Israel?).  It is not trying to work towards peace.

But the nightmare it is developing is much closer to Israel.

Iran has called for the elimination of the nation of Israel and has even produced one or more videos showing that it intends to conquer Jerusalem (I watch one, translated into English a few years ago).

While I am not saying that I agree with everything that the Israeli Prime Minister has or will say and do, I will agree with him that Iran poses a bigger threat to peace than the Obama Administration seems to believe.

Like Winston Churchill before WWII, Benjamin Netanyahu apparently believes that he needs to warn about what he and others see.

That being said, as I have written many times before, I believe that Iran will be neutralized somehow.  This might come from the USA, it might come from Israel, it might come from its own citizens, it might come from other Muslim nations, or perhaps a combination. But its influence will be reduced.

If or how Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech might tie in with that remains to be seen.

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