New Nordic Military for Civil Unrest?

Northern Shore of Reykjavík, Iceland


The Nordic nations appear to want to improve military cooperation under a new plan in order to deal with civil unrest as was reported today:

Report Calls for Common Nordic Task Force

Norway’s former Defense and Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg has proposed a 13-point plan for military and civilian cooperation between the five Nordic countries.

Spiegel – Feb 9, 2009

One of the Nordic region’s grey eminences, former Norwegian Defence and Foreign Minister Thorvald Stoltenberg, has presented his report on potential Nordic cooperation in foreign and security policy, including proposals for a joint military and civilian force that could help stabilise countries in the throes of national unrest.

Commissioned by the Nordic foreign ministers, Stoltenberg’s 13-point plan includes proposals for a Nordic Stabilisation Task Force to address some of the new security challenges facing the UN and the international community that would be deployed to states affected by major internal unrest…

Of the five Nordic countries, Denmark, Iceland and Norway are members of NATO; Denmark, Sweden and Finland are members of the European Union. Although Denmark has an opt-out on defence cooperation, none are members of the African Union and all are members of the United Nations and the OSCE.

The proposals, presented to the five Nordic foreign ministers in Oslo Monday, also suggest that the Nordic countries should take on part of the responsibility for air surveillance and air patrolling in Icelandic air space, initially deploying personnel to the Keflavik base. Iceland has no military of its own…

The Nordic countries are Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden and include representation for the Aaland Islands (Finland), Greenland (Denmark) and the Faroe Islands (Denmark).,1518,606505,00.html

I have mentioned unrest in Iceland (Situations Worse in Iceland & South Africa) and Europe (Civil Unrest in Europe) in the past couple of weeks.  There is little doubt that the unrest in Iceland is a factor in today’s news.

What many throughout the world do not seem to realize is that there are quite a few private Catholic prophecies that have long predicted that there would be civil unrest in Europe and that this will lead to the rise of one some call the Great Monarch (see also Civil Unrest in Europe).  This Great Monarch seems to be the same person that the Bible warns against as the final King of the North and the Beast leader.

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