Obama, Afghanistan, and Nostradamus



Notice the following news item from Time:

Obama Afghanistan Plan Breaks Old Ground

Did George Bush leave one of his old speeches in the Resolute Desk? As President Obama unveiled his Afghanistan-Pakistan policy Friday, it was hard to miss the echoes of his predecessor’s “surge” strategy in Iraq. Indeed, says James Dobbins, the State Department veteran who served as President Bush’s first envoy to Afghanistan, Obama’s plan is “largely an extension of where the Bush Administration, in its last years, was heading,with some refinements and additions.”

Like Bush, Obama plans to send more U.S. troops to fight the insurgency in Afghanistan…

The parallels don’t end there. Bush’s “surge” strategy was twinned with an effort to capitalize on disputes between al-Qaeda and its Iraqi allies; eventually, the majority of Sunni insurgents were induced, with promises of money or political power, to stop attacking U.S. forces and turn their guns on the jihadists. Obama, likewise, hopes to drive a wedge between what he describes as “uncompromising” Taliban and al-Qaeda leaders on the one hand, and less implacable insurgents who may be more inclined, for the right price, to make a deal with Western forces or the Afghan government…

In any event, many of Obama’s innovations will take years to produce results, and, in the meantime, there’s still a war to fight. Anyone looking to the President for a bold new military strategy would have been disappointed. “I don’t think there’s anything [in the speech] that we’re going to look back in some years and say, ‘This was a turning point in the way we fight a counterinsurgency,'” says Jason Campbell, an Afghanistan expert at the Brookings Institute. In the main, that’s because Obama doesn’t have the resources for a dramatic military push — although that may come later. http://www.time.com/time/nation/article/0,8599,1888257,00.html

There is a reason that I reported this–and it was not to point out Bush-Obama parallels.

On January 1, 2009, I anticipated this action based upon earlier statements that Barack Obama had made (see Nostradamus’ Predictions of Obama: A Hoax?).

My point in reporting it now has to do with prophecy.

The following is from Catholic seer called Nostradamus, and followed with the Comment from a Catholic writer named Yves Dupont:

Quatrain 50:

Under the sign of Libra, America shall reign, Shall hold power in the sky and on land, Shall never perish under Asian forces, Until seven Pontificates have passed. (Yves Dupont, p.94)

Comment: As a great world power, the U.S.A. began its “reign” during the first World War–but it was not the greatest world power; in 1918 … In 1945, however, the U.S.A. was, by and large, the greatest world power. I think it is from the reign of Pius XII that the seven Pontificates must be counted, and this brings us to the last Pope according to St. Malachy’s list–when the world will end. (comment is from the Catholic writer Yves Dupont personally in 1973, Catholic Prophecy: The Coming Chastisement, p.94)

Five “pontificates” have past, one exists, and one is left per the Malachy writings.

It appears that these Catholic writings suggest that the end of the USA will thus be in the 21st century as that is when the last pope would need to appear.  As far as Asian forces go, this could be interpreted to include terrorists from places like Afghanistan and others parts of Asia (Barack Obama has clearly decided to increase the US military presence  in Afghanistan)–but it could mean nothing at all.

For those who are not familiar with the Catholic Saint Malachy, it needs to be mentioned that he allegedly came up with a list of 112 popes from the 12th century to present (although the descriptions are probably little more specific than those ascribed to Nostradamus, and many “antipopes” are in the list).  There is only one pope left on the Malachy list (Pope Benedict is number 111).  Some current (as well as older) Catholic writings suggest that this could be an antipope (for specific Catholic private prophecies which could be about him and the current pope, please see One More Pope?).  Some also suspect that this is one who could be the Antichrist.

Whether increasing US troops in Afghanistan will lead to the fulfillment of any thing that Nostradamus wrote is not clear.

What is clear, however, is that the US continues to spread its military thinly and is borrowing so much that at some point it will not be able to try to be the world’s “policeman”.

The USA simply does not have resources to continue fighting on some many fronts.  The USA needs real repentance, as total disaster is its only other option in this age.

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