Prussian Prince calls for reinstatement of German Monarchy

Crown of the  Beast of Revelation?
Crown of the “Austro-Hungarian Empire” & the “Holy Roman Empire”


While Germany is considered to be a democracy, some seem to want to see the return of the monarchy, including at least one prince:

Prince: Germany should reinstate monarchy
The Local – March 14, 2012
Germany should reinstate its monarchy to speak to people’s emotions, make them proud of their country and even encourage them to have babies, according to Prince Philip Kiril of Prussia, great-great grandson of the last KaiserBut even if the German royal family were to be reinstated, Prince Philip would not sit on the throne – that honour would go to Prince Georg Friedrich von Preußen, who is the direct heir and has said he would not want to see a royal restoration.
Should Germany bring back the royal family?
Germany got rid of its last Kaiser nearly a century ago, but the country remains fascinated by royals. One of the Kaiser’s descendants says royalty would help the country – but should Germany reinstate the monarchy?
The Local – March 14, 2012
The Kaiser’s descendants still live aristocratic lives even though the royal family was abolished in 1918 after defeat in World War I. And last summer, the wedding of Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia attracted not only a good showing of European royal guests but also the attention of the German public…

A possibly increasing acceptance and even popularity of Germany’s home grown monarchy is no doubt linked with the young, educated and affable Prince Georg. His rare public appearances, fresh-faced good looks and reticence would certainly offer a contrast to the grey-haired politicians representing the country.

Germany’s presidential post has hardly been covered in glory recently, having been held by two politicians, one of whom resigned arguably too early, the other too late. The debacle over Christian Wulff’s resignation prompted one of the Kaiser’s great-great grandsons to argue this week that a monarchy would be good for the country.

But would a restored monarchy – presumably along British or Swedish-type constitutional lines – be a good thing for Germany?

We in the Living Church of God have long taught that Germany (and others in Europe) would look for some type of “strong leader” to lead it (see, for example, New Europe Rising!).

The Bible shows that Europe will reorganize into ten kingdoms and get an autocratic leader (Revelation 17:12-13). This leader will apparently attempt to re-establish a 21st century of the old “Holy Roman Empire.”  The crown of which is composed of iron and clay (cf. Daniel 2:41-43) covered with gold and jewels.  The Beast is also supposed to be support/ridden by a religious system which has gold and jewels (Revelation 17:1-4)–though the Beast-supporting kingdoms will eventually betray that church/religious system (Revelation 17:16-17).

It is possible that more nations in Europe will adopt a monarchy, though this literally may not be an absolute biblical requirement.  But the sentiment, at least among some in Germany, is that a stronger leader than a president is desired.  In the future, this desire will apparently increase to the point that the Beast of Revelation 13:1-10 & 17:12-13 will rise up.

2012 is shaping up as a year with many prophetically-significant developments.  More prophetic developments will happen this year.

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