Russia’s Lavrov blames West–a speculated ‘no-man’s-land’ coming to Ukraine?


Voice of America reported:

December 1, 2022

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said on Thursday that the United States had created an “existential” threat to Russia from Ukraine, Reuters reported.

Lavrov was speaking at a news conference where he also accused the United States and NATO of being direct participants in the Ukraine war.

He said Russia had never walked away from contacts with the United States but that it had not heard any “substantive ideas” from its U.S. counterparts.

Yes, the USA and its NATO allies have been directly participating in the Ukrainian conflict through sending of arms as well as through providing funds, military advice, and military intelligence.

And yes, Russia is frustrated by lack of flexibility in proposals from the USA.

Notice a report that points to another Russian leader basically saying that the USA dismissed Russian concerns and interests related to nuclear negotiations:

November 30, 2022

On Monday the United States said that Russia had “unilaterally postponed” the important nuclear arms control talks without explanation. But in a fresh statement the Kremlin said the American side is to blame for “lack of desire” to take seriously Russian priorities.

“We have encountered a situation where our American colleagues not only demonstrated a lack of desire to take note of our signals, acknowledge our priorities, but also acted in the opposite way,” Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov told a press briefing.

I mentioned the above because it was the dismissal of Russian signals and priorities that seems to have led to Russia’s ‘special military operation’ into Ukraine.

Newsweek reported about Ukraine’s lack of desire for negotiations:

December 1, 2022

A recent wave of speculation has suggested that now might be an opportune time for Russian and Ukrainian leaders to start negotiating a diplomatic end to their nine-month-long war. However, given the current array of forces, a pause in the fighting would be more likely to prolong the conflict than to shorten it.

“Because Russia is losing on the battlefield, any hypothetical ceasefire is objectively a gift to Putin,” John Herbst, a former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine and the current senior director of the Atlantic Council’s Eurasia Center, told Newsweek.

“There’s no doubt that one of the main reasons why Ukraine is opposed to any ceasefire is that it would give Russia an opportunity to regroup before resuming military operations at a time of its choosing,” he added. …

“Russia dreams of negotiations,” Anton Gerashchenko, an advisor to Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs, told Newsweek, “because it is the side which is losing that asks for negotiations.”

“Putin wants Crimea to remain his, he wants the other territories Russia has seized to remain his, he wants Western sanctions to be lifted, and he wants no reparations to be paid,” Gerashchenko added …

Ukrainian public support for the war effort remains nearly unanimous. Polling results published by the Kyiv Institute of Sociological Research on October 24 showed that a scant 10 percent of Ukrainians favor entering negotiations with Russia.

“The Ukrainian people do not want to start negotiations on any terms other than the return of all of our territory, the payment of reparations, and a guarantee that Russia is not permitted to simply rearm and resume its attack at a later date,” Gerashchenko said. “Until Putin is prepared to accept such pre-conditions, it is impossible for the Ukrainian president to enter negotiations with him.”

So, what will happen?

Here is speculation as written by Mike Whitney:

Putin’s Remedy: A Fragmented, Toothless Ukraine Separated by a 100 Kilometer-Wide No-Man’s-Land

How does Russia create a “neutral” Ukraine that isn’t armed-to-the-teeth by Moscow’s enemies? How do they prevent Kiev from conducting joint-military drills with NATO or placing missile sites on Russia’s border? How do they stop the Ukrainian Army from shelling ethnic Russians in the east or training far-right paramilitaries to kill as many Russians as possible? How does Putin change Ukraine into a good neighbor that doesn’t pose a security threat and that doesn’t fuel anti-Russian hatred and bigotry? And, finally, how does one resolve the conflict peacefully if one side refuses to negotiate with the other? Check out this clip from an article at Mint News:

“Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky on Tuesday signed a decree formally announcing the “impossible” prospect of peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russian President Vladimir Putin…

“He (Putin) does not know what dignity and honesty are. Therefore, we are ready for dialogue with Russia, but with another president of Russia,” Zelensky said on Friday. (Mint News)

The fact that Zelensky will not negotiate with Putin does not mean there will be no settlement. It just means that Zelensky will have no voice in the outcome. As the more powerful country, it has always been within Russia’s ability to impose a settlement that achieves its basic national security objectives, and that is precisely what Putin will do. The settlement will not be ideal nor will it completely end the hostilities, but it will provide a layer of protection from Russia’s enemies which is the best that can be hoped for given the circumstances. Regrettably, the settlement will also terminate Ukraine’s existence as a viable, contiguous state. And– after Russia has finished its special military operation– Ukraine will face a dismal future as a deindustrialized wastelands that is entirely dependent on its allies in the west for its survival. …

 Moscow-based journalist John Helmer … thinks the Russian army will clear a vast area of central Ukraine in its upcoming winter offensive, and that much of that land will become part of a 100 kilometer-wide Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) that will protect Russia from Ukrainian missile and artillery attacks. As Helmer notes, the model for this military-imposed settlement is “the armistice of Panmunjom of July 27, 1953, which ended the Korean War…. On the ground inside the UDZ (Ukraine Demilitarized Zone) there may be no electricity, no people, nothing except for the means to monitor and enforce the terms of the armistice.” …

Putin is going to create a vast, uninhabitable no-man’s-land in the center of Ukraine that will separate east from west and end Ukraine’s existence as a viable, contiguous state. This is what a military-imposed settlement looks like. It’s not ideal and it doesn’t necessarily stop all the fighting, but it does address Russia’s basic security requirements which Washington chose to ignore.

Rest assured, that Washington will not like this settlement and will never agree to the new borders. …

IMO, the decision has already been made. Ukraine is going to be split in two whether Washington likes it or not. That’s just the way it is. 11/29/22

Whether there will be such a “no-man’s-land” or demilitarized zone can be debated.

But the reality is that Russia and Ukraine are not currently interested in accepting what the other side wants.

The idea that Ukraine will be “split in two” or at least lose territory to Russia is something I have been warning about here for many years.

Two days BEFORE the start of Russia’s “Special Military Operation” into Ukraine, I posted the following here:

In the Fall of 2013, I wrote that Russia would end up with some territory that Ukraine claimed. That was confirmed on March 18, 2014, when Vladimir Putin signed a treaty to make Crimea part of Russia (

Why did I write that back in 2013?

Because of my understanding of biblical prophecies while also watching some of what was happening in Ukraine.

Back in 2013 there were protests against the democratically elected and pro-Russian government in Ukraine. Instead of backing Ukraine’s elected president, the USA backed a coup. Because of prophecies related to the “kings of the Medes” in the Book of Jeremiah, I concluded that at least some territory controlled by Ukraine would end up supporting Russia and wrote about that.

When Ukraine’s coup government took over in early 2014, one of the first things it did was to pass a bill (that ended up not being signed into law) to make Russian a second-class language in Ukraine. That incensed those in Crimea and various ones in the eastern portion of Ukraine. Many in Donbas and Crimea speak Russian as their native language.

So in 2014, Crimea voted to leave Ukraine and become part of Russia. Russia later accepted the territory, which it had long wanted. Crimea has been a fairly poor region that felt neglected and discriminated against by the western portion of Ukraine. Many in Donbas also have felt neglected (or worse) by western Ukraine and have long wanted to be closer to Russia.

Many of those in Crimea (other than the Tartars) and Donbas believed that they would be better off with Russia who wanted them than Kiev who claims to want to keep them, but apparently had not shown them enough signs that it would truly be able to help them.

The USA would not accept the vote by the Crimeans primarily because it seems to want to stop Russia from expanding. The USA pushed for international sanctions with Europe, many of which still remain, in an effort to hope Russia would release Crimea to Ukraine.

The USA’s position seemed to be based mainly on politics as opposed to its professed belief in democracy.

Even though the USA and many in Europe have wanted Russia to leave Crimea, on March 18, 2019, I posted:

It remains my view that Crimea and at least parts of eastern Ukraine will ultimately align with Russia.

International sanctions will not stop biblical prophecies from being fulfilled. (Thiel B. ‘Putin in Crimea as Russia Marks Five Years Since Annexation’ the ‘Kings of the Medes’ will arise. COGwriter, March 18, 2019)

And the events of the past couple of days confirmed my view that sanctions would not stop Russia from having territories align with it. The sanctions recently announced by the USA and the Europeans look to be announced as political punishment, as opposed to being announced by those who seriously believe that they will get Russia to cede the Donbas back to Ukrainian control (it would probably take a pro-Russian government in Keiv for Russia to do that).

Perhaps it should also be mentioned that on the Sabbath of February 5, I did a sermonette where I mentioned that lands associated with Ukraine would be confederate with Russia:


The situation between Russia and Ukraine has again heated up, although it has been tense since the Euromaiden protests and Russia’s annexation of Crimea. There was later a separation of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church from the Russian Orthodox Church. Is war prophesied for Russia and Ukraine? Are prophecies in the Bible associated with the ‘kings of the Medes’ and a power from the “north country” related to any in Russia and Ukraine? Is a confederation of powers from the north, east, and central Asia prophesied to destroy the coming end time European Babylon? Will the destruction be reminiscent of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah? How is the King of the North and who will destroy him? Do those in Russia and Ukraine have a hope of salvation? Will Russia and powers of the east be involved in the gathering in Armageddon as prophesied in Revelation 16? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues.

Here is a link to our video: Russia, Ukraine, Babylonian Europe, and Prophecy.

Bible prophecy, as well as ancient origins of various peoples, are normally ignored by the major media. …

Biblical prophecies can be trusted.

I expect that Donetsk and Luhansk will either be annexed by Russia and/or join its Eurasian Economic Union. (Thiel B. ‘What to Know About the Donetsk and Luhansk Regions’. COGwriter, February 22, 2022)

Russia is not finished with its military operations in Ukraine.

As I have been writing since 2013, at least parts of territory that Ukraine has ruled will align with Russia.

Some, like Crimea and parts of the Donbas already have.

While Russia might negotiate some areas away in the future, Russia tends to keep control over what it believes it should.

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