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Muslim Brotherhood
الإخوان المسلمون
Al-Ikhwān Al-Muslimūn


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Egypt and Gulf States strengthen ties.

Egypt is becoming more independent from the United States. “The Muslim Brotherhood’s election platform called for a reworked relationship with Washington based on ‘independence of decision’ and an end to ‘subordination'” (CNS News,August 22, 2012).

Recently, Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi visited China, Iran and Saudi Arabia in an attempt to strengthen Egypt’s foreign ties. Mr. Morsi has also chosen to strengthen Egyptian ties with the Gulf States. “Cairo and the Arab Gulf states are currently taking steps towards each other, and for many it’s a sign of a new beginning” (Deutsche Welle, August 25, 2012). Egypt needs economic and monetary support from the Gulf States and is seeking to gain this by assuring that the revolution in Egypt will not spread throughout the region (ibid.).

Egypt’s role in the Middle East is crucial, “The credo of Arab politicians has long been that only a politically and economically strong Egypt can also strengthen the Arab World.” Qatar has already offered more than $2 billion to Egypt, and Saudi Arabia has promised $2.7 billion (ibid.).

The prophet Daniel was inspired to write that at the “time of the end,” a powerful King of the South will attack the European King of the North,only to be defeated by that same power (Daniel 11:40-43). Egypt figures prominently in end-time Bible prophecy, as does a confederacy of Middle Eastern nations. It is important to continue watching this dynamic region as God’s prophecies are fulfilled.

Based upon passages in Daniel 11:41-43 as well as Ezekiel 30:1-8, I have long suspected that some of the Arabic Gulf nations would mainly cooperate with, and not quite fully support, the final King of the South. Historically, the Gulf states have been worried about Iranian/Shi’ite influence, but more and more they are now starting to have concerns about the primarily Sunni Muslim Brotherhood.

As I have written before, it may well be that the Gulf States will decide, for a while, that they need to make some type of appeasement deal with the Muslim Brotherhood. Why?  Probably because the concerns about Iran currently tend to be bigger than those related to the Muslim Brotherhood (plus they probably hope to influence what it does).  Yet, one of the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood may well become the King of the South that the Bible foretells (Daniel 11:40-43)–and the Brotherhood may well get sufficient influence in the Gulf to affect those nations there.

Notice a translation of what some, who are part of it, write that the Muslim Brotherhood wants:

…the Islamic Ummah [nation] can regain its power and be liberated and assume its rightful position which was intended by Allah, as the most exalted nation among men, as the leaders of humanity…

He [Hassan al-Banna] felt the grave danger overshadowing the Muslims and the urgent need and obligation which Islam places on every Muslim, man and woman, to act in order to restore the Islamic Caliphate and to reestablish the Islamic State on strong foundations and to liberate the Muslims and defend them from any attack, and to spread the Da’wa (Islamic missionary activity) of Islam in the world and to establish this great religion, which Allah wanted for his servants…

Some think that Shahada (Martyrdom) causes loss and damages the [Muslim Brotherhood] Society, since it has lost influential people in action and Jihad. This is wrong, since the fall of the Shahid (Martyr) for the sake of Da’wa (Islamic missionary activity) is [seen as] provisions and fuel for the [next] generations, and as a symbol of self sacrifice in the way of the Da’wa until realization of the goals which the [Muslim Brotherhood] Society was established for, that is, establishing the State of Islam, headed by the Islamic Caliphate, in order to establish Allah religion on Allah’s land…(Source: The Muslim Brotherhood – in its own words Translation of “Jihad is the way” by Mustafa Mashhur Leader of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, 1996-2002 by Itamar Marcus and Nan Jacques Zilberdik. viewed 04/30/11)

This type of confederation would minimize (if not eliminate) much of the sovereignty of the Gulf States.

The reality is that the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood are consistent with the type of “King of the South” confederation that the Bible says will form in the end times (Daniel 11:41-43; Ezekiel 30:1-8).  And this is something that the leadership of Egypt wants (at least its president and those associated with him), but that those in the Gulf States have concerns about–yet the King of the South will form.

Watch (Mark 13:37).

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