VOA: Putin and Russia gained influence in 2015

Vladimir Putin


Voice of America reports that Russia and its President Vladimir Putin gained influence in 2015:

December 25, 2015


Russia’s airstrikes in Syria thrust it to the center of global efforts to tackle terrorism, refugees and a peace deal with Damascus.

“In the beginning of the year, Russia had no say in world affairs, with exception of the point where it was completely necessary, absolutely necessary to resolve the crisis created with its participation,” said Alexander Baunov with the Carnegie Moscow Center. “By the end of the year, we see that Russia’s place in the world is pretty much different.” …

Projecting policy

The Kremlin’s help on Syria, even while its bombing continues, is seen in Moscow as a victory, ending much of its diplomatic isolation over its actions in Ukraine — though sanctions against Russia were extended by the European Union.

“There is the general feeling here, I would say, among the political and military elites, that Russia now has the competitive edge over the West, that it is imposing its agenda,” said Victor Mizin, a political scientist with the Moscow State Institute of International Relations.

French President Francois Hollande traveled to Moscow last month and pledged anti-terrorism cooperation and some coordination of airstrikes in Syria. …

“There are some signals that, not just European partners, but even in United States, there are certain understanding that, yes, probably Russia is not as friendly as we would dream about,” said Mizin. “But we have to negotiate with that.”

Lavrov said he and and Kerry made progress toward agreeing on a list of terrorist groups in Syria, as well as forming a representative opposition delegation to hold talks with Assad’s government.

A U.S.-led alliance has stepped back from calls for Assad to leave power. Moscow has opposed such calls, saying the Syrian people should decide.

Kerry said the United States and its partners are not seeking so-called “regime change” in Syria.

“What we have said is that we don’t believe that Assad himself has the ability to be able to lead the future Syria,” he said. “But we do believe that nobody should be forced to choose between a dictator and being plagued by terrorists. Our challenge remains creating the conditions on which an alternative can emerge.”

Success with a price

Putin’s military reach into Syria has come at a cost. Islamic State (IS) terrorists claimed responsibility for the bombing of a planeload of Russian tourists in October over Egypt’s Sinai.

Moscow’s military campaign in Syria “has increased danger of terrorist attacks against Russians everywhere in the world and inside Russia itself,” said the Carnegie Moscow Center’s Baunov.

Russian authorities say thousands of its citizens are fighting with IS and may return home to launch terrorist attacks.  http://www.voanews.com/content/putin-policy-expands-russia-influence-but-at-a-cost/3106058.html

Some thought the annexation of Crimea and the situation in the eastern portion of Ukraine would greatly diminish Russian influence.  While there are still issues with that, Russia is influencing the world.

The Obama Administration, which has long pursued a policy of regime change in Syria, now is deferring to Russia.  This has agitated US allies in Europe as well as in the Middle East.

Vladimir Putin has shown he is more loyal to his allies, more aggressive, and more determined to work towards his international and nationalistic objectives than Barack Obama often has.

This has also gotten some prophecy watchers to misjudge what Russia is about to do.

Some feel that in 2016 or the latest 2017, Russia will fulfill some non-biblical Jewish prophecies (watch Can the Great Tribulation Start in 2016?) and/or some interpretations of the so-called Bible code (watch Russia, Iran, Syria, & the Bible (Code)).

But what is really going on is that more in Europe are seeing that the USA is not reliable and that the Europeans need to better arm themselves.  While this may seem absurd to some, the Bible teaches that such a rearming will occur and be successful, for a time (Daniel 11:39-43; Revelation 13:4).

Yet, the time will come when a power led by Russia will destroy much of Europe (Jeremiah 50:41-43; Daniel 11:44-45).  But that will not happen for at least seven years.

In the meantime, look for Russia to take some steps forward, as well as some steps back in the Middle East.

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