Donald Trump signs executive orders: any good, any prophetic?

Donald Trump


US President Donald Trump signed several ‘executive orders’ today:

January 23, 2017

President Donald Trump withdrew the United States from the 12-nation Pacific Rim trade on Monday as he started his first full week in office.

At the White House, Trump called it a “great thing for the American worker — what we just did.”

The new president, as past Republican chief executives have done, also signed an order reinstating a ban on providing government funds to international groups that perform abortions or provide information about the procedure.

One of the first actions of Barack Obama as President of the United States was to reverse the ban on international abortion funding that his predecessor had signed. So, Donald Trump did to Barack Obama what Barack Obama did to President Bush.

Anyway, no one should be funding abortions, and President Trump’s action negating President Obama’s order was a step in the right direction.

But what about TPP?

Here is more related to that:

23 January 2017

The trade deal, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, had been negotiated since 2009 during former President Barack Obama’s White House tenure, but the U.S. Congress never ratified it, with numerous lawmakers opposed to it or skeptical of the deal. It would have covered trade with Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Chile, Canada, Mexico and four other countries.

The TPP would have been the biggest regional trade deal in history, covering nearly 40 percent of the world’s economy and about a third of world trade. China didn’t take part in the talks, but appears ready to step into the vacuum and create its own deals with Southeast Asian countries that would have been part of the 12-nation agreement.

Notice Donald Trump’s official positions at his website:


  • Negotiate fair trade deals that create American jobs, increase American wages, and reduce America’s trade deficit.

Donald J. Trump’s 7 Point Plan To Rebuild the American Economy by Fighting for Free Trade

1. Withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which has not yet been ratified.

2. Appoint tough and smart trade negotiators to fight on behalf of American workers.

So, Donald Trump fulfilled a campaign promise.

While one should almost always fulfill promises, fulfilling this campaign promise may have prophetic ramifications.

By stopping TPP (and I am not commenting on whether or not TPP was a ‘good or bad’ deal for the USA), this will get many of the parties to it to look more towards China. It will also help Europe rise up as a trading power–which the Book of Revelation shows will happen and affect the world (cf. Revelation 18). Donald Trump’s positions on NAFTA may well drive Mexico closer to Europe.

As far as China goes, it was not part of the TPP agreement. Thus, this is one action by President Trump that the Chinese really like (he has many positions that they did not).

The Bible tells of a coming confederation of Asian nations. They are referred to as “kings of/from the east” or “kings of the sunrise” (Revelation 16:12).

While this is not yet the time when they must be together, eliminating TPP may motivate some of the Asian and other nations part of TPP to look more towards China.

As far as helping the American worker goes, some of what Donald Trump says he is doing may be of some assistance. But consider also the following from a writer at World News Daily:

Where President Trump is concerned, will he conduct himself as a true servant of the people and behave as the new Christian many have claimed him to be? Has the nation really been saved? …

If we really believe that God has intervened on our behalf to spare the nation immediate calamity, as so many have claimed, we mustn’t interpret that divine intervention as approval of our conduct and certainly not an invitation to return to the spiritual status quo. It was simply an act of unmerited mercy and, therefore, the work for believers has just begun.

To underscore my point, I want to share a story with you. It’s about one of the kings of ancient Judah, Hezekiah. The Bible tells us that he became deathly sick and could not rise from his bed. The prophet Isaiah was sent to him to deliver this news: “Get your affairs in order – you’re going to die.”

The Bible then tells us that Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and began to weep and appeal to heaven for mercy. He recounted all of his noble and righteous acts of the past and pleaded with God to let him live. It is written that, before Isaiah could exit the king’s house, God told the prophet to turn around and deliver another message to Hezekiah: “God heard your prayer and is going to add fifteen years to your life.” The message in this part of the story is that God does hear the prayers of a pure and contrite heart and will act on the behalf of those who acknowledge His sovereignty.

There is another message to be gleaned from Hezekiah’s life, actually, a warning. According to the Bible, once delivered from immediate death, the king’s prayerful appeals to heaven seemed to ebb away. Instead of devoting himself to even nobler acts than before, Hezekiah nurtured pride, a love for wealth and an apathetic view toward future generations. His pride – and I might add, lack of wisdom – is evidenced by the fact that he invited Babylonians into his house to show them his treasure and armor. Later, in the days of his descendants, this would prove to have been a fatal mistake; Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon, would come and destroy his house and take all of the possessions and his descendants into captivity. But according to the Bible, that prospect didn’t really seem to bother the king; his attitude was, as long as judgment and destruction didn’t come in his day, so be it.

So what is the warning? He called out to God for mercy and deliverance and God granted him a reprieve. But what did the reprieve granted to Hezekiah produce? What did he do with the grace that had been extended to him? Precious little, it seems to me. He failed to make the most of the gift of mercy.

In the case of the USA, it will not be ancient Babylon that will takeover, but one associated with ‘Mystery Babylon the Great” (Revelation 17:4) that will (cf. Daniel 11:39; Revelation 13:4). Without national repentance, the USA is doomed (cf. Hosea 7:14-16). But with prayer (2 Timothy 2:1-4), etc. we may see a prolonging of the prosperity of the USA (cf. Daniel 4:27).

Although some consider him to be the ‘trump of God’ or the ‘last trump’, while he is not that, Donald Trump certainly is apocalyptic and is taking steps that will ultimately lead to the apocalypse, biblically called the “great tribulation” (Matthew 24:21). Watch also the new video: Donald: ‘Trump of God’ or Apocalyptic?

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