Europe upset: Can a trade war lead to a military war?



US President Donald Trump made more tariff threats:

In the first rumblings of a potential trade war, President Trump punched back Saturday at Canadian and European warnings that his steel tariff plan is “unacceptable” by threatening to slap a tariff on European cars if they try to take him on.

The latest volley out of Mar-a-Lago came two days after Trump first announced plans to impose a U.S. tariff of 25% on steel imports and 10% on aluminum. …

“None of this is reasonable, but reason is a sentiment that is very unevenly distributed in this world,” Juncker said.

From his weekend perch, Trump made it clear that such talk would only stoke American resolve.

Europe was not pleased with US President Donald Trump’s threats of tariffs and his endorsement of trade wars before this:

BERLIN — European officials have not minced words in recent months regarding a U.S. president they often consider to be an obstacle rather than an ally. But Trump’s announced intention to impose punishing tariffs on imported steel and aluminum triggered an especially sharp backlash Friday from a number of countries.

Officials in Germany, which exports more steel to the United States than any other European country, were among the most vocal critics. Foreign Minister Sigmar Gabriel, whose criticisms of Trump have almost become routine, called the U.S. decision “unfathomable.”

“We must do everything we can to avoid an international trade conflict,” Gabriel told German daily Die Welt.

Bernd Lange, a German Social Democrat and head of the European Parliament’s trade committee, offered a more brutal assessment. “With this, the declaration of war has arrived,” Lange told German public radio Friday morning.

“They have a mercantile trade model in their heads that dates back 200 years,” he said.

Lange’s remarks came before a Trump tweet in which he wrote that “trade wars are good, and easy to win.”

Germans were not alone in the criticism of Trump. In a strong statement, Bruno Le Maire, France’s economy minister, said Friday that “only losers” would result from a potential trade war between the United States and the European Union. …

Europeans view the introduction of tariffs — planned to be 25 percent on steel and 10 percent on aluminum, in this case — as yet another indication that Trump is pursuing a “national, nationalistic protectionism,” as Lange put it.

Trump’s official reasoning behind the tariffs, he said, was “absurd” and “contradicted the reality of global trade relationships.”

Lange and others also expressed fears that the tariffs could eventually be expanded to other fields, such as computers.

“It’s a bottomless pit,” Lange said. Many officials here see the tariffs as part of broader concerns they have over Trump’s “America first” agenda and what it means for a continent that has so far relied more on U.S. partnership than other blocs or countries.

In Europe, there also appears to be a growing assumption that diplomacy alone is not working in dealing with the current U.S. administration. …

Manfred Weber, a German conservative E.U. lawmaker, said Trump “is playing a dangerous game” and that “the E.U. has to show its strength.”

Notice the Europeans are saying this is a “dangerous game,” diplomacy is not working, the USA is wrong, and that “the E.U. has to show its strength.”

As regular readers are aware, we have long warned about coming trade wars on this COGwriter Church of God News page. Some may be interested to know that the front cover of the current edition of the CCOG Bible News Prophecy magazine (shown above) warned of trade wars. Here is a link to the entire magazine: January-March 2018 edition of Bible News Prophecy.

The position of the old Worldwide Church of God was that trade wars would come, are dangerous, and could ultimately be expected to end in a real war. The Plain Truth magazine had many articles related to this. Here are two (the cover of the first one is shown at the beginning of this post, next to the front cover of the current edition of CCOG Bible News Prophecy magazine):

Where is the United States going — or drifting? Americans don’t know. Foreigners don’t know. Said one European delegate to a recent Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development meeting: “Frankly, we don’t know where the U.S. is heading…. They [governmental leaders] haven’t done what had to be done when it had to be done, and the situation has been dragging for a long time.”

And Now — Trade War

On top of all this is the growing threat of worldwide trade war. In fact, the first warning shots of a vast, three-cornered trade battle have already been fired. The trouble is, few have heard the volley of shots. Charges and countercharges of protectionism, discrimination and bad faith are hurtling back and forth across both the Atlantic and the Pacific. (Hogberg G, Armstrong GT. Is America Losing… The Battle for Economic Survival? Plaint Truth, June-July 1970)

The Protectionist Momentum

Members of the U.S. Congress are coming under increased pressure to do something about the loss of jobs in industry after industry due to the impact of lower-cost imported goods . Administration free traders are losing friends in Congress and the labor movement at an alarming rate, according to a report in the December 19 , 1977, Business Week. Seen instead is a renewed drive for a whole grab bag of tariffs and import quotas. “The uneasy mood is most apparent on the Hill ,” reports the magazine. “Congressmen, reacting to pressures from constituencies , are besieging the office of Robert S. Strauss .. . with telephone calls seek in g help for one industry or an- other. And the impatience is growing. ” Shoes , steel , textiles, television sets , sugar : The list is long and the pressure is intense. … Washington was under intense pressure to shore up the American steel industry …

Willy Brandt , West German Socialist leader and former chancellor, recently warned that unless the developed countries give up their trade protectionist policies . the world may be plunged into a depression as severe as the one in the 1930s. Mr. Brandt said : ” It is deplorable. The poison of protectionism is especially gaining ground in the United States , including parts of the trade- union movement. I can see similar signs in other parts of Europe .” This should come as no surprise to longtime Plain Truth readers : Since the early 1950s , the editors of this magazine have warned that a devastating trade war would erupt among the free -world economies ; that , as a result of the breakdown of international commerce and the real possibility of a worldwide economic depression , the very fabric of the post-World War II alliance structure would be ripped apart. We have warned of the likelihood of both a remilitarized Japan and a powerful United Europe, under German domination , that would ultimately stand apart from – and in opposition to – the United States. The stage is being set for these occurrences right now. (Hogberg G. From Trade War to Hot War! Plain Truth, April 1978)

I find it interesting that in the 1978 article From Trade War to Hot War! (quoted above) that it mentions steel as an item. And Donald Trump’s recently proposed tariffs are related to steel.

As I wrote yesterday, a real war, and not just a trade war, between Europe and the USA (with the UK basically on the USA’s side) will come as one day Europe will take steps to ‘eliminate the competition’ so to speak (cf. Daniel 8:25; 11:39; USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses). Trade issues appear likely to be a factor that will trigger WWIII.

Despite what American politicians state, the world, under European influence, will turn against the USA (cf. Daniel 11:39; see also USA in Prophecy: The Strongest Fortresses).

We are seeing more turn more against the USA.

Trade issues are a factor.

This should  be getting clearer to people who are willing to pay attention.

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