Galileo goes live–will Donald Trump figure this danger out?


Europe’s Galileo navigational system is moving ahead and is now starting to be operational:

15 December 2016

Galileo navigation satellite system goes live

After 17 years and numerous setbacks and budget boosts, Europe’s Galileo satellite navigation system has gone live. At this point, 18 of the planned 30 satellites are already in orbit.

The European Union’s promise to enhance localization services was became reality on Thursday, with the successful launch of four more satellites of the bloc’s prestige Galileo project.

Initial services, free to users worldwide, will be available only on smartphones and navigation units already fitted with Galileo-compatible microchips. The new system is designed to deliver more precise data for private and commercial users than the current US Global Positioning System (GPS) does.

“Galileo will increase geo-localization precision tenfold,” European Commission vice-president Maros Sefcovic said ahead of Thursday’s launch.

An Ariane 5 ES rocket took off on Thursday morning at 10:06 am local time in Kourou, French Guyana, and carried four satellites, each weighing 738 kilograms, into orbit. …
High precision for private and commercial users

Galileo is one of the prestige projects of the European Union. …

Using GPS, private users can navigate with a precision of up to 15 meters (m). Galileo offers a precision of up to 4m for its fully open service. Commercial users and official government services can even receive a precision of a few centimeters. This is important, for example, for fully or partially automated planes, cars or ships. By 2018 Galileo should be fully operational, with at least 24 satellites in place. That is the threshold the system must reach before it can deliver a complete service.

The high precision offered by Galileo was one of the reasons why the Pentagon rejected the system in the first place. There were fears that adversaries of NATO or of other allies could use it for military purposes. …

Besides the ESA member states, numerous other countries are involved in Galileo in one way or another. Among them are India, Israel, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Ukraine.

Two additional Ariane 5 launches are scheduled in 2017 and 2018. The full system of 24 satellites plus spares is expected to be in place by 2020. (Launch of new Galileo navigation quartet. European Space Agency, November 17, 2016

While one article states it will be fully operational in 2018 and another 2020, it may be that some of its military applications will take a bit longer to be in place.

And the USA expects to partially be using it:

Space-Based Influence

Rep. Jim Bridenstine, R-Oklahoma, could also be a voice for GPS. …

He proposed the American Space Renaissance Act (HR 4945), which includes a forward-looking mandate for GNSS.

Under Section 103 of the bill, DoD would be required to report on its strategy to “best leverage” signals from other systems including Galileo and commercial PNT systems “that use commercial satellite constellations.”

That strategy is to include at least these three elements:

  • issues associated with monitoring and verification of the accuracy, integrity, availability, and security of foreign and commercial positioning, aviation, and timing signals
  • mechanisms for timely notification to military users of the current and projected reliability of such foreign and commercial systems
  • methods for sharing information across the Global Positioning System, the Galileo system, and other positioning, navigation, and timing systems to improve the interoperability and effectiveness of the systems for military users.

The mention of commercial systems in the context of PNT services brings to mind eLoran, which has been discussed as a public private partnership, and a PNT service now being offered by Iridium and Satelles. At least one other private sector PNT service with a space component is under discussion.

The commercial element Bridenstine included in his legislation is particularly interesting in light of the incoming administration’s emphasis on supporting domestic, commercial space capability. (How Will GNSS Fare Under a Trump Administration? Washington View • November/December 2016. Copyright © 2016 Gibbons Media & Research LLC.

The USA appears to be looking for commercial advantages and seems not to see the military risk Europe’s Galileo poses to it.

Galileo, and the partial apparent USA dependence upon it, gives the Europeans a unique type of military power. This is something all should be concerned about.

The power in Europe is starting to rise up. And yes, ultimately, I believe that Galileo (or similar technology) will be used to as part of an attack on American (USA and possibly Canadian) forces (and probably also the UK), as well as to help prevent counter-strikes.

Many may be unfamiliar with Galileo. Basically, it is intended by Europe to one-up the USA’s GPS system.

Additionally, Galileo is intended to improve Europe’s economy and allow Europe to take steps independent of the USA in the event of conflict:

Galileo is intended to be an EU civilian GNSS that allows all users access to it. … A primary motivation for the Galileo project was the EU concern that the US could deny others access to GPS during political disagreements. Since Galileo was designed to provide the highest possible precision (greater than GPS) to anyone, the US was concerned that an enemy could use Galileo signals in military strikes against the US and its allies (some weapons like missiles use GNSS systems for guidance). …

An anonymous EU official claimed that the US officials implied that they might consider shooting down Galileo satellites in the event of a major conflict in which Galileo was used in attacks against American forces. (Galileo (satellite navigation). Wikipedia, viewed 08/23/14)

As far as it being civilian, Wikipedia and various others have left out certain details. Galileo is intended for military use, was originally funded for military use back in 2008 (see EU Approves Galileo For Military Use), and is intended to be able to have nuclear weapons applications:

Euro GPS Galileo gets ready for nuclear missile use…

France has never been pleased with the idea that its fully independent nuclear deterrent needs US help to make accurate counter-force type strikes.

Thus some people do tend to suggest that for most users Galileo is pretty much a nice-to-have, strictly optional thing. Only for the French military (or other non-US-aligned EU forces) is it truly desirable. The German CEO of one of the firms building it rashly said as much to US diplomats a while ago.

So we can see that encrypted Galileo is mainly about French nuclear missiles (or other EU military kit)

Galileo clearly has military applications.

Europe’s Galileo satellite system initially had US critics as there were “early objections from the Americans who thought a rival system to GPS might be used to attack its armed forces” (Amos J. EU awards Galileo satellite-navigation contracts. BBC, Jan 7, 2010. So when Galileo was first proposed, American leaders opposed it as they felt it could be used militarily against the USA.

Notice also a letter from the then U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense Paul Wolfowitz in which he was part of a campaign against Europe developing Galileo:

But this opposition was reversed by the Obama Administration. This is one of many dangerous steps it has taken (watch also 10 Steps Obama Has Taken Leading to the Rise of the Beast)–and a step relatively few are aware of.

But what about a Donald Trump Administration? Here is one view:

How Will GNSS Fare Under a Trump Administration?

In an October policy speech in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, then-candidate Trump laid out 20+ action items for his first 100 days. Not surprisingly, changing the nation’s approach to position, navigation and timing (PNT) programs was not on the list — nor is it likely to be.

Although budget issues, spectrum conflicts, and signal jamming present escalating challenges — and a review of GPS policy has been on Obama’s long-range to-do list — the GPS program is noncontroversial, generally working well, and likely to remain the world’s PNT “gold standard” for some time.

“GPS policy updating would not be one of my priorities,” said a policy expert familiar with the program. The National Executive Committee for Space-Based Positioning, Navigation, and Timing “is largely working the way that people intended it to work,” the expert said, pointing out that the most pressing issues — consistent funding shortages impacting the Department of Transportation’s GPS obligations and disagreements with the Federal Communications Commission over spectrum and the official use of other PNT constellations — are fundamentally separation-of-powers issues.

“Those are problems with the Congress and oversight; those aren’t really subject to presidential policy,” the expert told Inside GNSS.

The new administration also appears unlikely to make immediate changes to the GPS program as part of early efforts to change the way Washington does business.

“This new administration, from what we can tell, from a space policy standpoint, they seem committed to leveraging domestic, commercial, private industry space capabilities, as much as feasible — which we, in our business, are encouraged to hear,” said Mike Tierney, vice president at Jacques & Associates, a consulting firm that specializes in defense, space/intelligence, homeland security and related industries. (How Will GNSS Fare Under a Trump Administration? Washington View • November/December 2016. Copyright © 2016 Gibbons Media & Research LLC.

Europe’s Galileo satellite program continues to advance, despite various delays. Also some erroneously thought that Brexit may have stopped it.

Europe declared years ago that Galileo was needed for military purposes and that is why it received funding at a critical stage of its development. Galileo is Europe’s answer to the USA’s Global Positioning System (GPS). It is expected to end up being more accurate and is intended to cover more area of the planet (though it would not surprise me that area coverage could be reduced for budgetary concerns). Galileo represents a new era in the sense that it is a major EU project that improves on what the USA has and shows that the Europeans have the potential to become a modern military power (though Galileo is only one of the needed pieces).

Despite early opposition, the USA decided to link to Europe’s Galileo project in 2010.

This, as I reported at the time (see USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected), was dangerous, and remains so. But I expected it, and so warned about it in a book I wrote in 2009. Notice that page 85 of that book 2012 and the Rise of the Secret Sect states the following:

In 2013, the Europeans are planning on having their own global positioning system (GPS), called Galileo, available for military applications. This will allow the Europeans to track the world and attack others without relying on the U.S.A.’s GPS. This will be the first time in the 21st century that Europeans will be able to have that type of independent military capability.

Furthermore, according to a 2009 report from the U.S. government, the U.S. Air Force may have to start relying on the European Galileo system (at least to a degree) beginning in 2013, as the U.S. GPS capabilities are expected to deteriorate by then (other problems are also appearing in the newer U.S. satellites). Because the Europeans will be able to control Galileo, they will also likely be capable of derailing certain sophisticated U.S. military applications. This will give the Europeans a unique defensive (as well as offensive) capability that no others on the planet will have.

When I wrote that in May of 2009, the U.S. Air Force denied that there was such a problem. Yet, in late July 2010, the USA did announce it would rely on Galileo for part of its military defense (see USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected). Galileo was partially operational in 2013 and is getting more operational as it moves forward.

It will be only in a few years where the USA will not have the lead in this type of technology. And while some believe that the USA will overcome this, the reality is that the Europeans may decide to take advantage of their lead once they have it.

Whether or not Donald Trump addresses this is an open question.

But if he does not, ultimately, I believe that Galileo (or similar technology) will be used as part of an attack on American (USA and possibly Canadian) forces (and probably also the UK), as well as to help prevent counter-strikes.

Europe is moving forward with its space plans and military plans and few in the USA seem to realize that when it gets enough power, the USA will lose all of its.

Linking up with Galileo (which the USA has publicly stated that it will do; see USA GPS and EU Galileo linking was expected) specifically puts the USA at major risk of not being able to launch an effective counter-strike if the EU attacks the USA. Do Americans not remember that the wars in Kuwait and Iraq were waged first by the USA having vastly superior air/space systems? And now the USA’s financial mess is leading the USA to rely on other nations for part of this capability. The world is changing and the USA is losing its vast military supremacy. Top powers that lose their military supremacy have historically been taken over by others. Yes, this satellite matter is that serious.

Galileo, and the partial apparent USA dependence upon it, gives the Europeans a unique type of military power. This is something all should be concerned about. The USA is NOT as ‘independent’ as many wish to believe and celebrate.

While some will correctly point out that the USA has a massive military advantage over Europe, the USA’s overconfidence, combined with its excessive sharing of military technology with Europe is also putting it at risk.

I would add that the USA is sharing a lot of technology that will end up enabling the Europeans to defeat the land of the “strongest fortresses” (Daniel 11:39). The USA is not only planning on allowing the Europeans to control certain military aspects of its satellite communications via Galileo, the USA is also giving the Europeans technologies that can result in massively effective (from a military perspective) weaponry that could very well be used against the USA and some of its Anglo-Saxon allies.

Furthermore, is should be mentioned that possibly as a result of appeasement because of espionage matters, the USA appointed a German general to be in charge of the US Army in Europe. Most in the USA and Canada have no idea that the Europeans are moving up so much or that they even wanted to.

The Galileo project is absolute proof that Europe wants to function independently of the USA and wants to be ahead of it technologically. Steps for this continue to take place.

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