WCG’s/PCG’s ‘Lost Century’ restored

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Was there a lost century in early Christianity?

Some affiliated with the COGs seem to think so.

Today, I saw part of PCG’s Key of David video/telecast titled The Lost Century. In it, the announcer makes the following statements:

No one has reliable detailed accounts of God’s church after the deaths of the original apostles.

Then in that video, PCG’s Gerald Flurry said the following:

Did you know that the history of God’s true church was blotted out in the period from roughly 70 A.D. to 170 A.D.?

No, I did not know that as that is not accurate. In the video, Gerald Flurry then says that although there were extensive records, that we do not know what happened to the Church of God then. He also claimed that the truth was not proclaimed for another 1900 years.

He is wrong on those points. Especially when you consider that there was not suddenly more historical information beginning 170 A.D., as opposed to the 5-6 decades prior to that, related to the true church.

It is likely that PCG based its view, to a degree, on a misunderstanding of something published by the old WCG in an article from the late Dr. Herman Hoeh reported:

The truth was obscured by error! Historian Jesse Lyman Hurlbut gives us even more details in his book The Story of the Christian Church, page 41: “We would like to read of the later work of such helpers of St. Paul as Timothy, Apollos and Titus, but all these. ..drop out of the record at his death. For fifty years after St. Paul’s life a curtain hangs over the church through which we strive vainly to look; and when at last it rises, about 120 A.D., with the writings of the earliest church-fathers, WE FIND A CHURCH IN MANY ASPECTS VERY DIFFERENT FROM THAT IN THE DAYS OF Peter and Paul.”

Where Is the True Church?

During that “lost century,” the true Church was lost sight of by most historians. (Hoeh H. Why So Many Denominations? Tomorrow’s World magazine, April, 1972).

Dr. Hoeh, however, realized that there were certain available records, but that they were not properly understood by the Greco-Roman-Protestants. People like the Protestant Jesse Hurlbut, however, did not understand them.

Yet, if PCG and the Greco-Roman-Protestants would honestly look at the available records of the first couple of centuries since Jesus’ resurrection through the light of the Bible, they would have a different view about early history.

That being said, there was a limit to how much church history the old Radio Church of God, then called the Worldwide Church of God, was able to restore. Plus, with certain archaeology discoveries there is information available now that was not available during the time of the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God.

Church history, especially second century A.D. church history, was something that I discussed on several occasions with the late WCG/GCG/LCG evangelist Dibar Apartian. In the 21st century, he told me that various ones in the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God tried to figure out which early leaders/writers were in the Church of God and which were more likely to be with the apostate groups. He said that none in the old Radio/Worldwide Church of God had succeeded. He initially urged caution on my research along these lines.

Later, after I had put much on second century Christianity together, Dibar Apartian repeatedly encouraged me to get LCG to eliminate errors it was teaching on church history and to teach historical information that I had restored. Despite repeated promises from LCG leaders for many years, LCG made almost none of the corrections, etc. (see Why Bob Thiel Left the Living Church of God).

But I kept investigating church history and still do so to this day.

As many regular readers of this page are aware, in the Continuing Church of God we have a booklet that provides documentation of basically what happened in the early (and later) centuries of Christianity. It is available free online: Continuing History of the Church of God.

There are also numerous historical articles at the COGwriter.com website as well.

While most who profess Christianity seem to be lost about what happened in at least one of the early centuries of the Christian church, you do not have to be.

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