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The Continuing Church of God continues to get additional materials translated into the Spanish language.

Here are links to some of recent news items and articles that were received here today:

Dibar Apartian
Dibar Apartian
Catholic Fulton Sheen taught we were in the last days; Might Pope Francis be confirming this?
El Católico Fulton Sheen enseñaba que nosotros estábamos en los últimos días; ¿Podría el Papa Francisco estar confirmando esto?
Obama signs spending bill; CNN says Congress ends year in ‘complete disarray’
Oba ma firma ley de gastos; CNN dice que el Congreso termina el año en ‘completo desorden’
Sermon: Might the oldest church building have prophetic ramifications?
Sermón: ¿Podría el más viejo edificio de la iglesia tener ramificaciones proféticas?
Islamic State’s horrifying answers about Non-Muslim females
Horripilantes respuestas del Estado Islámico acerca de las mujeres no-Musulmanas
Russia warns USA, but this is not Ezekiel 38
Rusia advierte a los EE.UU., pero esto no es Ezequiel 38
BibleNewsProphecy: Can the Great Tribulation begin in 2015?
Noticias de Profecía de la Biblia: ¿Puede la Gran Tribulación comenzar en 2015?
Project Prophecy’ 25 Year Depression
‘Proyecto Profecía’: 25 años de depresión
Protestantism has been called the Tannenbaum religion
El Protestantismo ha sido llamado la religion del Tannenbaum
Voting and Christianity
Votar y cristianismo
Swiss and Dutch researchers claim to have discovered ‘dark matter’ in the universe
Investigadores suizos y holandeses dicen haber descubierto ‘materia oscura’ en el universo
Does God Have a 6,000 Year Plan?
¿Tiene Dios un plan de 6,000 años?

The Continuing Church of God has a separate Spanish language website The term Continuing Church of God translates into La Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios in the Spanish language, also called Castellano or Español.

The Continuing Church of God is reaching people around the world in multiple languages via the internet, printed literature, and human church leads around the world. We also reach people over the radio and through videos in the English language.

Some items of possibly related interest may include:

Mexico, Central America, South America, Brazil, and the Caribbean in Prophecy [Español: México, América central, Suramérica, Brasil y el Caribe en la profecía] [Português: México, América Central, Ámérica do Sul, e Brasil na profecia] What will happen to those of Latin America? Will they have prosperity? Will they cooperate with Europe? Will they suffer in the future? What role might the various Caribbean nations/territories play?

Continuing History of the Church of God This pdf booklet is a historical overview of the true Church of God and some of its main opponents from c. 31 A.D. to 2014. A related sermon link would be Continuing History of the Church of God: c. 31 to c. 300 A.D. Marque aquí para ver el pdf folleto: Continuación de la Historia de la Iglesia de Dios.

Faith for those God has Called and Chosen What is faith? Can faith be increased? Are you saved by faith? What about works? Do Christians need to keep the Ten Commandments? What is the ‘faith chapter’? How do the just live by faith? Is faith one of the weightier matters of the law? How does faith come? Here is a link to a pdf. booklet titled Faith for Those God has Called and Chosen. Marque aquí para ver el pdf folleto: Fe para aquellos que Dios ha llamado y escogido.Here is a link to a related sermon titled: Faith for the Called and Chosen. Here is a link to shorter version of the written article in Mandarin Chinese 一篇关于信仰的小文章

Continuing Church of God The group striving to be most faithful amongst all real Christian groups to the word of God. And the one that is leading the final phase of the work. That written article has also been translated into Spanish La Fase Final de la Obra.

CCOG.ASIA We in the Continuing Church of God also have the url which has a focus on Asia and has various articles in Mandarin Chinese as well as some in English, plus some items in other Asian languages. 我们在继续神的教会也提供此网址, 关注于亚洲并且有各种各样的中英文文章,其中一些用菲律宾语翻译的文章也正在进行中,准备添加到这个网站中。 HHere is a link to our Statement of Beliefs in Mandarin Chinese 继续神的教会的信仰声明.

CCOG.IN This is a website targeted towards those of Indian heritage. It has a link to an edited Hindi translation of The Mystery of the Ages and is expected to have more non-English language materials in the future.

CCOG.EU This is a website targeted toward Europe. It has materials in more than one language (currently it has English, Dutch, and Serbian, with links also to Spanish) and it is intended to have additional language materials added.

PNIND.PH Patuloy na Iglesya ng Diyos. This is the Philippines website Continuing Church of God. It has information in English and Tagalog.

CDLIDD.ES La Continuación de la Iglesia de Dios. This is the Spanish language website for the Continuing Church of God.

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