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David Hulme’s ‘Vision’

As the church that David Hulme founded slides slowly from obscurity into oblivion, he is seeking to use his accumulated knowledge and diplomatic expertise to bring peace to the world.
His vision is “to become a renowned diplomat to establish peace among international entities” [Crunchbase], because he is “the ultimate resource for all matters about foreign policy” [Twitter].
He spent 10 years studying International Relations at the University of Southern California, with an emphasis on the Middle East, in order to obtain a doctorate.
What work experience has fitted him for this role?
David Hulme gained a BA degree from Ambassador College, Bricket Wood, and served as a minister in the Worldwide Church of God in the UK, South Africa, Canada and the USA.
He rose to prominence in 1986, when the WCG’s new pastor general, Joseph W. Tkach, ordained him as an evangelist, and appointed him, Richard Ames and David Albert as presenters of The World Tomorrow TV broadcasts.
In 1995 he was elected to be the first President of the United Church of God, the largest breakaway group from the WCG. In 1998 he was removed from this position by the UCG’s Council of Elders for unauthorized spending that had plunged the church into serious debt.
He then left United, drawing away around 3000 members to his new church, the Church of God, an International Community.
He launched a quarterly magazine, Vision, which was printed on very high quality paper. The magazine was almost entirely secular in content, with no mention that it was being sponsored by a church.
David Hulme claimed that the new church would be more active than UCG in preaching the gospel, but in 2013 several of his ministers had finally had enough, and left to form a new church, with probably close to 1000 people.
Stephen Elliott, wrote, in his resignation letter to David Hulme in December 2013: “Our membership has declined, not grown. After 15 years and an estimated expense for Vision of $3+ million dollars for salaries, advertising, publishing, design, shipping, PR, video, travel and whatever, there has been no fruit from Vision or the Vision website. The only new members, other than children of members, have come because of a personal relationship with a member – not because of Vision.”
In 2016 the magazine was reduced to a website version, which is actually just a collection of 5 or 6 articles.
Three early videos – Quest for the Real Paul, Cheating God out of Christianity and Message to the Seven Churches – were filmed on location in the Middle East. These are well produced and worth viewing, but very expensive to make. Latterly, his Insight videos are much shorter and filmed in a studio.
David Hulme promotes himself, but not his church, posting his personal profile on various websites dedicated to business professionals.
If you go to David Hulme’s page at LinkedIn (a social networking website), you find that he describes himself as the President of Vision Media, and clicking on the link to his ‘personal website’ takes you to It’s not a church website, as far as he is concerned.
“David Hulme is publisher of the quarterly online journal, Vision (, president of Vision Media Productions and chairman of Vision Foundation International.”
He lists his previous experience as:
• 1977-1979 Circulation Manager (Africa) of Quest Magazine
Although Quest was owned by the Worldwide Church of God, TIME magazine described it as: “nonetheless thoroughly secular. Armstrong gave editorial control to Robert Shnayerson, 55, a former TIME senior editor and Harper’s editor in chief, who dedicated the magazine to what he called ‘the pursuit of excellence’ in fields as diverse as mountain climbing and genetic research.” Herbert Armstrong closed down the publication when Shnayerson declined to modify his editorial policy.
• 1986-1995 Vice-President of Ambassador Foundation
(David Hulme formerly described AF on LinkedIn as a “Non-Profit Organization, Management industry”.)
Ambassador Foundation carried out some charitable works, but Ambassador Auditorium’s performing arts program was not one of them.
• There is no mention of being a presenter of the WCG’s TV program, The World Tomorrow, 1986-1994.
• There is no mention of being the President of the United Church of God, 1995-1998.
• President of Vision Media, 1998- (not President of a church).
There is a mention of the church on the Vision website (if you search for it):
“ is sponsored and funded by the Church of God, an International Community.
The Church does not intend this site to convert readers to its beliefs …”
As Stephen Elliott noted above, David Hulme succeeded in not converting readers – but surely that was not the wish of the church members?

As far as David Hulme’s COGaIC goes, it never accomplished what those who first went with it hoped it would. It is likely that salaries of the remaining ministry and staff have been factors in preventing COGaIC from printing its Vision magazine anymore.

Vision was supposedly aimed at a more high-brow crowd, and tended to be light in unique Church of God doctrine. Groups like COGaIC have had a different proclamation focus than the Continuing Church of God has had.

When there was the split in COGaIC a few years back, I had hoped that either those that left or stayed would awaken to support the Final Phase of the Work.

Which is a better vision, in my view, than what COGaIC has had.

As it turned out, a few in Europe and some in Tanzania once part of COGaIC came with us (probably about three dozen in total).

As far as growth is concerned, the Continuing Church of God has been the fastest growing COG in the 21st century. We have grown in members and reach each year since it needed to be formally declared in late 2012. We have about 3800 congregants, but only started with 5.

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