COGMT: 2009 Erroneous Prophecies

Earthquake in Northridge California Destroyed the Above Building on January 17, 1994


It’s been a while since I commented on the inaccurate predictions of Tim Carpenter of Church/Called out ones of God At Morristown TN.  Here are several that he has for 2009 that I will declare will not come to pass this year:


-Start of the final 42 months
-7 cities attacked, They call it “terror” and blame it on Iran. These 7 cities may come in the form of 3 attacks and then the other 4 at a later date. This is an inside job. “False Flags”. Ezek. 9…
-Dan. 11:20-21 will be fulfilled and the raiser of taxes will take his fall.
-Prince of the Covenant, the one they call Anti-christ, comes to power as an American president. Dan. 11:21-rest of chapter.
-Mark of the beast program announced  ( viewed 07/16/09)

I should also remind everyone that Tim Carpenter  essentially claimed that the 42 months began in the Spring of 2008, but now apparently this is to start in 2009 according to him.  But biblically it cannot and will not start then as the 7 year deal in Daniel 9:27 has still not happened (and the 42 months begins about 3 1/2 years after that deal).

No USA President will be the Antichrist (the link contains biblical rationale).

Actually, Tim Carpenter also erroneously teaches that 666 is Vice President Biden:

Daniel 11 Opened Identity of the anti-Christ Revealed!…

Rev.13:18 “Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count (or add) the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.”Joseph Biden Jr.:
Jys*ph B*d*n Jr (if you sound it out very slow, you can hear the y)
10+10+300+80=400 2+4+50=56 10+200=210
400+56+210=666Joseph means= “let him add”!!! Rev. 13:18 “let him … count (or add)…”!!!Related research you can do on the subjects of the king of the north and biden…

And, no Vice President Biden is not 666 (even if one counts a number for “y” which is not in his normally spelled name, counts junior as Jr. only, and ignores his middle name, which is Robinette), the King of the North, nor the Antichrist.  The King of the North would biblically be the leader of a revised Roman Empire (which would be in Europe and not the U.S.A.) and the Bible shows that the final Antichrist is primarily a religious, not a political leader.

Now Timothy Carpenter also has some other 2009 predictions that remotely could happen as the result of chance:


-Death rate of church (especially the Elders of the church) increases…
-8 pointer earthquake in California or off the coast…
-Rev. 12 Earthquake/Tsunami event occurs. This will either be the california 8 pointer or a later quake of 9 points in/around Oregon or Washington State…
-War against Iran.

But as he had trouble with earthquake predictions in the past (Yes, There Was An Earthquake, But…), I (as one who lives in California) do not believe that God is using him to foretell earthquakes or anything else for that matter.  While some COG leaders will likely still die in 2009, there really has not been any noticeable increase in that this year so far.

Timothy Carpenter’s following prediction will also not come to pass:

estimated: 2009 OR 2010 OR 2011

-Gog/Magog War. Russia and China and their partners invade USA. Ezek. 38

The Bible does NOT teach that Russia, China, and their partners will invade the U.S.A. (also the time period for Ezekiel 38 is not for a very long time).

I urge internet users to check out what the Bible says and not listen to those who make false claims that biblically cannot come to pass.  Thus far, everyone that I have denounced over the years for making inaccurate predictions have been shown to be incorrect, while I was correct.


Because I do compare their predictions with the Bible.  Which is what I advise readers of this page to do.

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