Dutch farmers protest, German industry at risk, French energy warning: Unrest in Europe?


Dutch farmers have been protesting proposed government regulations:

July 10, 2022

Dutch farmers are embroiled in a summer of discontent that shows no sign of abating. Their target? Government plans to rein in emissions of nitrogen oxide and ammonia that they say threatens to wreck their agricultural way of life and put them out of business.

The reduction targets could radically alter the Netherlands’ lucrative agriculture sector, which is known for its intensive farming, and may also foreshadow similar reforms — and protests — in other European nations whose farmers also pump out pollutants. …

At the heart of the clash between farmers and the Dutch government are moves to protect human health and vulnerable natural habitats from pollution in the form of nitrogen oxides and ammonia, which are produced by industry, transport and in the waste of livestock.

The Netherlands, a nation of 17.5 million people inhabiting an area a little larger than Maryland, has 1.57 million registered dairy cattle and just over 1 million calves being raised for meat, statistics show. The country’s farms produced exports worth 94.5 billion euros in 2019.

Nitrogen oxides and ammonia raise nutrient levels and acidity in the soil, leading to a reduction in biodiversity. Airborne nitrogen leads to smog and tiny particles that are damaging to people’s health. …

The group says the government is focused on reducing livestock and buying up farms and not paying enough attention to innovation and sustainable farming practices.

Environmentalists say now is the time to act. …

Zegwaard’s farm is in an area where the government is seeking only a 12% cut in emissions, yet he also demonstrates out of solidarity with others and supports the protests.

“The average person currently sees the Netherlands as a nitrogen polluter, while we are also a food producer. It seems like people have forgotten that,” he told The Associated Press. https://apnews.com/article/netherlands-agriculture-pollution-58f6c899530f5e9f05e9964da8c328da

With food shortages and food price inflation in many places, governments should often give more consideration to the positions of farmers.

Economic sanctions have been one of the main ‘weapons of choice’ by the USA, EU, and some others related to the Russian military moves in Ukraine.

As I have been writing, there will be unexpected consequences to sanctions.

There will be expected, but undesirable consequences, to sanctions.

Some do not think sanctions work:

Why Sanctions Don’t Work, and Why They Mostly Hurt Ordinary People

The United States and its Western European allies have in recent days repeatedly increased economic sanctions against not only the Russian regime, but against millions of ordinary Russians.

It has done this by cutting much of Russian trade and Russian finance out of international markets. …

When it comes to economic sanctions, there are several reasons that sanctions fail to achieve stated ends. …

Yet sanctions remain popular because they placate the voters who insist “we” must “do something,” and government officials are more than happy to engage in policies that grow state power and can be used to reward friends of the regime.

But having the regime “do something” is a dangerous game, and if the voters want to signal their virtuous opposition to perceived foreign enemies, the voters can always take action on their own. 03/09/22 https://mises.org/wire/why-sanctions-dont-work-and-why-they-mostly-hurt-ordinary-people

One unintended consequence of sanctions is that they are contributing to inflation and energy shortages.

On March 13, 2022, I posted the following:

Sanctions could be another straw on the back of Europe’s economy.

After being impacted by COVID and related policies, parts of Europe were already struggling.

Sanctions will hurt Europe and others around the world. (Thiel B. ‘As Sanctions Against Russia Take Hold, They Are Having The Effect Of Devastating Economies All Over Europe, Who Will Be The First To Fall?’ COGwriter, March 13, 2022)

Yes, Europe is being affected.

Notice the following:

Europe’s Big And Expensive Energy Mistake

July 10, 2022

  • Europe failed to prioritize energy security and has now found itself overly reliant on Russian energy and paying sky-high prices for power
  • France is dealing with this issue by renationalizing its largest utility in order to ensure the survival of nuclear power.
  • Germany, which is arguably the country that has suffered most from energy security failures, may soon have to bail out its largest utilities. …

Our point, simply, is that energy infrastructure and supply is a vital component of national security.

Ignoring the security aspects of energy policy in order to save money can turn into a big and expensive mistake. https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/europes-big-and-expensive-energy-mistake

French, German Leaders Warn Populations “Prepare For Total Cut-Off Of Russian Gas” As Social Unrest Looms

July 10, 2022

European populations are bracing for a frigid upcoming winter amid an impending avalanche of high energy costs and emerging inflation. On Sunday French Economy and Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire warned that Russia is poised to totally halt gas supplies to Europe and that people must now “prepare”.

“Let’s prepare for a total cut-off of Russian gas; Today that is the most likely option,” Le Maire told an audience at an economic conference in Aix-en-Provence. …

The prominent English-language Deutsche Welle surveys the alarming situation of many German households, already as rationing of hot water and electricity are taking effect, as follows:

Many renters in Germany are receiving unpleasant letters these days. As energy prices rise dramatically, landlords and property management companies are increasing the monthly flat rate for heating costs. One housing company in Berlin is announcing a 100% increase in heating prices for apartments heated with gas or oil.

Whether this will be enough is not clear. The high energy prices have a delayed impact because the advance payments are not offset against the actual costs incurred until the end of the year.

The GdW, an association that represents 3,000 housing companies, has calculated that each household would have to budget up to €3,800 ($3,870) more for energy in the coming year.

DW concludes of a potential domino effect from a Russian supply cut-off that “the entire economy would be affected. Prognos estimated that, if Russian gas supplies were to fail, Germany’s economic output could drop 12.7% by the end of the year.” https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/french-german-leaders-warn-populations-prepare-total-cut-russian-gas-social-unrest-looms

“Social Peace Is In Great Danger”: Germany Is Quietly Shutting Down As Energy Crunch Paralyzes Economy

July 9, 2022

Germany’s largest landlord, Vonovia, had taken the unprecedented step of restrictring heating at night, a terrifying preview of what lies in stock for the “most advanced” European nation this winter. Alas, it’s going to get worse, much worse.

According to the FT, Germany is now rationing hot water, dimming its street lights and shutting down swimming pools as the impact of its energy crunch begins to spread like the proverbial Ice-Nine wave, from industry to offices, leisure centers and residential homes.

The reason behind Germany’s slow motion paralysis is well-known: the huge increase in gas prices triggered by Russia’s move last month to sharply reduce supplies to Germany has plunged Europe’s biggest economy into its worst energy crisis since the oil price shock of 1973 (see “What’s Unfolding In Europe In Recent Days Is A Fresh Big Negative Supply Shock“)

With electricity prices hitting never before seen levels, gas importers and utilities are fighting for survival while consumer bills are going through the roof, with some warning of rising friction (not to mention the infamous wheelbarrows full of cash).

“The situation is more than dramatic,” said Axel Gedaschko, head of the federation of German housing enterprises GdW. “Germany’s social peace is in great danger.”

Unfortunately, as tensions over Russia’s war in Ukraine escalate, officials fear the situation could get worse. https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/social-peace-great-danger-germany-quietly-shutting-down-energy-crunch-paralyzes-economy

Economic problems affect individuals, governments, and banks.

Interestingly, the late Pastor General of the old Worldwide Church of God, Herbert W. Armstrong, had a view about banking matters and European unity. Here is something he said in a sermon on July 7, 1984:

And I can see now, the event that is going to trigger the formation of the reunification in Europe; the resurrection of the medieval Holy Roman Empire that we’ve been looking forward to that is prophesied to come…

But I believe that some event is going to happen suddenly just like out a blue sky that is going to shock the whole world and is going to cause the nations in Europe to realize they must unite! … Well now I think I can see what may be the very event that is going to trigger…that is the economic situation in the world

The whole banking structure in the United States is a network all jointed together. But not only that, one nation has to deal with other nations and imports and exports. And so they have to have a means of transforming money from one nation to another. And so the banking structure is international and interwoven…

Now when the financial structure breaks down, all civilization is going to break down…

So, an economic or banking crisis is what Herbert W. Armstrong concluded would drive Europe to unite.

And yes, I agree with Herbert W. Armstrong that it will take some type of crisis for Europe to reorganize.

Furthermore, I expect civil unrest and migrant issues, particularly related to Islam to be factors in the future.

A major reorganization is prophesied to happen and push Europe under totalitarian control:

12 “The ten horns which you saw are ten kings who have received no kingdom as yet, but they receive authority for one hour as kings with the beast. 13 These are of one mind, and they will give their power and authority to the beast. (Revelation 17:12-13)

Europe’s “solution” to the coming crises will be to turn to a dictator that the Bible warns against.

We are seeing more steps towards that direction.

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