Euro Hits Record Against the US Dollar and Britain Shakes

Euro the Wind in Athens

The photo above is of an ancient carving of Euro who is supposed to be the southeast wind.  And the economic winds seem to be changing for the past few years.  


The following news item was of interest:

NEW YORK, Feb. 26 (Xinhua) — The U.S. dollar dipped to a record low against the euro on Tuesday, breaking the 1.50-dollar mark amid lacklustre U.S. economic data and sending investors to pump more money into commodities such as oil as a hedge against inflation.

    In New York trade, the European currency rose from the previous close of 1.4825 to close at 1.4967 dollars. In subsequent electronic trading, the euro reached 1.5047 dollars late Tuesday before falling back to 1.5017 dollars.

    The dollar also sank against a basket of other currencies, including the British pound, the Japanese yen and the Swiss franc.

    The dollar has lost considerable ground against the euro in the past year amid the U.S. housing slump and a credit crunch…

     Light, sweet crude for April delivery jumped 1.65 dollars to 100.88 dollars a barrel on the New York Mercantile Exchange after hitting a new trading record of 101.15 dollars a barrel.

    Prices were also boosted on concerns about supply disruptions from unrest in Iraq, a major oil exporter, and warnings by Iran against further international sanctions.

I read another news report that suggested that Iran was a factor in the current tumble of the dollar and was surprised that PCG did not have any news about that this morning (PCG is stuck on the incorrect idea that Iran is the future King of the South and often reports about Iran).

Another news item was :

Mirror, UK – Feb 27, 2008

A vast swathe of Britain was rocked early today by one of the biggest earthquakes to ever hit us.

The tremor struck just before 1am, shaking buildings from Consett, Co Durham to the south coast and from Wales to the Lincolnshire coast. Thousands of stunned families were woken as homes shuddered…

Experts from the British Geological Survey said the tremor measured 5.1 on the Richter scale – making it the second strongest land quake recorded in the UK.

So it appears that the USA is shaking quite a bit economically and Great Britain now physically.  However, these are only part of the beginning of sorrows (Matthew 24:7-8) as the end is NOT yet.

Several events need to be lined up including there being a clear King of the North and a clear King of the South

Because certain events recorded in Daniel 9 and Daniel 11 have not yet occurred, it does not appear that the great tribulation will begin before 2012, and most likely not until a year or more after that.

An article of related interest may include End of Mayan Calendar 2012.

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