Germany, Europe, & Asia Problems

All World Currencies Can Have Problems


Germany looks like it might nationalize some of its banks, and other parts of Europe and Asia are also having financial problems:

Bank woes forces Germany into nationalisation law

Reuters – Feb 18, 2009

The German cabinet approved a law on Wednesday letting it nationalise banks, setting aside a reluctance to seize private property in the latest government intervention worldwide to tackle the financial crisis. Germany said it was not planning to extend the role of the state through the bill, which it described as a last resort and could lead to the forced nationalisation of struggling German lender Hypo Real Estate.

But it nonetheless set aside a postwar commitment to respect private property, becoming the latest government to edge away from free market policies, instead using state support to prop up flagging banks and industries.

President Barack Obama on Tuesday signed into law a $787 billion package of spending and tax cuts, the biggest initiative of its kind in U.S. history. He said the stimulus package would ‘mark the beginning of the end’ of the ills facing the economy.

But with new problems emerging all the time from a twin collapse in asset prices and availability of credit, financial markets remained jittery about the outlook…

Obama was also expected on Wednesday to unveil a plan to stabilise the housing market, using roughly $50 billion of government subsidies to lenders to prevent foreclosures.


In Germany, the new law was presented as last resort to stabilise Hypo Real Estate, which has received 102 billion euros ($129 billion) in state guarantees.

The law leaves open the possibility of an expropriation of Hypo’s shareholders, which includes U.S. private equity investor JC Flowers with nearly a quarter of Hypo’s shares.

Other countries, including Britain and Ireland, have already seized control of banks, justifying this by pointing to the nature of the crisis and the need to protect taxpayers.

But Germany has agonised over ‘Enteignung’ (expropriation) of shareholders, a loaded term linked in the minds of many to Nazi seizures of Jewish property in the 1930s.

In France, President Nicolas Sarkozy was trying to assuage labour unrest over his handling of the economic crisis which included a 26 billion euro ($33 billion) stimulus package that targets investment rather than directly helping consumers.

He was due to meet unions later to discuss their demands for measures to protect jobs and wages, though his room for manoeuvre was limited by budgetary constraints.

The latest welter of government intervention has done little to reassure financial markets. Global share prices, as measured by MSCI’s world equity index, were down on Wednesday reflecting hefty falls in Asia overnight…

Overall, investors were still heading into safe assets such as gold as worries spread the recession could drag down economies which had so far resisted the worst of the crisis.


In China — which many had hoped might be able to power the global economy out of the worst downturn since the Great Depression — a trade union official warned against ‘hostile forces’ stirring up trouble among newly unemployed workers.

The Communist Party leadership has already expressed concerns about idle rural workers gathered in struggling export hubs. About 20 million jobs have been lost in southern China’s manufacturing hub of Guangdong alone.

Beijing said it would increasingly use its foreign exchange reserves to support domestic growth and finance Chinese companies overseas. But it denied a magazine report quoting a senior official as saying its slowing economy meant the yuan might weaken to as low as 6.95 to 7 per dollar.

The news across Asia has been almost uniformly bad.

Japan is reeling from its worst downturn in a generation. In Taiwan, a source close to the government said GDP fell 8.36 percent in the fourth quarter of 2008.

Some feel that the USA will be nationalizing many more of its banks this year (see US Debt and British Banking).

We in the Living Church of God have repeatedly stated that China would not truly be the economic force of the world because of Bible prophecy and its own internal issues (some quotes related to that are in the article Asia in Prophecy)–but that does not mean that all the economic news for China will be bad–the Bible suggests prosperity, at least for a short while (Revelation 18:9-15).

The economic situation in the world is precarious, but Bible prophecy is fairly clear that the Europeans will eventually gain the upper hand for the world economy (though they may have a lot of problems before they are there).

As Jesus said, “Watch” (Matthew 24:42; 25:13; Mark 13:33-37; Luke 21:36).

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