Great Recession of 2011-2012?


A reader sent me the following written by James Srodes in February 2010 edition of  the American Spectator:

Are you ready for the Great Recession of 2011–2012? You should be, for it is getting under way even as you read this…

It will get ugly, make no mistake.

That particular issue has a photo of US President Obama on the front cover.

While I do not normally quote the American Spectator here (nor read it myself), I will comment that I do agree that the Apocalypse, meaning the Great Tribulation, will NOT start prior to 2013 and most likely not too many years thereafter.

But apparently unlike James Srodes, I do believe that it will happen relatively soon.  Because world events, and many in the USA itself, are aligning with the end-time prophecies of the Bible.

As far as the US economy is concerned, it will have ups and downs, but overall the USA will lose influence as other parts of the world ascend.  For the USA, it will get worse than just ugly.

Death, hunger, starvation, slavery ugly.

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