ICG on Bhutto Assassination in Pakistan


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Last night, ICG’s Mark Armstrong sent an email that stated:

Yesterday we were awakened by the sobering news of the assassination of Mrs. Benazir Bhutto in Pakistan.  An almost mythical figure in Pakistani politics, she was campaigning for a return to power, promoting democratic ideals and hoping to forge an atmosphere friendly toward the west. While the news was shocking, it was predictable. Pakistan’s population seethes with a hatred the western mind can barely comprehend.   With the realization that Pakistan has an operable nuclear arsenal, there is grave concern at the highest levels of the U.S. military and government as to the status and security of those weapons…

No one “in the know” seems inclined to downplay the importance or the catastrophic potential of the crisis in Pakistan. The whole of “Christian” Europe is surely very concerned to see tensions escalate so dangerously to their south, with radical Islam erupting in a renewed rage.  Will this situation contribute substantially to the “King of the North, King of the South scenario of Bible prophecy?  The situation in Pakistan, the whole of the Middle East and Europe has lots of angles and the potential for twists and turns ahead.  But the simple answer to the question just posed is YES. 


Comments by COGwriter

I would have posted this earlier, but our server had a technical problem.

Anyway, assassinations are horrible and disruptive.  It is sad that humans do not yet know the way to peace.

 But until then, there will be a lot of problems. 

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