Palestinians say Israel occupies their lands, Jordanian Muslim says Koran teaches the lands belong to Israel


The Palestinians are making another bid for recognition of their proposed nation:

September 24, 2014

RAMALLAH, Sept. 24 (Xinhua) — Palestinian leaders are making moves to escalate their diplomatic offensive against Israel’s occupation of the West Bank…Abbas presented the Obama administration a revamped political plan for ending Israel’s occupation and establishing a Palestinian state, but Washington has not given an official response to it yet. …

Palestinians said they will appeal to the UN Security Council and demand international intervention to bring an end to the occupation and solve the Palestinian crisis.

According to Ahmed Majdalani, a senior member in Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), the uptick in Palestinian diplomacy reflects their determination to come to an international resolution to the occupation.

“The substance of the Palestinian move is to get a clear political position issued by the Security Council. It includes an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel in 1967 and recognizes a Palestinian state with known and clear borders,” said Majdalani.

Today, I ran across an interesting report from a Jordanian Muslim:

Sheikh Ahmad Adwan, who introduces himself as a Muslim scholar who lives in Jordan, said on his personal Facebook page that there is no such thing as “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah has assigned the Holy Land to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment (Koran, Sura 5 – “The Sura of the Table”, Verse 21), and “We made the Children of Israel the inheritors (of the land)” (Koran, Sura 26 – “The Sura of the Poets”, Verse 59).

“I say to those who distort their Lord’s book, the Koran: From where did you bring the name Palestine, you liars, you accursed, when Allah has already named it “The Holy Land” and bequeathed it to the Children of Israel until the Day of Judgment. There is no such thing as ‘Palestine’ in the Koran. Your demand for the Land of Israel is a falsehood and it constitutes an attack on the Koran, on the Jews and their land. Therefore you won’t succeed, and Allah will fail you and humiliate you, because Allah is the one who will protect them (i.e. the Jews).”

The sheikh added: “The Palestinians are the killers of children, the elderly and women. They attack the Jews and then they use those (children, the elderly and women) as human shields and hide behind them, without mercy for their children as if they weren’t their own children, in order to tell the public opinion that the Jews intended to kill them. This is exactly what I saw with my own two eyes in the 70’s, when they attacked the Jordanian army, which sheltered and protected them. Instead of thanking it (the Jordanian army), they brought their children forward to (face) the Jordanian army, in order to make the world believe that the army kills their children. This is their habit and custom, their viciousness, their having hearts of stones towards their children, and their lying to public opinion, in order to get its support.”

It is worth mentioning, that the above mentioned sheikh visited Israel and met Jewish religious scholars. The “Israel in Arabic” site conducted an interview with him, in which he said that the reason for his openness towards the Jewish people “comes from my acknowledgment of their sovereignty on their land and my belief in the Koran, which told us and emphasized this in many places, like His (Allah’s) saying ”Oh People (i.e the Children of Israel), enter the Holy Land which Allah has assigned unto you” (Koran, Sura 5 – “The Sura of the Table”, Verse 21), and His saying “We made the Children of Israel the inheritors (of the land)” (Koran, Sura 26 – “The Sura of the Poets”, Verse 59) and many other verses.

He (Adwan) added: “(The Jews) are peaceful people who love peace, who are not hostile and are not aggressors, but if they are attacked, they defend themselves while causing as little damage to the attackers as possible. It is an honor for them that Allah has chosen them over the worlds – meaning over the people and the Jinns until the Day of Judgment. I made the reasons for Allah’s choice clear in my books and pamphlets. When Allah chose them, He didn’t do so out of politeness, and He wasn’t unjust other peoples, it is just that they (the Jews) deserved this.” (Cohen E. Jordanian Sheikh: ‘There is no “Palestine” in the Koran. Allah gave Israel to the Jews.’ Jews News, August 15, 2014. viewed 09/24/14)

An interesting view.

Yet, just as many people who claim to be Christian believe as doctrines positions contrary to the Bible (cf. Where is the True Christian Church Today?), Islam has similar issues.

Many Islamists, and not just Palestinians, believe that Jerusalem will be the capital of an Islamic caliphate.

Israel has said that will not happen.

The Vatican also wants Jerusalem, or at least a few parts of it.

So, there is a lot of disagreement.  There are also various factions within Islam who will kill Muslims and non-Muslims that disagree with their views–and it does not just involve Palestine or Jerusalem.

The USA has been bombing terrorist targets in Syria and Iraq, including a group called the Khorasan:

9/23/14 LONDON—With the U.S. beginning a military campaign against the Islamic State group, another band of Islamist militants has emerged as a direct threat to the security of the United States and Europe.

The Khorasan group is one of al-Qaida’s affiliates in Syria and possibly one of the most secretive organizations operating under the cover of Syria’s civil war. Unlike many of the other groups in Syria that seek to overthrow President Bashar Assad, or the Islamic State, Khorasan has expressed little interest in the Syrian national conflict.

The group’s main goal: hitting the United States or its installations overseas with a terror attack.

The chief U.S. military spokesman at the Pentagon, Rear Admiral John Kirby, said Khorasan became a prime target of the airstrikes Tuesday inside Syria after intelligence operatives uncovered plans for an “imminent” terror attack against Western interests.

“We believe the individuals plotting and planning it were eliminated” in eight U.S. airstrikes overnight, Kirby said in an American television interview (ABC-TV’s Good Morning America).

Will we ever have peace in the Middle East?


Will we have any peace in the Middle East before Jesus returns?

Yes, but it may take a lot more war and conflict first. The Bible shows that a temporary deal will bring a type of peace to the Middle East per Daniel 9:27:

27 Then he shall confirm a covenant with many for one week;
But in the middle of the week
He shall bring an end to sacrifice and offering.
And on the wing of abominations shall be one who makes desolate,
Even until the consummation, which is determined,
Is poured out on the desolate. (Daniel 9:27)

Notice that this deal will, however, be broken 3 1/2 years after the prince, who becomes the King of the North by Daniel 11:31, breaks it. Because of passages in Daniel 8:25 and 11:22-23, it is believed that this is a type of peace deal. The Bible prophecies about various false proclamations of peace (1 Thessalonians 5:3; Ezekiel 13:9-16).

Is the solution to conflict in the Middle East a formal Palestinian state?

No.  The situation is more complicated than that.  There are many regional issues and the Palestinian matter is only a small part of what is happening.

Many within Islam believe a type of confederation or caliphate will solve the problems. They believe that this is consistent with Islamic writings and prophecies, as well as history.  This type of arrangement is now being encouraged by the Obama Administration (watch the video Obama Administration Pushing for an Islamic Empire?).  The USA would love support from the Palestinians.

The Bible tells of the formation of the confederation known as the final King of the South (Daniel 11:40-43). The King of the South is basically an Arabic and Turkish confederation. The Bible shows that this confederation will end in disaster (Daniel 11:40-44; Ezekiel 30:2-8). Notice a couple of verses that tell that:

7 “They shall be desolate in the midst of the desolate countries,
And her cities shall be in the midst of the cities that are laid waste.
8 Then they will know that I am the Lord,
When I have set a fire in Egypt
And all her helpers are destroyed. (Ezekiel 30:7-8)

A confederation or caliphate will not bring peace, even if the Palestinians support this (which they apparently will).

Humans, apart from submitting entirely to God, will not bring peace about, even though they will apparently bring about a temporary multi-year peace in the Middle East–that too will be broken (Daniel 9:27, 11:31) and not end well for the Arabs (Daniel 11:40-43, Ezekiel 30:2-8) or the USA (Daniel 11:39).

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