Philippines, China, Russia, and India Looking at Economic Growth

Mount Apo in Mindanao, Philippines


While the USA is considered to possibly be on the verge of a “double-dip” recession, many in Asia see growth over there.

The Philippines is sounding upbeat:

The Philippines may narrow its budget deficit next year to the smallest since 2008 as economic growth accelerates, Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima said.

The 2011 shortfall may shrink to as little as 226 billion pesos ($5 billion), or 2.5 percent of gross domestic product if the economy expands 7 percent, Purisima told reporters in Manila today. Growth this year may reach or exceed the top-end of the government’s 5 percent-to-6 percent goal, Economic Planning Secretary Cayetano Paderanga said.

The Southeast Asian nation is targeting annual growth of as much as 8 percent starting next year, betting that investments in railways, roads and ports will create jobs and boost trade.  (By Max Estayo and Cecilia YapSep 1, 2010.

And while some of the above may be just hopeful thinking, nothing coming out of financial leaders in the USA government sound anywhere near that optimistic for the USA’s economy.

Meanwhile, there is more growth in China:

Manufacturing in China grew at a faster pace in August after the weakest performance since early 2009 in July, signalling that the economy’s slowdown is stabilising.  (Bloomberg / Hong Kong September 02, 2010.

The world is changing.  There is a shift away from the USA and its allies like Canada leading the way in the world (though currently Canada is doing better than the USA).

Russia and India also seem to be improving:

Indian factories expanded apace in August, although slightly slower than in July, after Asia’s third-largest economy grew at its fastest rate in nearly three years in the last quarter.

And the manufacturing sector of Russia — part of the BRIC quartet of new economic powers alongside China, India and Brazil — expanded at its fastest rate in 28 months largely thanks to the strong domestic demand.  (2 Sep, 2010, 12.39AM IST,REUTERS.

It is not that there is no growth in any parts of the USA’s economy (it had some manufacturing growth), but its debt and other policies seem to provide pressure for the growth to be limited.

Europe is having its ups and downs as well, but ultimately it will end up on top for a while, according to Bible prophecy.

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