S&P European Downgrade: An Anglo Plot?

European Central Bank, Frankfurt (Eric Chan)


Some in Europe have concerns about Anglo-Saxon bias:

German Euro-Deputy: S&P Downgrade Part of American ‘War Against the Euro’
Weekly Standard – Jan 17, 2012
One of the European parliament’s most influential members, the German Christian Democrat Elmar Brok, has declared that Standard & Poor’s decision to downgrade the credit ratings of nine eurozone member states is part of a “currency war” being waged by the United States against the euro and Europe itself.
In an interview with the Germany daily Die Welt, Brok said that “the downgrade is a targeted attack on Europe by the American rating agency.” Insisting that there were no “plausible grounds” for the downgrades, Brok continued, “Consequently, the S&P downgrade is a matter of interests. They have declared a currency war on us.”
Asked whether he meant that the United States is “waging financial war“ on Europe, Brok specified, “Certain forces in the USA, in particular in the world of finance. It is evident that their one and only aim is in this way to promote Anglo-Saxon interests at Europe’s cost.”

This is not the first time that German leaders have suggested an Anglo-banking plot–it happened also last month (see Euro Credit Crisis: American Plot or End of World as We Know It?).  The USA, of course, will be strongly affected if the Euro collapses.  So, I would be quite hesitant to say that this is part of an official American plot involving credit agencies for this to occur.

On the other hand, I would state that many of the European nations seem to have taken more concrete steps to reduce their national budgets than the USA itself has.  Thus, I feel that the credit rating of the USA should be lower than many of the European nations.

Perhaps it should be mentioned that some have suggested that the Euro crisis, etc., is becoming part of a plan/plot for those who want a) the EU to be more politically-integrated and/or b) those who want Germany to lead Europe (some details are in the article Euro Credit Crisis: American Plot or End of World as We Know It?).  Both of which will happen.

Of course, not all in Germany believe the downgrade, etc. is any type of an Anglo-plot:

‘Anglo-American Interests’ and the Currency War Myth

The Germans love a good conspiracy theory. The latest is about the evil American rating agencies that want to destroy the wonderful euro. It is a viewpoint shared even in the highest political circles. But that doesn’t make it any less absurd.  http://www.spiegel.de/international/europe/0,1518,809696,00.html

Irrespective of theories of Anglo-intention, the Bible shows that despite weakness (Daniel 11:41-43) there will be a reorganization in Europe (Revelation 17:12-13). The Bible shows that ultimately, a major dictator will rise up and rule end time Babylon (Revelation 17:1-13), the final King of the North, European Beast power of Bible prophecy (Daniel 11:40).

Getting back to the USA, and related to what it has not been doing right related to its budget, notice the following:

Treasury dips into pension funds to avoid debt

Jan 17, 2012

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The Treasury on Tuesday started dipping into federal pension funds in order to give the Obama administration more credit to pay government bills.

“I will be unable to invest fully” the federal employees retirement system fund beginning Tuesday, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said in a letter to Democratic and Republican leaders in Congress.  http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/sns-rt-us-usa-debt-treasurytre80g20r-20120117,0,3458470.story

The USA continues to increase debt and has failed to take some of the most basic steps to actually reverse this problem.

So, although Europe is not yet ready to become the final King of the North, we in the Living Church of God continue to teach that it will be.   The fact that an Anglo-conspiracy keeps getting blame in parts of the German press will likely be used as part of the justification for eliminating the Anglo-powers like the USA.

The final European beast leader will be much worse for the USA and its Anglo-descended allies (Daniel 11:39) than what a relatively minor credit downgrade of certain European nations could directly bring.

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