The Next Contagion: Rising Interest Rates?


A reader sent me a link to the following that came out today:

The Next Contagion

by Martin D. Weiss, Ph.D. 02-01-10

The next contagion is beginning to spread around the globe.

It is …

The Collapse of Sovereign Government Bonds

While there may be a major physical contagion prior to this (like a bacteria, fungus, virus, or other epidemic), regular readers at the COGwriter page are aware that I have warned that increases in interest rates are likely to prove devastating to the US economy (and would also affect the world economy in a variety of ways).

And although rising 60% would increase US debt and have major consequences, I am ultimately expecting for much more than 60% rise from current rates.

Increased borrowing tends to lead to increased interest rates, as does a reduction in the confidence of a particular currency.  Printing up more dollars tends to reduce confidence in them.

The consequences of a massive rise in interest rates will be worse than most people in the USA probably have ever imagined.

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