Chinese Pleased With China’s Portrayal in Sony’s 2012 Movie, Indonesia Less So


As those of us who have seen Sony’s 2012 movie may have expected, many in China are very pleased with how China is portrayed in the movie:

Associated Press – Nov 20, 2009  By CHI-CHI ZHANG

BEIJING — When the apocalypse comes, China will save the world.

Or at least that’s how Chinese audiences are interpreting “2012,” Hollywood’s latest blockbuster disaster movie.

“It’s about time the world sees us as a dominant ally,” said Liu Xinliang, 27, a Beijing-based computer programmer who watched the movie twice.

The movie, currently No. 1 in the U.S., is also No. 1 in China, grossing $17.2 million here since it opened Nov. 13.

Associated Press writer Niniek Karmini in Jakarta, Indonesia, contributed to this report.

Now despite Hollywood hype, according to the Bible China is not expected to save the world in 2012.

However, the Bible does tell of a time when the Chinese will turn against the European Beast power and attempt to bring an end to that horrific system.

Muslims also believe in an end of the world scenario–but it, like the biblical version–differs from how Sony portrays it (Sony’s is based upon a particular interpretation of Mayan prophecies).

But the end of the world as we know it will come.  And all nations, including China, the USA, and Indonesia will be affected.

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