WND: ‘Luciferian’ globalists exploiting COVID for ‘Great Reset’

Carlo Maria Viganò (Wikipedia)


Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò continues to blast the “New World Order.” WND posted the following:

Archbishop: ‘Luciferian’ globalists exploiting COVID for ‘Great Reset’

September 1, 2021

Roman Catholic Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, a former papal ambassador to the United States, continued his criticism of the globalist “Great Reset,” warning in a new speech that corrupt civil and church authorities have joined forces to exploit the coronavirus pandemic in their quest to bolster global sovereignty.

He made it clear whose side he believes the authorities are on.

“Everything that we know, discover, and understand about the global conspiracy currently unfolding shows us a tremendous reality that is also at the same time sharp and clearly defined: there are two sides, the side of God and the side of Satan, the side of the children of Light and the side of the children of darkness,” he said …

Viganò said it must be “understood that the corrupt part of the civil authority – the deep state – and the corrupt part of ecclesiastical authority – the deep church – are two sides of the same coin, both instrumental to the establishment of the New World Order.” …

Vigano said that in the “alliance between civil and religious power,” there is a spiritual dimension that must be understood in “the context of the war that Lucifer, ever since his fall, has waged against God.” …

No denying it

In his speech Saturday, he described the Great Reset as a “criminal plan, conceived for decades and aimed at establishing a universal dictatorship in which a minority of immeasurably rich and powerful people intends to enslave and subjugate the whole of humanity to the globalist ideology.”

“The accusation of ‘conspiracy theory’ could perhaps have made sense when the conspiracy was not yet evident, but today denying what the elite has planned since the 1950s is unjustifiable,” he said. …

Vigano criticized the “suspension of citizens’ rights” through “lockdowns, curfews, closures of commercial activities (and) limitations of public services and classes” that have not achieved the results promised by health authorities.

He pointed to a recent Oxford University study published in The Lancet finding that the viral load of the delta variant in fully vaccinated people is 251 times greater than the first strains of the virus. The CDC has now conceded that the fully vaccinated can become infected and spread the virus.

Science has been turned into “scientism,” the archbishop said, arguing that the art of medicine is not a science but the application of scientific principles to various cases.

The “religion of science” that has manifested during the COVID-19 pandemic “has cloaked itself in a dogmatism bordering on superstition,” he said. https://www.wnd.com/2021/09/archbishop-luciferian-globalists-exploiting-covid-great-reset/

Carlo Maria Viganò has warned about this before as well as ties between Pope Francis’ work and the Freemasons (see Fratelli Tutti, the Beast, and Freemasonry). COVID lockdowns, etc. are helping set the stage for totalitarian changes.

Related to the Freemasons and  the Church of Rome, the Continuing Church of God put out the following sermon on its ContinuingCOG channel:


What is Freemasonry? How long has it been around? Does Freemasonry point to cataclysms, such as Armageddon in 2022? Were many US founders and presidents Freemasons? Is there a difference between the USA/UK Freemasons and those in continental Europe? Can a biblical Christian be a Freemason? Are Roman Catholics allowed to be Freemasons? Do the Freemasons have a plan that includes an ecumenical Pope? Are Rotarians Freemasons? What about the Illuminati? Are many conspiracies about the Freemasons false? Could Freemasonry play a role in the rise of Europe and the destruction of the Church of Seven Hills?

Here is a link to the sermon: Freemasonry, Armageddon, and Rome.

Notice also the following hope from a Roman Catholic priest:

Priest Paul Kramer (2011): The Church will be renewed in the spendor of her traditions…the Neo-Pagan Masonic ‘mystery of iniquity’ (2 Thes 2:7) — will be crushed under the heel of Her who is “terrible as an army set in battle array” (Canticle 6:3, 9) (Kramer P. Only She can help you! The Fatima Crusader, 99, Summer 2011, p. 35)

Actually, I expect that because of prophecies in Revelation 17, it is more likely that the Freemasons will be part of those that turn against the Church of the great city of Seven Hills (Revelation 17:9, 15-18) than Rome triumphing over Freemasonry.

Both the Bible and some Roman Catholic prophecies  seem to show that the coming King of the North Beast power will have a new religion–which is consistent with what those who want the ‘Great Reset’ also want.

First from the Bible about the coming European King of the North:

37 He shall regard neither the God of his fathers nor the desire of women, nor regard any god; for he shall exalt himself above them all. 38 But in their place he shall honor a god of fortresses; and a god which his fathers did not know he shall honor with gold and silver, with precious stones and pleasant things. 39 Thus he shall act against the strongest fortresses with a foreign god, which he shall acknowledge, and advance its glory; and he shall cause them to rule over many, and divide the land for gain (Daniel 11:37-39).

Notice something that seems to be similar in Roman Catholic writings:

Anne Catherine Emmerich (19th century): I saw the Church inspired by the Holy Spirit , introducing various changes in her discipline when devotion and veneration towards the blessed sacrament had grown weak…Incalculable graces were thereby bestowed upon the whole Church (Emmerich AC. The Life and Revelations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. Schmöger edition, Vol. II. Approbation: Bishop of Limbourg Peter Joseph. Reprint TAN Books, Rockford (IL), 1976, pp.156,157).

The above suggests some major changes to occur within the Roman Catholic church.

This seems to be close to what an earlier Roman Catholic prophet taught:

St. Francis of Paula (15th Century)…Francis also speaks in a series of letters to Simeon de Limena, Count of Montalto in great detail of a future Great Monarch who will be a Roman Emperor. Limena was a great patron of St. Francis’ order and also a great military protector of the Church…Several potentially confusing things are now told about this future Monarch. He is described as founding a new religious order. To the reader this may sound like he also become a priest. That is not the case. What happens is that he founds a religious order, part of which contains military men who take religious vows. He will be the head of the military arm of this order. In this sense it will be like the Knights Templar of the Middle Ages.

“He shall be the founder of a new religious order different from all others. He will divide it into three strata, namely military knights, solitary priests, and most pious hospitalliers. This shall be the last religious order in the Church, and it will do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutions.”

“…These devout men will wear on their breasts…the cross” [It becomes clear from other prophecies that it is from this that they will receive their popular name “the cross bearers.”]…

“He shall…destroy all tyrants and heresies. There will be one fold and one shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there will be twelve Kings, one Emperor and one Pope. (Birch, pp.267-270)

St. Francis de Paul (1470):…From your lordship shall be born the great leader of the holy militia…These devout men shall wear on their breasts, and much more in their hearts, the sign of the living God, namely the cross…members of this holy order…

…the Great Monarch…He shall be a great captain and prince of holy men, who shall be called ‘the holy Cross-bearers of Jesus Christ,’ with whom he will destroy the Mahometan sect and the rest of the infidels. He shall annihilate all the heresies and tyrannies of the world. He shall reform the Church of God by means of his followers, who shall be the best men upon the earth in holiness, in arms, in science, and in every virtue…They shall obtain dominion over the whole world, both temporal and spiritual…

God Almighty will exalt a very poor man of the blood of Emperor Constantine…who shall on his breast wear a sign which you have seen at the beginning of this letter (a red Cross)…He will gather a grand army, and the angels shall fight for them…

This religious order shall be the last and best in the Church: it shall proceed with arms…Woe to tyrants, to heretics, and to infidels to whom no pity will be shown…An infinite number of wicked men shall perish through the hands of the Cross-bearers…most holy Crossbearers elected by the Most High, who, not succeeding in converting heretics with science, shall make vigorous use of their arms…These holy Cross-bearers shall reign and dominate holily over the whole world until the end of time

But when shall this take place? When crosses with the stigmas shall be seen, and the crucifix shall be carried as the standard. The time is coming when the Divine Majesty will visit the world with a new religious order of holy Cross-bearers, who will carry a crucifix, or the image of our crucified Lord, lifted up upon the principal standard in view of all. This standard will be admired by all good Catholics; but at the beginning it will be derided by bad Christians and by infidels…You shall destroy the sect of the Mahomet, and all infidels of every sect. You shall put an end to all the heresies of the world…

He shall be the great founder of a new religious order different from all the others…This shall be the last religious order in the Church and shall do more good for our holy religion than all other religious institutes. By force of arms he shall take possession of a great kingdom. He shall destroy the sect of Mahomet…There will be one fold, one shepherd. He shall reign until the end of time. On the whole earth there will be twelve kings, one emperor and one pope. (Culleton, p. 157-161).

St. Francis de Paul (d. 1507): A new order will be founded, that of the Cruciferi, because its members will carry the cross on their banners…The Crusaders will lead the Mohammedans, the teachers of heretical doctrines and bad Christians back to Christ…the power of Islam {was} destroyed by the Great Monarch. (Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, p. 142).

Joseph Goires (d. 1848): The people will be united under a powerful monarch who will make new laws (Culleton, p. 197; Connor, p. 38).

Would God institute a military order for Christians? This is NOT something that God would approve for true followers of Christ–this is another CHANGE that the Church of Rome has accepted (for details, see Military Service and the Churches of God: Do Real Christians Participate in Carnal Warfare?). Would God use the cross as a military symbol?

Notice also that Francis prophesied that there will be a new essentially Roman Catholic crossbearing religious order that will do more for the Roman “Catholic” Church than all other religious institutions. This is probably because the King of the North will work with a Pope to make the world nominally Catholic.

Before the order’s influence is fully accepted, there may be some jostling for position first within the Vatican:

Franciscan Friar (18th century). “All the religious orders will be suppressed, except one, the rule of which will be as rigid and severe as that of the monks of the past. During these calamities the Pope will die. As a result, the most powerful anarchy will prevail within the Church. Three Popes will vie for the pontifical throne, one German, one Italian, and another Greek. They will all be installed by the armed might of three factions” (Dupont, p. 79).

Sister Rose Asdenti of Taggai (1847): During a frightful storm against the Church, all religious orders shall be abolished, except two (Culleton, The Prophets and Our Times, p. 197).

But is the true church supposed to change? Is even the Church of Rome supposed to change?

Please pay attention to the fact that that the Bible teaches:

8 Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. 9 Do not be carried about with various and strange doctrines (Hebrews 13:8-9).

Furthermore, it appears that other Roman Catholic private prophecies/writings warn that it is an antipope that supports a new religious order:

Oba Prophecy: It will come when the Church authorities issue directives to support a new cult, when priests are forbidden to celebrate in any other, when the highest positions in the Church are given to perjurers and hypocrites, when only the renegades are admitted to occupy those positions (Dupont, p. 115).

Anna-Katarina Emmerick (19th century): I saw again a new and odd-looking Church which they were trying to build. There was nothing holy about it…(Dupont, p. 116).

Yves Dupont {Catholic writer interpreting A. Emmerick}: They wanted to make a new Church, a Church of human manufacture, but God had other designs…The Holy Father shall have to leave Rome, and he shall die a cruel death. An anti-pope shall be set up in Rome (Dupont, p. 116).

Yves Dupont (20th century): Civil wars rage in Western Europe…the Pope leaves Rome and dies in exile; an anti-pope is installed in Rome…The Mohammedans invade Europe and commit innumerable atrocities. In the West, however, Christians rally around an unexpected leader… (Dupont, p. 1).

Ted and Maureen Flynn (readers and reporters Catholic prophecies): Catholic prophecy warns us of severe problems facing the papacy in these end times…chaos will be within our midst.  An Antipope will seize papal authority…It will be those who hold fast to the truths of the faith who will be labeled as the perpetrators of this horrible schism, according to some visionaries (Flynn, p. 255).

Abbott Joachim (died 1202): A remarkable Pope will be seated on the pontifical throne…As the only Pastor, he shall reunite the Eastern to the Western Church…This holy Pope shall be both pastor and reformer. Through him the East and West shall be in ever lasting concord. The city of Babylon shall then be the head and guide of the world…this holy Pontiff will ask the cooperation of the generous monarch of France (Great Monarch)… A man of remarkable sanctity will be his successor in the Pontifical chair.  Through him God will work so many prodigies that all men shall revere him. (Connor, pp. 31-33)

Priest Herman Kramer (20th century): Antichrist will have a forerunner or prophet, who will prepare the way for him…This false prophet possibly at the behest of Antichrist usurps the papal supremacy…His assumed spiritual authority and supremacy over the Church would make him resemble the Bishop of Rome…He would be Pontifex Maximus, a title of pagan emperors, having spiritual and temporal authority.  Assuming authority without having it makes him the False Prophet…Though he poses as a lamb, his doctrines betray him…His principles and dogmas to be accepted…it will comprise emperor-worship…with the persecution of true believers (Kramer H.B. L. The Book of Destiny, pp. 318,319).

Priest Herman Kramer (20th century): In accord with the text this is unmistakably a PAPAL ELECTION . . . But at this time the great powers may take a menacing attitude to hinder the election of the logical and expected candidate by threats of a general apostasy, assassination or imprisonment of this candidate if elected. This would suppose an extremely hostile mind in the governments of Europe towards the Church, because an extended interregnum in the papacy is always disastrous and more so in a time of universal persecution. If Satan would contrive to hinder a papal election, the Church would suffer great travail … one…destined for the papacy at the time will institute the needed reforms. A general council may decree the reforms…The lax clergy at the time will extol the conditions then existing…The dragon is a symbolic term for the evil world powers…They will try to make the Church a “state church” everywhere. This is only possible if they can subject the pope to their wills and compel him to teach and rule as they direct. That would be literally devouring the papacy. (Kramer H.B. L. The Book of Destiny, pp. 278,285).

…Antichrist, if he ever were of or in the Church, shall be an Apostate and a renegade out of the Church, and he shall usurp upon it by tyranny, and by challenging worship, religion, and government thereof, so that himself shall be adored in all the Churches of the world which he list to leave standing for his honor. And this is to sit in the temple or against the Temple of God, as some interpret. If any Pope did ever this, or shall do, then let the Adversaries call him Antichrist (Annotations on The Second Epistle of Saint Paul to the Thessalonians. The Original and True RHEIMS NEW TESTAMENT of Anno Domini 1582 , p. 423).

La Salette Prophecy (1846): Rome will lose faith and become the seat of Antichrist (Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, p. 168).

Thus, while some Roman Catholic prophecies praise a new religious order, others indicate that a new type of Catholicism will not be true and/or somehow reformed or changed. And in either case, whatever new order that the Great Monarch implements, it will not be faithful to the teachings of Christ or His original faithful followers. The Bible warns against the final Babylon (Revelation 18:2-4).

Archbishop Viganò seems to see that steps for this to take place are happening now.

The idea of an antipope being the Antichrist seems also to have pontifical backing:

Gregory VII’s rhetoric…his naming the “antipope” Guibert as “Antichrist and Arch-heretic”…(Hughes KL. Constructing antichrist: Paul, biblical commentary, and the development of doctrine in the early Middle Ages. CUA Press, 2005, p. 206)

Bishop of Lucca, under the title of Alexander II…was the first pontiff chosen by the cardinals, and they chose him without consulting the Emperor…German and Lombard prelates held a council at Berne and elected as Pope Cadalous, Bishop of Parma, under the name of Honorius II.; and for three years there was a scandalous contest between the two claimants, each calling the other antipope and Antichrist in the usual fashion. (Church WC. The Galaxy, Volume 14. Publisher W.C. and F.P. Church, 1872. Original from the University of Michigan, Digitized Nov 11, 2008, p. 491)

The “usual fashion” is meant to convey that in the Middle Ages it was not uncommon for a pope (and not just one of them) to suggest that an antipope is Antichrist. The term ‘antipope’ is specifically believed, of itself, to convey the concept of being an antichrist by Roman Catholics. Thus, the idea of an antipope being the final Antichrist seems consistent with certain papal pronouncements.

Here is a pronouncement from Pope “Gregory the Great” suggesting something similar:

St. Gregory says, “I confidently say that whoever doth call himself universal bishop, or desireth to be so called, doth, in his elation, forerun Antichrist, because he proudly doth set himself before the rest.”

We cannot but ask, What would Pope Gregory the Great have said to the titles now assumed by his successors, such as “the vicegerent of God,” “the vicar of Christ on earth,” whose “teachings should be received as if they were His own,” and whom the whole episcopate must be “subject to” on pain of being considered “a lawless and disorderly crowd”?

(As in AN OPEN LETTER TO HIS HOLINESS LEO XIII. Cited in McKim RH.Romanism in the light of history. G. P. Putnam’s Sons, 1914 Original from the University of California Digitized Nov 21, 2007, p. 54).

St. Gregory…”I do confidently say that whosoever called himself universal Bishopor is desirous to be called so, in his pride, is the Forerunner of Anti-christ; because, in his pride, he prefers himself to the rest. And he is conducted to error, by a similar pride; for as the wicked One wishes to appear a god above all men; so whosoever he is, who desires to be called the only Bishop (solus sacerdos,) extols himself above all other Bishops.” Tom. ii. Regist. Epist. In. 15. Epist. 33. edit, of Paris, 1705. (Brownlee WC. Letters in the Roman Catholic controversy, 2nd edition. LETTER VIII. TO DRS. POWER AND VARELA, AND MR. LEVINS. Published by the author, 1834. Original from Harvard University, Digitized Aug 26, 2008, p. 95)

Thus, Gregory seems to be warning that if there ever is a “universal Bishop” that one with this title may become the final Antichrist.

Additionally, some Catholic writers clearly have understood that the two-horned beast in Revelation 13 is likely to be an antipope and that a negative power will be established in Jerusalem:

Priest E. Sylvester Berry (published 1920):  The two horns denote a twofold authority – spiritual and temporal.  As indicated by the resemblance to a lamb, the prophet will probably set himself up in Rome as a sort of anti-pope…Antichrist will establish himself in Jerusalem…with his ‘lying wonders’… (Berry ES.  The Apocalypse of St. John, 1920.  Quoted in Culleton RG.  The Reign of Antichrist.  Reprint 1974, TAN Books, Rockford (IL), pp. 199-200).

Much of the above teaching is consistent with certain scriptures. And although most in the Protestant world that watch prophecy, as well as perhaps most in the Greco-Roman Catholic world, have confused who the Antichrist is (many modern Protestants think he is the Beast), various Catholic sources have correctly declared that the False Prophet is (or likely is) the final Antichrist.

This was also the position of the Greco-Roman Catholic saint Augustine (Augustine. City of God, Book XX, Chapter 14. Translated by Marcus Dods. From Nicene and Post-Nicene Fathers, First SeriesVol. 2. Edited by Philip Schaff. (Buffalo, NY: Christian Literature Publishing Co., 1887.Revised and edited for New Advent by Kevin Knight. <http://www.newadvent.org/fathers/120120.htm>.Culleton, The Reign of Antichrist, p. 117).

Anyway, a new order is being pushed on the world.

Archbishop Viganò is correct that this is happening and not just a questionable “conspiracy theory.”

More steps need to happen, but a type of “great reset” will happen.

Related to that, we put out the following video:


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The theme of the World Economic Forum’s 2021 meeting was the “great reset.” What is the great reset that Klaus Schwab wrote about in his June 2020 book, ‘COVID-19: The Great Reset’? World leaders such as Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Angela Merkel, Prince Charles, and Pope Francis have pushed for it. But leaders such as Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, Vladimir Putin, and Jason Kenny have opposed it? Is it a conspiracy? Could the Freemasons, Vatican, and World Council of Churches be endorsing it? Is a great reset prophesied in the Bible? Should you support the humanitarian reset world leaders and academics are pushing? Could a major reset come after the start of the ride of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse and the sorrows that Jesus spoke of? Is this related to the rise of the Beast and the Antichrist? Will a reset last 3 1/2 years, 42 months? What did Jesus say about the Kingdom of God? Dr. Thiel addresses these issues and more in this video.

Here is a link to our video: Will there be a “Great Reset”?

World events are aligning with properly understood biblical prophecies.

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