Mediterranean Union Makes Deal With Israel and Arab States

Union for the Mediterranean

Blue: Members of the European Union in the Union for the Mediterranean States
Green: Other members (primarily from the African Union & Arab League)
Striped green: Libya is currently only an observer member in the Union for the Mediterranean


In July 2008, I posted information on the July 2008 formation of the Union for the Mediterranean (please see Deal Leading to Psalm 83?).  The following related news item was posted just one hour ago:

Mediterranean Union agrees on Arab-Israeli role

MARSEILLE, France (AFP) — Foreign ministers from the new Mediterranean Union have agreed for Israel and the Arab League to take part side-by-side, diplomats said on Tuesday.

They also agreed to have Barcelona as the location for the new Union’s headquarters.

“There is a consensus on all the points,” an official at the French EU presidency told reporters in Marseille where the union’s 43 member states were meeting to break a four-month deadlock on the two contentious issues.

An Israeli diplomat confirmed that ministers had agreed to back Barcelona’s candidacy in exchange for the post of secretary-general going to a country from the Mediterranean’s mainly Arab southern rim.

He said ministers had agreed to grant the Arab League full participant status, in exchange for one of five deputy secretary-general posts going to Israel for an initial two- or three-year period.

The Mediterranean Union’s French and Egyptian co-chairs were expected to formally announced their decision at a closing press conference scheduled for 2:30 pm (1330 GMT).

Barcelona, the Mediterranean capital of Spain’s Catalonia region, lent its name to the 13-year-old Barcelona Process, an EU regional initiative that stalled in part over Arab-Israeli disputes.

Under French impetus, that effort has been replaced by what is formally called the Barcelona Process: Union for the Mediterranean.

While the deals in Psalm 83/Daniel 11:27-28 and Daniel 9:27 have not yet occurred, the Mediterranean Union may be the organizational framework for possibly all such deals to take place (though the Mediterranean Union itself is not strictly necessary for any of them).

While the Mediterranean Union does have a co-president of the North and a co-president of the South (called the “co-chairs” in the above article), neither are yet in position to be the final King of the North nor the final King of the South.  But events seem to be lining up in a way that the top Mediterranean Union leaders may ultimately hold those positions.

So, while much of the world is focusing on today’s USA presidential election, events in Europe and the Middle East continue to move forward in ways to be set to fulfill biblical prophecy.

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