Turkey repatriates gold and denounces US dollar dominance


Turkey is another nation that has decided to repatriate its gold:

Is Gold Repatriation A Trend? Turkey Gets Its Reserves Back From The U.S. – Reports

April 20, 2018

Turkey joined the ranks of Germany and Hungary as the latest country which brought back its gold to home base, this according to reports from the country’s media.

Reports from Turkish media outlet Yeni Safak suggest that the country brought back all of its gold stored in the U.S. Federal Reserve. The reports published Thursday indicate that the country repatriated 220 tons of from the U.S. sometime last year. At the time of publication, Kitco News was unable to confirm the news.

The country’s gold reserves currently rank eleventh in the world, behind India, with about 526 metric tons, according to the data compiled by the The Statistics Portal. As of March 2018, the Turkish central bank said its gold reserves amounted to $25.3 billion.

Analysts told Kitco News that the move is likely politically motivated rather than economic. The consensus being that Turkey is sending a message to the U.S., with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan making currency his priority.

“[Turkey’s decision] has more political intonation than economic,” managing director at RBC Wealth Management George Gero said on Friday. “Turkey is trying to shore up their currency. And I think repatriation has a lot to do with currency pairs trading.”

Earlier this week, Erdogan called for the International Monetary Fund (IMF) loans to be paid in gold and not U.S. dollars.

Turkish media reported Erdogan as saying, “These debts should be in gold. Because at this point the karat of gold is unlike anything else. The world is continually putting us under currency pressure with the dollar. We need to save states and nations from this currency pressure.” http://www.kitco.com/news/2018-04-20/Is-Gold-Repatriation-A-Trend-Now-Turkey-Wants-Its-Gold-Back-From-The-U-S.html

It is interesting that the Turkish President wants to save nations from the US dollar. The reality is that the US dollar will one day be worth no more than the cotton-paper it is sometimes printed on.

Turkey is part of a trend. In 2012, Venezuela, under the late Hugo Chavez, brought home 160-180 tons of gold. Russia and China have been adding to their gold hoards, one more publicly than the other. Both have also been encouraging the use of gold as a means of payment in international trade as a means of avoiding US dollar hegemony.

While some consider gold to be ‘real money’ and others simply a relic from past ages, the reality is that many nations in Europe have taken steps in the past several years to ‘repatriate’ their gold. Meaning that they have had gold stored in places like the USA and the UK, but are now having their gold transferred back to themselves.

Notice a headline on this:

Turkey repatriates gold from US in bid to ditch dollar

20 April 2018 https://www.rt.com/business/424670-gold-turkey-repatriation-dollar/

Why do various nations want gold?

The official answer would probably have to do with financial stability.

But another reason is for them to be able to exist in a world where the US dollar is no longer the reserve currency for the world.

Biblical (Daniel 11:40-44) and non-biblical prophecies point out that the final leader that the Bible calls the King of the North, who will likely have Germanic/Assyrian heritage (cf. Daniel 11:30 with Numbers 24:24), will value gold.

While I do not have the confidence in gold as many ‘gold bugs’ do (basically, because of scripture and the fact that gold has a limited utility), the time will come when the USA will wish it had more gold, as its practice of electronically printing and borrowing its own money will create a massive problem for it (Habakkuk 2:6-8).

But have no doubt about it, the Bible prophesies that during the Great Tribulation (Matthew 24:21-22; Daniel 11:39-43; Revelation 18:12,16) nations around the world will value gold. During that time, there will be no US dollar prominence.

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